Best Dog Food Storage Container – Review & Guide

Giving your dog the best care does not end at picking the right food. It is essential to have proper storage for your dog food as well. Picking the right dog food storage container is an important choice for the health and wellness of your beloved pet.

Dog food storage containers help to keep your dog’s food fresh, help to keep pests and bacteria out of the food, and provide a storage solution that makes feeding time much simpler. There are many different dog food storage containers available, but you will want to make the right choice for your pet.

When choosing the right dog food storage container, there are certain features you will want to keep in mind. You should consider the material the container is made from, how the container closes and locks, and the container’s size and shape.

Dog Food Storage Container Reviews

IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

This pet food storage container from IRIS features a seal and snap lock latch that keeps the container airtight – preventing any outside moisture, pests, or bacteria from entering the container.

The IRIS container is made from a translucent, BPA-free material. The translucency of this container enables you to check its fullness with one look – giving you a convenient way of knowing when it is time to buy more food for your pup.

The tapered shape of this container allows you to easily clean the inside for simple maintenance and makes it simple to scoop food out for your dog. Its wide top makes it very accessible for anyone to use.

The container includes wheeling casters at the bottom for better mobility. This allows you to easily roll the container around from pantry to food bowl without having to do any heavy lifting.


  • Can hold up to 55 pounds of dog food
  • Made from BPA-free material
  • Features airtight lock latch
  • Includes wheeling casters for easy movement


  • Snap and seal lock latch is sometimes hard to open
  • Wheeling casters make it possible for your dog to move container around

simplehuman Medium Pet Food Storage Can

This dog food storage container from simplehuman may resemble a trash can, but its lock-tight handle keeps only freshness inside. The ergonomically-designed handle locks the can’s lid shut to form an airtight seal and prevents your pooch from getting inside.

The inner bucket of this container is made of a BPA-free material, and the outer bucket features a fingerprint-proof finish that wards off smudges and keeps its stainless steel look nice and clean. You will appreciate the shiny look and the fact that no harmful plastic chemicals are getting into its food.

The container is not bulky and sports a slender design, providing you with many options for its location. Although it is slender, the inside part of the container’s lid comes with an attached scoop, giving you more convenience during feed time.

The simplehuman dog food container also comes with built-in rear wheels. This makes it easier for you to move, refill, and clean the can.


  • Available in 27-, 32-, and 40-pound sizes
  • Brushed stainless steel for shiny look
  • Built-in wheels offer easy mobility
  • Includes lid-mounted scoop for easy feeding


  • Brushed stainless steel material is easy to dent
  • No tapered shape – may be hard to fit a lot of food in

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Container

The Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight container features the brand’s GAMMA Seal Lid. This technology consists of double gaskets that lock to create the ultimate airtight container that will keep your dog’s food fresh and free of pests, moisture, and bacteria.

This heavy duty dog food storage container is made entirely of recyclable material that is meant to last decades. The material is BPA-free and is made from high density polyethylene, FDA approved food grade plastic that won’t harm your furry friend’s food.

The container’s lid is a spin-on/spin-off style that provides easy access for all dog owners. You don’t have to worry about struggling to screw off the lid when it comes to feeding time.

The square shape of this container allows room for more dog food, while also allowing it to fit more efficiently in any space. You will be able to refill and scoop with ease due to its practical design.


  • Available in 30-, 50-, and 80-pound sizes
  • Made from BPA-free material
  • Easy spin-on/spin-off lid style


  • Sometimes difficult to tell when lid is completely locked
  • Oils and odor more easily seep into its material

Buddeez Large Fresh Dry Dog Food Plastic Storage Container

The Buddeez Storage Container includes a unique bag-in feature that enables you to simply keep the original dog food bag right in the container. This eliminates the need to empty the whole bag and you get to retain the product and nutritional information on the packaging.

The container has a flip lid style for easy access. The lid also features a pour spout that makes feeding time quick, simple, and spill-free.

The container also features an easy grip handle that makes it nice and easy to move around. Any dog owner will have no trouble filling it or pouring it. This feature along with its small size also makes it a great dog food storage container to bring along when boarding or kennelling your dog.

The slim shape and design of this container makes it the perfect dog food storage solution. You can put it in whichever cabinet, closet, or pantry is most convenient for your needs and your pup will never have to wait long to get fed.


  • Unique bag-in feature for simple storage
  • Made from BPA-free material
  • Great for travel/kennels


  • Small size may not be best for dog owners with large breeds
  • No gasket to guarantee airtight protection

Kytely Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

This product includes a pour spout opening with a measuring cup. This makes pouring the food a neat and clean endeavor and you know precisely how much food you are giving your pup each time.

The lid of the Kytely Airtight Container also features an airtight design. This will help to keep your dog food dry and protected from pests. The two sealing rings and four snap lock latches guarantee airtightness.

The small size and portable handle design makes this dog food storage container very versatile – it can be in virtually any space and also be used for traveling with your pet.

This container features a transparent material so you know as soon as you need to order more dog food. Its design also has grooved bodies, providing you with an easy grip to lift from any cabinet.


  • Small size makes it portable
  • Includes measuring cup
  • Easy grip design


  • More refilling needed due to small size
  • Pour spout may clog up with bigger sized kibble

Morezi Pet Food and Treats Containers

This product comes as a set of dog food and treat canisters. You can store your dog’s food and treats in a matching modern farmhouse-style.

The tight fitting lids work as a result of combining a strong steel canister with a wood lid. These sturdy materials make for a storage solution that keeps out air, moisture, and pests.

Being made of steel and wood, this canister set is extremely durable and is meant to last a long time. You don’t have to worry about your pup knocking it around to try to get to the dog food.

One of the most convenient features of the Morezi pet food containers is that it comes with a matching scoop that hangs on the side of the food container. This means storage room on the inside won’t be wasted because of the scoop, and it makes feeding time much easier.


  • Comes with two canisters for dog food and treats
  • Modern farmhouse-style to go with any decor
  • Made from sturdy, durable materials


  • More frequent refills needed due to small size
  • No silicone ring to guarantee airtight protection

Komax Biokips Large Dog Food Storage Container

The Komax Biokips large dog food storage container offers airtight storage. The silicone seal and locking door latch keep your dog’s food fresh and out of harm’s way from bacteria and pests.

The container is made of a BPA-free material that is FDA approved to be safe around your dog’s food. While being eco-friendly and non-toxic, this material also makes the container dishwasher safe – simplifying the cleaning of maintenance of this container.

If you have multiple dogs on different brands of dog food or want to store treats as well, this container is the right selection. You can buy more than one and stack them to get the most storage possible.

The rectangular shape of this container makes it possible to store your dog food in many different places in your home. This also makes it easier to wipe and clean the container as well as scoop dog food out.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from BPA-free material
  • Rectangular shape for easy filling, scooping, and cleaning
  • Comes with a 1-cup scoop


  • Not ideal for lifting and pouring dog food
  • Only one size option

Bergan Smart Storage Container

Bergan makes a variety of storage containers, and they put great thought into the designs of their pet food containers. These containers are stackable, making this an ideal choice for dog owners who may have to store different foods and don’t want to take up anymore space.

This container is ergonomically-designed to provide you with easy handling. The shape allows any dog owner to lift and move around the container, even when full of dog food.

The flip lid on this container makes pouring out your dog’s food a simple task. This lid design makes for a mess-free feeding every time.

These containers are very slim in shape, making it possible to store just about anywhere. Between this and their stackable design, you can make the most of your storage space.


  • Available in 10-, 22-, and 50-pound sizes
  • Stackable design for efficient storage
  • Flip lid for easy pouring


  • Narrow opening may make it hard scoop food
  • Body of container is flexible and thin

Van Ness 50 Pound Food Container

The Van Ness dog food container includes a latch that snaps and seals shut. This allows your dog food to stay as fresh as possible.

This container is designed with four in-line wheels that makes it easy for any dog owner to move around. This makes it simpler for you to refill, clean, and scoop food for your pooch.

Made from FDA-approved plastic, this container is safe for food contact. You can put your mind at ease that your dog’s food won’t be contaminated with harmful plastic chemicals overtime.

The large size makes this container perfect for storing large amounts of dog food. It also is ideal for owners of large breeds or of multiple dogs due to the large volume it can hold.


  • Can hold up to 50 pounds of dog food
  • Includes four in-line wheels for better mobility
  • Made from FDA-approved plastic


  • Wheels do not roll well on carpet
  • Have to take entire lid off when refilling or cleaning

Bone Dry DII Lattice Square Ceramic Canister

The Bone Dry DII Lattice Square canister features a bamboo lid. This type of lid includes a silicone rim that keeps the jar airtight in order to block out moisture, humidity, bacteria, and pests.

The canister is made of ceramic. The canister itself is dishwasher safe and the bamboo lids must be hand washed and towel dried, making cleaning and maintenance very simple for this dog food storage container.

With a trendy design, the lattice paw print on this canister will go with any modern type of home decor. You will be able to serve up your dog’s food in style.

The small dimensions of the canister allow you to place it on your countertop or in a cabinet. This dog food storage solution can fit just about anywhere, making feeding time more convenient for you and your pup.


  • Silicone rim keeps container airtight
  • Canister is dishwasher safe
  • Comes in modern and trendy design


  • Small size may not be best for dog owners with large breeds
  • Jar shape the most convenient for pouring or scooping

How to Select a Dog Food Storage Container?

While there are many types to choose from, there is certainly a type of dog food storage container for everyone. Each type includes features that work better for some people’s dog and storage needs than others. Consider each of the following areas when making your choice of dog food storage container:


There is a large range of sizes and shapes available. It is important to keep in mind how big of a dog food storage container you need as well as where you are placing it.


Shape is just as important as size. A tapered shape will allow you to fit more food in, while a standard rectangular shape makes for easier cleaning. The shape also determines how easy it is to grip and lift the dog food storage container.

Lid Design

Do you prefer a pour spout or flip lid? To answer this question, you need to keep in mind how often you want to be filling your dog’s bowl. Pour spouts are usually found on smaller containers as they are lighter to lift. It is also crucial to ensure the lid features sealing technology – like a lock latch – to give your dog’s food airtight protection.

Mobility Needs

If you are choosing to go with a larger dog food storage container, it is essential to consider whether or not you need wheels on the container. The larger and heavier the container is, the more difficult it is to move around. If you will be storing your dog food in a pantry or anywhere that is not close to your dog’s food bowl, you may want one with wheels for easy transport.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Food Storage Containers

Can a dog food storage container be kept outdoors?

This depends on the lid design of the dog food storage container and how well it remains airtight. Pay attention to the container’s description to see if it includes a lock latch lid and/or silicone sealing ring to keep moisture and pests out.

Are dog food storage containers BPA-free?

Since many are made of plastic, this is a valid concern for dog owners. You want to keep your dog safe and healthy and away from potentially harmful chemicals. The manufacturers will advertise if their dog food storage containers are made from BPA-free material.

How many pounds of dog food can dog food storage containers hold?

This depends on the size and shape of the dog food storage container. For instance, a 12-pound container will hold significantly less dog food than a 50-pound container.

Do dog food storage containers come with a scoop?

Some dog food storage containers will include a scoop. In some cases, some even include a measuring cup for more accurate feeding.

Can you keep the original dog food bag in a dog food storage container?

This is a question to consider if you do not want to empty out the dog food bag each time you fill your dog food storage container. Some containers allow you to keep the food in the bag while in the container, so make sure to read the description carefully. Keeping the bag in the container is a good idea to keep track of product information that can be found on the packaging.

How to Maintain Your Dog Food Storage Container?

This is your furry friend’s food we are talking about – you don’t want to keep filling your dog food in a dirty container. It is incredibly important to clean your dog food storage container regularly in order to keep it functioning properly and especially to keep from spoiling your dog’s food. To keep your dog food containers in the best shape possible, make sure to:

  • Keep the container in a cool, dry location to prevent unwanted moisture from getting in
  • Wash your container regularly between refills with hot water and soap or white vinegar, just like you would wash your dishes every time you eat off of them
  • Allow the container to dry completely after washing before refilling – it is important not to avoid any moisture as it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and pests
  • Wait until container is entirely empty of dog food before refilling – do not simply top it off when it is running low as this will allow the remaining food to create excess oils
  • Place your container in a secure location where your dog cannot easily access it – your dog may try to chew through the container and damage it, thus making it less effective in providing clean and safe storage

Reasons to Have a Dog Food Storage Container

At the end of the day, you are looking into dog food storage containers because you love your dog. You want to give them the best care possible. A dog food storage container does not just have direct benefits for your dog – it benefits you as the owner as well. Some of these benefits for both you and your pooch are:

Dog food storage containers allow for clean and safe food storage.

If you simply just roll up or clip your dog food bag each time you feed your dog, you are allowing moisture and air in that could have potentially harmful effects on your dog’s food. A container helps prevent bacteria and pests from getting into the food and keeps it fresh for much longer.

Dog food storage containers offer more convenient feeding.

Leaving your dog’s food in the bag makes it a pain for you when it comes to feeding time. Scooping out of the bag or pouring the bag into your dog’s bowl usually leads to food spilling all over the place. Having a dog food storage container will make each feeding easier for you – and your pup will love how quickly he gets his food.

Dog food storage containers lead to less food waste.

Being less wasteful and saving money on dog food are certainly great advantages to having a dog food storage container. With a container, you don’t have to worry about leaving the little extra bit of food that gets stuck at the bottom of a bag when it’s rolled up and nearly empty. A container allows you to easily scoop all food out and leave no small pieces of kibble behind.


Choosing a dog food storage container may seem like a simple task. However, there are many different features and specifications to keep in mind as you make your selection. You can only make the right choice for you and your beloved pet after you consider the needs and preferences of you and your dog.

Buying a dog food storage container will help you in providing the best care for your pet. Storing your dog’s food in a container will keep it fresh and healthy for your pup.

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. Make your dog just as happy as he makes you by purchasing a dog food storage container.

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