Can Dogs Eat Mashed Potatoes? is It Safe?

Is there any food more comforting than buttery hot mashed potatoes? Soft and warm on your plate, you might think you’ve done something good to deserve such a treat.

And look, there is your best friend, your sweet puppy, thinking they have been good enough to deserve some too. It is tempting to want to share with them, but should you give mashed potatoes to your dog?

Before you sneak that fork under the table, check out this article. You’ll get all the pros and cons of potatoes as dog snacks. We’ll talk about how to prepare safe treats, and what choices to avoid when it comes to potatoes for dogs.

Is it safe to give my dog mashed potatoes?

Potatoes can be a healthy snack for your dog.

There are lots of vitamins and minerals in a potato.

You can safely feed your dog mashed potatoes if you know how. Sometimes, people will feed their dogs ingredients that can be unhealthy.

Here’s how to prepare them the right way, which ingredients that are healthy, and which are not.

How are potatoes healthy for my dog?

Potatoes are full of nutrients that are important for healthy dogs. Dogs will get these vitamins and minerals in their regular diets, but a bit of potato will give your pup and extra boost of

  • Vitamin B6 helps your dog’s hormones to function the way they should.
  • Vitamin C boosts your puppy’s immune system.
  • Iron builds healthy blood cells to keep you dog full of energy.
  • Magnesium keeps muscles springy and strong.

How are potatoes dangerous for my dog?

Dogs aren’t made to eat carbohydrates, but more and more commercial dog foods include grains these days. Dogs can tolerate smaller amounts of extra carbs without severe reactions.

Because of the carbs, potatoes can cause a rise in your dog’s blood sugar.

Feeding too much to your dog could cause stomach troubles or weight gain.

There is a disease called DMC that the USDA has linked between dogs and foods like potatoes. Read more about it here.

When it’s okay to share potatoes with your pup.

You can feed your dog plain mashed potatoes. For extra flavor, you could mix in a small amount of peanut butter or nutritional yeast. Dogs love the flavor of nutritional yeast and some claim it keeps fleas away.

Sweet potatoes are a better choice because they are more nutritious and have less sugar in them. Feed your dog mashed sweet potatoes, in moderation. Bake left-over mashed potatoes for these yummy treats.

Give your dog mashed potatoes in a small amount that suits your dog’s weight. Even a large dog should have no more than a tablespoon full.

5 times you should never feed your dog potatoes.

  1. Raw potatoes are part of the nightshade family. To much in a dog’s small stomach can cause health problems. Never feed your dog raw potatoes, including skins. Cooking neutralizes unhealthy chemicals.
  2. Potatoes that exposed to light turn green. Green potatoes contain a toxin that is bad for people as well as dogs. Throw away any potatoes with a green tinge and please don’t let your dog eat them.
  3. Heavy additives such as butter, milk, salt, or gravy were never meant for dogs. Never feed your dog rich foods that will only cause diarrhea and discomfort in your pet.
  4. Humans love to add it to mashed potatoes, but garlic is a toxic food for your dog. Along with onions and chives, garlic has poisonous properties best kept from your pup.
  5. Instant mashed potatoes are more than just potatoes. They are often made with onion or garlic powder or excess sodium, all are no-nos. It’s best if you don’t feed your dog instant mashed potatoes.

Wrap up: Can I feed my dog mashed potatoes?

You can feed your dog mashed potatoes. Just don’t share your garlicky, gravy covered serving.

Mashed potatoes are a fun treat to share in very small amounts with your dog. You can feed your dog mashed potatoes, cooked correctly, from fresh potatoes, and with little or no seasoning.

Remember when you feed a treat, remove that amount of calories from their daily food amount. Even small increases can add up to weight gain and we want our pups around for many years of sharing love, food, and fun.

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