Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas? Is It Safe?

Maybe the chickpea isn’t the first idea in your head when dreaming up snacks for your pup. They seem like a bland idea at first, but these cute little beans have a lot going for them.

The chickpea, (or maybe you call it a garbanzo bean,) is a small, round legume with a mild peanut-like flavor. They seem to be the perfect size to toss to your dog as a reward or a simple treat. Like other people food, though, it is a good idea to find out if it is safe to feed chickpeas to your dog.

Are Chickpeas Safe For My Dog?

Chickpeas are a superfood for humans and can be the same to your pup. Chickpeas are beneficial to people with inflammation or high blood pressure. Doggo can reap the same benefits. Chickpeas are a low calorie, high protein treat. They are definitely safe for your dog, as long as you know how to avoid dangerous additives.

Are Chickpeas Healthy For My Pup?

A small handful of chickpeas has lots of the minerals dogs need and healthy fiber as well.

Chickpeas are high in iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A, B, and C.

Offer chickpeas as treats in moderation. Fiber is one reason why you should not overfeed your dog any kind of bean. Remember that too much fiber will give your pup gas, bloating or a loose stool. Also, there are calories in chickpeas, so count them into your dog’s daily portions. It’s never healthy to overfeed your animals.

When It Is Safe To Feed Dogs Chickpeas?

Those inexpensive cans of cooked chickpeas you find at the grocery store contain salt, seasonings, and other additives. They are a danger to your pup. Here are some safer choices.

  • You could buy canned chickpeas from natural food isle, if you read the label to be sure there are no additives. Even then, be sure to rinse canned chickpeas.
  • You can roast cooked chickpeas for you and your dog.
  • Garbanzo flour is a great gluten-free ingredient. Try this grain-free treat recipe for a healthy way to feed your dog chickpeas.
  • Remember beans are a soft food. Be sure to follow a chickpea snack with something crunchy or a quick tooth-brushing.

How To Cook Dried Chickpeas?

The best part about cooking chickpeas for your dog is how inexpensive it is. A can of the healthier kind of garbanzo beans can be costly. You’ll save money doing it yourself.

Cooking chickpeas for your dog is more time consuming, but very easy to do.

  • Start by pouring the beans you want to cook into a much larger bowl. Run your fingers through them to because sometimes you’ll find little stones your dog doesn’t need.
  • Cover the beans with lots of water and put a lid on them.
  • Let them soak overnight, 12 hours is best. Soaking the beans softens them slowly and helps them cook more easily.
  • Drain the beans well and put them into a roomy cooking pot.
  • Cover with twice as much water as chickpeas.
  • Bring the water to a boil, then turning down to simmer and cover the pan.
  • Let the beans simmer about one hour. Keep an eye out (and a nose) to be sure they don’t dry out and scorch!
  • Let them cool and they will keep in the fridge for a couple of days.

Can I Feed My Dog Hummus?

For your pup, store-bought hummus is a hard no. Even if you make hummus yourself, the garlic, lemon and salt are not healthy for your pup. If you want to feed your dog a creamy treat like hummus, try putting cooked chickpeas and carrots into a food processor with a little olive oil and nutritional yeast.

When You Should Never Let Your Dog Eat Chickpeas?

It sounds like we are completely sold on the idea that dogs can eat chickpeas. Your dog can eat plain cooked chickpea as a fun snack, and you can cook up all kinds of terrific treats with chickpeas and garbanzo flour.

We have also talked about some of the ways that garbanzo beans can be unsafe for dogs. here they are in a quick round-up.

  • Don’t buy canned beans with lots of salt.
  • Never feed dried chickpeas to you dog. They are too hard for their teeth.
  • Dry chickpeas can block a dog’s stomach or even their airway.
  • Packaged snacks often have onion or garlic which can upset your dog’s stomach.
  • Too many chickpeas can lead to gas or upset stomach.
  • Overfeeding chickpeas could cause weight gain.

Yes, you can feed your dog chickpeas.

Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, whatever you call them, are a super healthy, food that can enrich your dog’s diet. Think of these legumes as a once in a while supplement that your dog will look forward to eating.

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