Can Dogs Eat Edamame? Is It Safe?

Beans can be a tasty and sometimes healthy treat to add to your dog’s diet. Most beans have lots of nutritional benefits for your dog IF you choose the right beans. Edamame might seem like a harmless food to feed your dog, but how do you know for sure?

In this article, we will look at healthy ways to add edamame to your dog’s diet. Then we will highlight a few ways that are dangerous to your pup.

Can I Give My Dog Edamame?

Edamame, which is fresh soybeans, are a fun snack for humans, especially right out of the bag. And when that bag starts rattling, boom, there’s your pup! Of course, you want to share. Just seeing that little doggo face makes you happy enough to hand off a little treat.

Can You Feed Your Dog Edamame?

Animal researchers have major concerns about too much soy used in pet foods. They mean processed soy, not fresh, tasty edamame.

You can give your dog edamame, as long as you have prepared it in a healthy way. An over seasoned, store-bought snack is a treat you should never share with your pup.

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding My Dog Edamame?

Edamame is a nutritional superstar.

These cute little beans have lots of protein, calcium, vitamin C, and good fatty acids. A shiny coat, strong bones, and healthy muscles await the dog who snacks on these.

They are low in calories and high in fiber. Edamame might be a healthy alternative to dog treats made with fillers and grains.

Is It Dangerous To Give My Dog Edamame?

  • Many people will tell you to never give human foods to your dog. Some will say that beans are not a food that dogs will have evolved to eat. When you introduce new foods to your dog, it is always best to start with small amounts. There is a danger of stomach upset when trying new foods.
  • Another danger happens when your dog decides any food is too delicious to pass up. Dogs can become fixated on foods, like a child with sweets, and try to binge. This can lead to all kinds of digestive issues, so if your pup likes edamame, be sure not to leave it lying around.
  • Of course, it is always dangerous to give your dog more food than they need. Overeating leads to weight gain. Weight gain causes health problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

What Is The Best Way For My Dog To Eat Edamame?

Steamed, plain edamame is the safest way to feed your pup. This doesn’t mean you have to cook it yourself. You can always find cooked, shelled edamame in the freezer section of your grocery store.

Since your dog will eat very little of this, that gives you enough to share. That’s a bonus for the human! Please remember to check the ingredients to be sure there are no added salt or flavorings. When in doubt, rinse!

If you do end up with raw edamame, it is very quick and easy to boil or steam them. If you wish to roast them yourself, do not season any your dog will eat. And don’t roast them so hard that they are too much for dog teeth.

When You Should Never Give Your Dog Edamame?

  • Never give your dog edamame in the shells as they can create too much bulk in their digestive system. From a vet’s perspective, dogs can’t chew the pods enough for full digestion.
  • Don’t ever give your dog seasoned and roasted edamame. Most seasonings are ingredients that are very bad for your dog. Extra dietary salt can lead to dehydration problems.
  • Don’t give your dog raw edamame. There are a lot of articles out there telling you to feed the edamame raw. They really mean steamed and not roast. Raw beans contain small amounts of toxins that can hurt a dog’s stomach. Steaming them removes most of those toxins. (Some people do report that thorough rinsing leave raw edamame safe to eat.)

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

Steamed or boiled edamame is a treat you can say yes to when you want something healthy and special for your pup. You’ll be in good company. Even some high-end hotels are steaming up fresh edamame to feed your dog.

So sit back and give your dog edamame. Just remember the tips above that keep your snacks in the healthy zone.

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