Best Dog Bark Collar – Review & Guide

As a dog owner, what’s the difference between a good neighbor and a bad neighbor? How much your dog barks! It may be the main reason why people want to knock on your windows in the middle of the night after they had yet another sleepless night, you interrupt their business call, and the absolute worst offense: you wake the baby.

When training and deterrents don’t work, because let’s be frank some dogs are just born to bark, owners are looking for that magic solution to make peace in the streets. Bark collars, whether shock, vibration or citronella, are one of the best aids in curbing the behavior. read more

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream? Is It Safe?

We all love to spoil our best friends with tasty “people” treats now and again. Is this harmless, or are we jeopardizing our loved ones health? Ice cream, in moderation, is a harmless and yummy dessert for us humans, but our fur babies have trouble digesting the contents and could have major health issues from specific ingredients.

Puppy Health Hazards

After the weaning stage of their life, dogs have a hard time digesting lactose. Lactose intake as an adult can lead to bad gas, vomiting, diarrhea and bloating. Since most all ice cream is made with milk, cream and some sort of sugar, we’re not off to a fantastic start. read more

Can Dogs Eat Cauliflower? Is It Safe?

Absolutely! Cauliflower will not harm dogs, in fact, just like humans, it can help with health! Be a little careful though, introducing something new to the diet could cause some digestional discomfort, so exercise caution at first.

Similar Digestive System

The similarities between you and your dog are pretty shocking. In a study by The European Molecular Biology Laboratory and Nestle Purina Research discovered that the canine digestive system is impressively similar to humans! So much so that within our gut, we share some of the same microbe species as our canine buddies! read more

Best Dog Food Storage Container – Review & Guide

Giving your dog the best care does not end at picking the right food. It is essential to have proper storage for your dog food as well. Picking the right dog food storage container is an important choice for the health and wellness of your beloved pet.

Dog food storage containers help to keep your dog’s food fresh, help to keep pests and bacteria out of the food, and provide a storage solution that makes feeding time much simpler. There are many different dog food storage containers available, but you will want to make the right choice for your pet. read more

Best Dog Car Seat Cover – Review & Guide

For dog owners, it is essential to have dog car seat covers because traveling with a dog can get messy, and some dogs tend to shed a lot. Dog car seat covers can make your furry friend enjoy the ride more. It becomes a safe and cozy place on which the dog can sleep, play, or enjoy the ride.

All of the messes the dog might make and any shedding will be on the dog car seat cover, which you can clean and wash later.  Dog car seat covers will help you keep your car clean from pet debris. It will provide added insurance to the life of your vehicle from any scratches or tears to your car upholstery. read more

Best Dog Grooming Clippers – Review & Guide

If you want to keep your dog looking neat, or you’re looking to save some money, it’s time to buy some grooming clippers.

To keep your dog cool in the heat or simply looking neat, grooming clippers are the perfect solution. Many breeds can’t go without grooming and need to be shaved every so often.

Choosing the right clippers is important. The options can change depending on your dog. Some can find the noise scary, while others love grooming and find it relaxing no matter how loud it is.

We’ll talk about all the best options to find the perfect match for your dog. We’ll also go over the most important factors like a dog’s type of fur and reaction to noise. read more

Best Dog Carrier Backpacks – Review & Guide

No dog should be left behind. Whether you’re going for a walk around the park or taking a plane around the world. There is a dog carrying backpack for all your travel plans. But where to start?

It’s easy to get lost in all the different styles and features. You should consider features like whether this backpack will need to be TSA approved, has extra shoulder padding or enough pockets for snacks (for you and your dog).

But most importantly: Will your dog fit comfortably?

Before buying the first dog carrier backpack that you see, consider familiarizing yourself with all the different features and styles. Each style needs different measurements, so measure twice if you need to. read more

Best Dog Stroller – Review & Guide

If you have a dog who loves the outdoors, but struggles to get outside, then a dog stroller might be the answer to this problem! Dog strollers are a perfect solution for dogs who have limited mobility.

Dog strollers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to pick a high quality stroller so your dog(s) will be protected during walks. You also need to pick a stroller that will be easy for you to use.

When looking for the best dog stroller, there are several factors to Consider. The wheels, ease of access, and carriage size all play a role.  Before rushing to buy your dog stroller, take a moment to analyze where you will be using it and what features your dog needs. read more

Best Automatic Dog Feeder – Review & Guide

Being a pet parent isn’t always easy in this day and age. We are always worried about our pets.  We worry about what kinds of food to feed them, time spent with them, how they spend their time alone, and if they are happy.

If you have ever left your pet for longer than a few hours, you might have wondered if they were hungry. Would it have been easier to have someone come feed your pet for you?  Would you be able to trust that person? What if your pet could feed themselves?

Many people have discovered automatic pet feeders as an excellent option. These feeders can give your pet the exact amount of food at the exact time needed. Some of these feeders offer Wi-Fi capabilities, come equipped with a built-in camera, some can dispense multiple meals at different times, and some can even allow only one particular pet entrance to the food bowl. read more

Best LED Dog Collars – Review & Guide

For all us doggy lovers out there, there is nothing better than watching our furry friends running around outside enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, often it’s necessary to take them out late in the day. How do we get around taking them out in the dark?

An LED collar would be helpful both if you let your dog roam your backyard or walk them yourself. It would illuminate their location at all times as well as make them visible to oncoming cars. This is especially useful for people who like to keep active with their dogs by hiking or even swimming. read more