Can Dogs Eat Apricots? Is It Safe?

There are some fruits that are great for your dog. Fruit is a great way to get minerals and antioxidants as well as some extra liquid into your pup’s diet. Some fruits are better choices than others, though.

Apricots are so delicious. How could there be anything dangerous about them?

From the same food family as peaches, plums, and cherries, apricots are a sweet snack. It’s the fruit’s sweetness that could make it a danger for your dog. Anything your dog gets a taste for can be dangerous if they eat too much, and dogs want more of the sweets they like.

Are Apricots Healthy Food For Dogs?

It’s easy to think of anything growing on a tree as natural foods for dogs. Left to their own choices, they will try to eat any food that falls to the ground.

Dogs have taste buds to tell them what is sweet and a great sense of smell to tell them what seems good to eat. You can imagine your dog in a natural environment munching anything that falls from a tree.

Can I Give My Dog Apricots?

People love to share treats with their doggos. It’s fun, and it introduces some nutritional variety to a limited diet. We know there are foods we never give our dogs, especially those with sulfur, like chocolate or grapes.

If you wonder, “Can I give my dog apricots,” the answer is “yes, but…”

The fruit itself is safe and yummy for your pet, but there are reasons to be careful. Keep reading to learn more about the dangerous poison hiding in this delicious fruit.

Are Apricots Healthy For My Dog?

Apricots are a treat for humans that we hear a lot of good things about. They provide us with lots of potassium and antioxidants. Apricots are terrific foods to support our eyes and skin. They are juicy and hydrating on a hot summer day.

Dogs will benefit from all of this as well. There are lots of recipes out there to make treats from these fruits, but there is a scary downside you must know before you make the choice to share apricots with your pup.

Will Apricots Hurt My Dog?

The fruit is fine for your dog, but, according to the ASPCA, the stem, leaves, and seeds are very poisonous. These parts all contain cyanide which, at the right dose, keeps a living body from getting any oxygen. This kills dogs, people, and most other animals.

Apricot seeds are dangerous to dogs in other ways as well.

  • One seed might not poison even a small dog, but other painful side effects can make your dog feel terrible.
  • Those seeds are pretty hard and can damage your pup’s teeth.
  • The seed is a problem if your dog swallows it. This can cause a block in the stomach or intestines.
  • An apricot pit can choke a small dog.
  • Cyanide is in the pits of peaches, plums, and cherries, too.

What Is The Best Way To Give My Dog Apricots?

The best way to give your dog apricots is under your own careful supervision.

If you are going to give your dog apricots, be sure to cut out the seeds and throw them safely away with the leaves and stems.

Dried apricots are a safer version because they have no seeds. They also have a leather-like texture dogs love. You can give your dog apricots as a fun training treat.

Signs of cyanide poisoning and what to do about it.

Toxic, poison cyanide is inside the apricot seed. There is no “safe amount” of cyanide. Death by cyanide doesn’t take very long. If your dog has eaten and seeds and you see these symptoms, start driving to the vet right away. Get someone to call ahead so your vet can prepare to treat your dog.

  • Excessive drooling
  • Gulping, gasping or convulsing breaths
  • Very red gums (this means oxygen is trapped in the blood and not getting to your dog.)

When You Should Never Feed Your Dog Apricots?

Don’t feed your dog apricots if you there are apricots left where your dog can get to them.

Once your dog has a taste for apricots, you should never leave them out where dogs can reach them. Dogs have an amazing sense of smell and can sniff out the food they think they want easier than humans can.

Don’t feed your dog apricots if you are away from a water source.

Be sure to give your pup plenty of water when you give dried fruits, which are missing the healthy moisture.

Can I Feed Apricots To My Dog?

Do the dangers of feeding apricots to your dog make you wonder why you would ever let your pet develop a taste for them? It might feel safer for you to leave them off the menu altogether.

You can definitely feed your dog small amounts of apricot if you can be sure that you are in control of what they eat. Apricots can be a healthy summer treat or chewy training snack.

Whether or not you choose to feed your dog apricots, remember what you’ve read here about how to keep your pet safe. Be sure to remember these tips for what to do if your dog eats something poisonous.

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