Best Dog Bark Collar – Review & Guide

As a dog owner, what’s the difference between a good neighbor and a bad neighbor? How much your dog barks! It may be the main reason why people want to knock on your windows in the middle of the night after they had yet another sleepless night, you interrupt their business call, and the absolute worst offense: you wake the baby.

When training and deterrents don’t work, because let’s be frank some dogs are just born to bark, owners are looking for that magic solution to make peace in the streets. Bark collars, whether shock, vibration or citronella, are one of the best aids in curbing the behavior.

With today’s technology there are many features and options, but each family has to consider which is best for them. Things to consider are the dogs size, their health, ease of use, collar type, and shock vs citronella.

Dog Bark Collar Reviews

PatPet Waterproof Shock Collar

PatPet brings us the combo collar that works as both a bark collar and a training collar. With shock, sound, and vibration controls it gives you different levels of correction for your dog.

The remote control provides total control of your training and correction needs by allowing the owner to decide when correct and which option to use. When the dog needs slight correction, the sound can ease the dog into the desired behavior. If more correction is needed for the more stubborn dog or a dangerous behavior the collar can both vibrate and humanely shock at the owner’s discretion.

For dogs in wet environments or those who like to swim, the waterproof design keeps your dog safe and collared during time in wet environments. No need to remove the collar for safety concerns, you can maintain control of your dog in any condition.

With an adjustable size collar it gives your pup the ability to grow without the need for additional products. The collar can fit them as a pup, and grow with them.


  • Dual usage as a bark and training collar
  • Long battery life
  • Remote control gives owner total control of corrections


  • The collar is made of plastic which is less comfortable and durable than a traditional collar.
  • Unit is bulky and may hinder your dog’s ability to move

oneisall Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Collar

The oneisall bark and training collar offers users a variety of safety features to ensure your dog remains safe while receiving the corrections they need.

The unit itself has a plug for the charging port making the unit completely waterproof. Your dog can swim all day and remain safe from electric shocks.

With two collars users are able to choose which type is best for their dog. This makes it a great option for people who need both an every day collar, and one that is more durable for active dogs. Both are adjustable for many sizes and breeds making it perfect for almost every dog.

The range for the remote is over 1,600 feet giving owners ease of mind while allowing their dog to have more freedom during training or play. You can also remain in your home while correcting your dog’s barking outside.


  • Completely waterproof design
  • Multiple safety features for peace of mind
  • Long range so owners can give their dog more room to roam


  • The shock requires the collar to be tighter than most people prefer to ensure accuracy.
  • Remote is large and not easy to hold
  • Remote control only operation leads to barking without correction

Lovatic Humane Dog Bark Collar

Lovatic offers a multi use collar, making correcting your dogs barking one of multiple uses for owners.

The unit has sound, vibration, shock, or no shock options making it a great option for owners needing more than one deterrent option.

With a range of 15-150 pounds, most dog owners are able to use the collar on their medium to large sized dogs comfortably.

Live in a loud area or have other animals in the home? This collar operates on your dog’s vocal cord vibrations and not the ambient sound.


  • Automatic shut off feature will save your dog from injury with multiple corrections
  • Sound activation leaves you free to leave the direct area of your dog while still making corrections to barking
  • A wide range of sizing makes it perfect for any sized dog or growing puppy


  • The collar is water resistant, not waterproof leaving your dog collar free while swimming or in hard rains.
  • With no owner control, the dog may be corrected from barking that is still desired
  • Sound only activation leaves the owner out of control of the corrections

PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer, Training Collar & Remote

As a more gentle alternative to shock and vibration collars, the Petsafe training collar offers concerned dog owners the peace of mind their dog won’t be jolted but sprayed with citronella instead.

This unit comes with recyclable cartridges making it easy to refill the spray and is environmentally friendly.

With fewer electrical components than traditional shock collars, this unit is perfect for smaller dogs or those with limited mobility.


  • Unit allows control of multiple dogs
  • Does not shock your dog and provides a safe alternative
  • Is effective for dogs as small as eight pounds, so can be used for puppies and adults alike


  • The collar requires spray cartridges which could lead to an expensive tool for a dog that is a consistent barker
  • Not all dogs are averse to the scent or taste of citronella
  • Remote control only operation leads to barking without correction

Awaiymi Upgraded 7 Sensitivity Rechargeable Dog Barking Collar

Awaiymi takes the shock collar and perfects the safety features with smart chip bark detection and a reflective collar; your dog will be safe from false triggers and nighttime walks.

This collar provides progressive shocking strengths so as your dog continues to bark, it gets stronger until the barking stops. This encourages the dog to stop before they are more and more uncomfortable, and ensures that they won’t bark through the continued warnings.

Sound and vibration options give you the option to limit the exposure of your dog to more harsh corrections.


  • Dual alert mode ensures the dog won’t be shocked for ambient sound
  • Bark activated so no owner correction is needed
  • Size range of 6.6 to 150 pounds offers versatility for most dogs


  • Rainproof not waterproof, this excludes many outdoor activities
  • Webbing collar makes the collar more comfortable for wear, but not as durable as other collar types

Zeonetak Dog Training Spray Bark Collar

With multiple sensitivity levels and adjustable spray volume, this collar is perfect for people wanting a completely personalized correction.

Waterproof design and reflective collar makes outdoor activities enjoyable and safe for dogs and humans alike.


  • Offers multiple sensitivity sounds so you can adjust to the level of barking or noise you will allow
  • Adjustable spray levels so owner can decide the level of spray for their dog


  • Larger unit, not safe for use on smaller dogs
  • Unit only comes with one cartridge, so you have limited use out of the box

Garmin BarkLimiter 2: Slim, rechargeable snap-on device for automatic bark correction

The Garmin’s snap on capability let’s owners choose from the included collar or their own, so the dog can be comfortable and as fashionable as the owner chooses.

This collar connects to the Garmin CANINE app which gives owner control of their dogs corrections via mobile device from any location.


  • Offers many collar options for ease of use and versatility
  • Offers both fixed and adjustable correction for owners ensuring your dog gets the perfect amount of correction for barking or other undesirable behavior


  • Not waterproof or even water resistant, so use outside is only possible during optimal weather conditions

Elecane Small Dog Bark Collar Rechargeable – Anti Barking Collar For Small Dogs

Made specifically for small dogs, this unit is perfect for people who want a safer collar for their smaller and more sensitive dogs who may not be able to handle the traditional shock collars.

Rechargeable collars offer a lighter weight unit with a less expensive option than batteries for the owner.

For the more fashionable owners, this unit provides changeable faceplates to keep your dog looking good on any day.


  • Small design offers a more compact unit for use on even the smallest of breeds
  • Vibration and sound only so no shocks are used on smaller dogs
  • Multiple covers gives owners the opportunity to update their dogs look as often as wanted


  • Only for smaller dogs so if using for a large breed puppy, unit will only work while the dog is small
  • Sound cannot be turned off so every time a correction is made the collar will sound which can interrupt the owners sleep or disturb them during quiet times

Peteme Dog Training Shock Collar Rechargeable with Beep/Vibra/Electric Shock,100% Waterproof, 1200 ft Remote Trainer Range Collar for Small Medium Large Dogs

With multi-level static control and both sound and vibration options, this collar provides versatility and a customizable experience for owners.

The 1200 foot range allows your dog to have the freedom to roam while still remaining under your control

The enhanced battery allows 56 days of use with a two hour charge making this one of the longest lasting collars out there. For busy people, working dogs, or travellers this gives you peace of mind that your battery is just two hours away from almost two months of use.


  • Remote can be used to control two collars, perfect for the owner of multiple dogs
  • Quick charging, a two hour charge provides up to 56 days of use
  • A 330 yard range so your dog can be outside while you are in and still be corrected


  • Is not sound controlled, so the owner must make all corrections
  • A large unit, not for use with smaller dogs or puppies

Citronella Anti-Bark Collar for Dogs

The Kaier Cat collar offers multiple spray settings, sounds, and both voice control and remote control so owners have complete control of the dogs barking corrections.

The ability to control more than one collar with one remote makes this perfect for owners of multiple dogs who don’t want to carry around multiple remotes.

Citronella and sound corrections offers an alternative for owners who choose to not use shocks, or for dogs who are sensitive to vibrations and shock.


  • Offers both bark activated and remote control for people who want to have more options for their corrections
  • Remote option gives you access to two collars for people who own more than one dog


  • Not all dogs are averse to the scent or taste of citronella
  • Water resistant not waterproof so not optimal for active or working dogs

Types of collars:

Bark collars are great in that they give you a few options for bark correction.

  • Vibration collars that vibrate and not shock your dog when correction is needed.
  • Sound collars which emit a sound when the dog displays the undesired behavior.
  • Spray collars will spray your dog with a variety of deterrents ranging from water to dog safe options such as citronella.
  • Shock collars that offer an instant low voltage shock to get your dog’s attention swiftly.
  • Voice activated that only operates when the dog is loud enough to trigger the device.
  • Manual operated that gives the owner complete control over correction for barking as well as other undesirable behaviors
  • Combination collars that can offer the owner several of the features for a choice in corrections.

Which product is right for you:

With so many options, how do you decide which one you should use? First, decide your needs, then look at what is more convenient or meets your standards.

  • How old is your dog? Are they young and need more stimuli to get their attention? Are they a senior and don’t need a lot to correct their behavior? This will help you decide if you need a shock, spray, sound and vibration, or a combination of features.
  • Do you have a scent sensitivity? Then a spray collar may be off the table for you since citronella has a strong odor.
  • Are you opposed to a low voltage shock? Vibrations, sound or spray are probably the better choice.
  • Do you want to control the device, or let your dog set it off? Which is more likely for you to use?
  • What size is your dog? A bulky unit is not going to be effective on a smaller dog, where a large breed may need something more substantial.
  • Is fashion important? A plain plastic collar probably isn’t going to meet your needs.
  • Does your dog have a chewing problem? You’ll need a collar that’s more sturdy than a lightweight material.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is this suitable for my size of dog?

There are differences in the smaller units versus the larger units. Check the sizing and options the unit provides. A chihuahua probably won’t use the same size unit as a Great Dane.

Will my dogs bark set this off?

There are three types of units: bark activated, remote control, and a combo unit. Choose which one meets your needs.

Will the noise around my dog set this off?

Look to see if the collar is sound or vibration activated. Most collars are vibration activated, some are sound and vibration activated, but there are units that are only sound activated. Check to make sure you choose the right option for you. If you live or visit noisy places, the sound only options aren’t appropriate.

Will this unit work in the rain?

Make sure you choose a unit that is waterproof or water resistant for rain, and only waterproof for a dog that swims. Check the product details for the units capabilities.

Can I charge this, or does it require batteries?

Most units are rechargeable, but remote control units typically use batteries in the remote. Check product information for details.

Will this hurt my dog?

No, a shock collar will make them uncomfortable, but if you purchase the appropriate sized unit your dog should be unharmed if used properly.

Tips and tricks:

  • For training and barking control, a remote unit is the best solution so you can both correct behavior and stop unnecessary barking.
  • Know why your dog is barking before using the unit. We all know that dogs can bark because there is something alarming, and because they are being playful. Before correcting, know the difference so you don’t deter barking completely.
  • Supervise your dog with the collar. When they first wear it, there’s going to be a time of alarm for them, so use only under supervision until you know how your dog will react. If you put one on and leave the dog alone, you could have a bigger problem than barking when you return.
  • Do not over-correct. If you use it unnecessarily or too often, your dog may become fearful to just be a dog any longer. Choose which behaviors actually need correction.

Tips for using bark collars:

This short video provides information on proper usage and training from a professional dog trainer.

Whether you’re wanting universal control or a hands off approach, the dog care industry has no given us the options for either or both in today’s bark collars. With features ranging from varied sensitivity, dual activation technology and waterproof collars your options are endless and everyone should be able to find a product that works for you. There’s no longer a reason to become the neighbor people talk about, shipping on most of these collars is for delivery within two to five days. Don’t hesitate in buying the one that works for you, your ears and neighbors will thank you.

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