Dog Names: How To Name Your Dog?

Dog names are a serious business. You want your pup to have an awesome name that they can be proud of, but the sheer number of names out there is overwhelming. And you don’t just need one – you might end up with two or three dogs before long!

So what do you do? Start by thinking about what kind of dog you have or want to get. Names that are popular for certain breeds will give you some ideas and inspiration for finding the right fit. Some people even choose their puppies’ names before they’re born! To help narrow things down, we’ve compiled a list of the most common dog breeds.

Scroll down and see if anything looks like it would suit

1. Naming your dog is a big decision, so take some time to think about it

Naming your dog is a big decision because you are the one that has to say their name all the time. Just because you have a breed of dog doesn’t mean you have to name it that same breed, just pay attention to the personality. Don’t pick the first name that pops into your head. If you are not sure about the name does a little research and just ask someone else for their opinion.

2. Consider how the name will sound when you call your dog and what meaning it has

Consider the tone you will use when calling your dog and whether it matches their personality. If your dog is strong, then a strong-sounding name might be appropriate. Also, think about if their name can be shortened or changed into something else to have multiple names for them.

3. Pick a name that reflects your personality and lifestyle

Do you like to go on adventures and explore? If so, a name that reflects your interests can be perfect. Your dog is going to spend most of their time with you, so it only makes sense for this to reflect in their name as well. Whether you like puns or traditional names, make sure the two of you are happy with the decision.

4. Avoid naming your dog after people in the family or other pets in the home

We all want our dog to be as close to us as one of our family members, but naming them with a part of one of your relatives’ names can cause confusion. It can be difficult for dogs to distinguish if they are being addressed or not and will end up responding every time. If you feel like you must name your dog after a family member, think about including your relative’s middle name instead of their first.

5. Don’t go with something too common like Spot or Rover

A lot of people think that names like Spot or Rover are perfect for dogs because they are easy to remember. But this can cause problems if you ever need to get your dog’s attention. Your dog might not even respond because the name sounds so familiar. Also, because these names are used so often it will be difficult for people to recall your pup’s full name.

6. Your dog’s name should be unique!

A good way to ensure your dog’s name is unique and stands out is by using their pedigree or city of birth. You can even mix this up a bit and use your pet’s breed in combination with their hometown.

The most important thing you have to do is just think of what kind of dog you have/want and consider their personality, your interests, if it can be shortened and how the name sounds. If this doesn’t help, at least make sure the name isn’t used very often by doing some research about it or asking someone else for their opinion.

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