Best LED Dog Collars – Review & Guide

For all us doggy lovers out there, there is nothing better than watching our furry friends running around outside enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, often it’s necessary to take them out late in the day. How do we get around taking them out in the dark?

An LED collar would be helpful both if you let your dog roam your backyard or walk them yourself. It would illuminate their location at all times as well as make them visible to oncoming cars. This is especially useful for people who like to keep active with their dogs by hiking or even swimming.

Initially it may be hard to pick out the right collar because there are so many options out there and not all of them are good. There are many things you need to keep in mind such as durability, brightness and battery life. These are discussed more thoroughly throughout this article.

LED Dog Collar Reviews

Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Collar

The Pet Industries Metal Bucket LED collar comes in at first place on our list. It offers sizes for dogs of all breeds, and is constructed of PetDURA material, which is a special type of nylon that the company came up with themselves. It is quick drying, offers high resistance to scratching and tearing, and provides the durability necessary for dogs with high energy.

The collar features a heavy duty metal buckle, which is electroplated to prevent rusting and makes it almost impossible for your dog to break out of. It also has a solid, metal D-ring that allows you to attach your leash directly to it.

The dual LED strips on the collar are powered with rechargeable batteries, and offer three different light modes: steady, slow and fast. One hour of charging will provide 7 to 8 hours of battery life.

It comes in a variety of 7 different colors for you to choose from, to have the right fit for you and the perfect color to spot your dog anywhere. And if you’re not happy, you have a 100% money back guarantee.


  • It is made of special PetDURA material
  • Metal buckle that makes it almost impossible to break out of
  • Very high visibility
  • Fast charging


  • Charging cable almost irreplaceable
  • Not fully waterproof

NoxGear Lighthound LED Harness

Although not a collar, we couldn’t not mention the NoxGear Lighthound LED harness as it is very high caliber. It’s easy to adjust, USB rechargeable and can switch through 8 different colors and effects.

It warns you when it needs to be recharged by staying at a constant red color and not allowing you to switch between colors. Although that shouldn’t be too much of a problem as the battery lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge.

The NoxGear Lighthound LED harness can be seen up to a half mile away in optimal conditions and up to 680 yards in difficult conditions. If that isn’t enough, it also has a reflective strip and is fluorescent for that extra visibility. It’s even great in the rain and snow as it is weatherproof.

It does run a bit small, so you should be careful with the sizing. That being said, it is easy to adjust and you can attach a leash to it to take your dog on your walk. The harness is also quite easy to put on as it has two buckles to fully snap it on rather than pull it on.


  • Extra visibility with reflective strip and being fluorescent
  • Visible up to a half mile away
  • Can switch between colors, so no need to choose only one.
  • Easy to adjust due to the two buckle design


  • Sizes run a bit small
  • Not fully waterproof

Shine for Dogs LED Collar

The Shine for Dogs LED collar comes in at number three on our list with several great features. This collar comes with a snap buckle for easily popping on or off your dog. The ring for leash attachment is constructed of a durable metal, while the collar itself is a nylon material to provide the most comfort for your dog.

The collar is USB rechargeable, and stores an impressive 10 hours of battery life on a 30 minute charge. It’s splash proof, so small amounts of water are OK, but the collar is not waterproof so your dog will have to avoid bodies of water while wearing it.

Dual fiber optics make the collar flexible to avoid damaging the LED lights. The LEDs completely circle the collar, providing 360 degrees of illumination.

Last but not least, profits from the Shine for Dogs LED collar are donated in full to dogs in rescue shelters. This helps every dog get the chance to be safe and taken care of.


  • Leash can clip directly to the collar
  • Dual Fiber optics for flexibility
  • All profit are donated to help dogs in rescue shelters


  • Collar sizes are only for medium to large dogs
  • Not fully waterproof

Blazin Safety LED Dog Collar

Blazin Saftey’s LED collar happens to be one of the collars with the slimmest bulb strip and on/off box, making lightweight and a good fit for any sized dog. It is good to keep in mind that the sizes run slightly large, but this isn’t a big issue as you can adjust the size of the collar up to 40% of the length.

It has USB rechargeable batteries that give you a whopping 8 hour battery life, which can be charged from any device using the provided USB cord making it a good fit for any lifestyle and schedule. The large variety of colors, a variety of 10 colors, also makes it adaptable to your personal style and taste.

As far as visibility goes, this has one of the higher visibility ranges going up to 350 yards. If you use one of the flashing modes, you will be able to spot your dog even easier in that distance, so no more worrying about possibly losing your best bud in the dark.

You can also pair it up with an LED leash, which you can also get from Blazin Safety. It would be a good idea to pair it either with an LED leash or wear a second collar as the leash can at times affect the collars functioning.


  • Has a lifetime guarantee
  • Has up to 350 yards of visibility
  • One of the most water resistant LED collars


  • Not all the colors have the same visibility, pink happening to be one of the least visible.
  • Leash might affect the functioning of the LEDs of the collar.

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

Coming in, in 5th place is the Illumiseen LED Collar. This is a relatively well known collar that is lightweight, comfortable, and USB rechargeable. This collar is quite bright and comes in a variety of 6 different vibrant colors that will make your dog stand out in the dark, especially if paired with their ultra-bright leash as well.

It gives you about 5 hours of continuous use on just 1 hour of charging. It also comes with its own USB cable that you can use to charge from just about anywhere.

It’s large variety of sizes, varying from XXS to XL, make it perfect for any sized dog as well so it doesn’t matter if you have a small pup or a huge full grown dog, they will all be protected. It’s not the easiest collar to adjust, but the wide variety of sizes makes this a non-issue.

It has a buckle clasp that clips into place making it both easy to use and hard for the dog to get off. Another ease of use characteristic of this collar is that it has three different light modes to adjust according to your needs.


  • Has a lifetime guarantee
  • Is very visible, guaranteeing your dog’s safety
  • Has a large variety of sizes
  • Is water resistant.


  • Not easily adjustable
  • Battery not as long lasting as some other similar models

Fashion&Cool LED Dog Collar

Similarly to some of the collars we have discussed above, the Fashion&Cool LED collar is also a one size fits all, cut off the excess type of collar. It has a smooth round tube like form that is made of stretchy, flexible plastic which is weatherproof. This makes it comfortable for both your dog and you in all kinds of weather.

It is an LED collar with all around coverage, magnetic clasp and up to 1,640 feet of visibility. Your dog will be fully visible and will have almost impossible odds to get the collar off. You also have 3 possible modes of light intensity which include a slow or quick flash as well as a steady, constant glow.

The Fashion&Cool LED collar is convenient with a USB rechargeable battery and comes with the USB cable. It gives you about 3 hours of continuous use for every 30 minute charge. Do be careful with the USB port cover though as frequent use can weaken its hold making it come off.


  • Has full LED coverage throughout the collar
  • Has a magnetic clasp
  • Has good visibility distance


  • Not as sturdy as some other LED Collars
  • No D-ring, which means can’t attach a leash to it

Living ABC LED Dog Collar

Moving on to our number 7 on this list, the LivingABC LED collar. This collar is made of sturdy and durable nylon and has a metal clip clasp, to keep it safely secure on your dog without causing it any discomfort.

It also has a metal D-ring to attach your leash and take your dog out on a walk without a problem. This makes it more comfortable for your dog as there is no need to double-collar them.

The LivingABC only comes in one color, Blue, and has LEDs covering about 80% of its entirety, but it makes up for a little less all around visibility with the added reflective strip. This is a good touch to keep your dog visible at all times, both to you and any oncoming vehicles.

It is very convenient as it has USB rechargeable batteries, which means no hassle for you or extra cost with buying batteries. Its battery life is pretty decent overall as it lasts about 7 hours on a 2 hour charge, that’s plenty of late evening walks.


  • Has extra visibility through the added reflective strip
  • Has a seal over the USB port to make it more water resistant
  • Is leash ready


  • Only comes in one color
  • LEDs don’t cover the entirety of the collar
  • Suitable only for medium to large dogs

BSeen LED Dog Collar

The one size fits all BSeen LED collar is easily adjustable and fits just about every breed. You just need to cut off the excess or loop it around twice for especially small dogs or puppies. It is made of flexible and durable plastic so that no matter how you bend the collar no damage will be caused to the LEDs. It’s also super easy to maintain as it hardly gets dirty.

The batteries are rechargeable and the collar comes with a USB charging cable, which you can connect to a wall adaptor, computer, or power bank. This eliminates any need to find batteries or extra expenses. The battery life lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge.

This collar provides high visibility. Every part of the collar is visible, even the clasp meaning your dog can be seen from every angle and any position. The BSeen collar comes with three light intensity options, steady, slow flash and rapid flash. All you need to change between the options is to click on the power button once for fast, twice for slow and three times for a steady glow.


  • High visibility
  • A total length of the collar of 70 cm
  • USB rechargeable


  • Not always a perfect fit so may fall off.
  • Frequent usage may weaken clasp.

Great Dealz LED Dog Collar

The Great Dealz LED Dog collar is a durable nylon collar that is super comfortable around your dog’s neck. It is a bit heavier, making it more suitable for larger dogs that can handle the weight though.

It’s very convenient as it has a sturdy D-ring which allows you to attach a leash directly to it with no need for an extra collar. The plastic clasp that makes it hard for your dog to accidentally remove the collar is also quite convenient.

It comes in a variety of four colors, blue, green, pink, and red. All these colors are equally vibrant. The Great Dealz collar makes your dog visible for up to a 1000 foot distance, making them hard to miss during your nightly walks.

As the batteries are not rechargeable, the included set of batteries will give you anywhere from 60 to 80 hours of walk time with your best bud. The collar does come with three different lighting modes, steady, fast and slow flash. Of these three modes the steady mode will deplete your battery quickest. This is good to keep in mind as the batteries tend to be a bit on the difficult side to replace.


  • Weatherproof collar
  • Comes with an extra set of batteries
  • Can be used with a leash


  • Batteries are hard to change
  • Only suitable for larger dogs

Nite Ize NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace

Nite Ize’s NiteHowl LED safety necklace is a cut to fit, one size fits all collar which makes this an easy choice for any size dog. It has a tubular form made of flexible plastic which makes it both comfortable for your dog and prevents the LED stripes from breaking. This design doesn’t allow for a leash to be attached to the collar though and thus must be worn along with a normal collar.

One of the best features of this collar is the full 360 illumination, which makes your dog visible from all angles. It has two illumination modes which you can pick from, flash or glow. The flash mode affects the battery life more than the glow mode.

In total the battery lasts for around 60 hours before a battery change is needed. On the plus side the batteries can be easily changed due to the battery holder being removable.

If you are worried about walking your dog outside in the rain, no need to worry for either the visibility or safety of your dog with this collar. It is weatherproof, meaning light rain or snow will not be a problem. And if any problems should arise with the collar or if you are unhappy, it has a worry-free guarantee.


  • The collar has full 360 illumination.
  • Batteries are easily replaceable.
  • Weatherproof


  • The collar is not chew safe.
  • Batteries are not rechargeable.
  • Cannot be used without a normal collar to attach the leash.

Why get an LED Collar?

As we have discussed the LED collar is particularly handy for those who are often walking their dogs in the dark. It keeps your dog safe from cars and makes them easy for you to spot. It also keeps you safe when walking your dog as you are in turn easy to spot from oncoming cars and you won’t be startling any possible passersby.

The LED collar isn’t only handy for those who walk their dogs during the late hours of the evening though. It can be useful if you leave your dog out in the backyard and want to keep track of them easily. It’s also very helpful for those people who like to camp, or hike to be able to keep track of their four legged companions during those trips.

A lot of the LED collars can also double as normal collars and can have a nice two in one function. This is especially helpful in those days when you are running late with your usual schedule and end up walking your dog later than you had planned. Why have a normal collar when you can have one that also keeps your dog safe at all times?

Features to keep in mind when choosing your LED collar

If you have decided you want to pick up an LED collar for your dog, there are a few things you should be aware of during your search. The most important characteristics are as follows:

Visibility: How visible is the LED collar you are purchasing and what is the visibility you need? Obviously the most important and crucial reason for purchasing an LED collar is visibility. People who go out much later in the evening or tend to allow their dogs run loose may need to look for a higher visibility collar.

Sizing: Not every collar is made the same and not every size will fit your dog. You need to make sure to measure your dog’s neck prior to purchasing and if they provide a sizing chart, definitely have a look.

Battery: As we discussed through this article, different collars have different options. Some collars have rechargeable batteries some do not. Some provide longer battery life than others. This should definitely be something you pay close attention to as different each individual has different needs depending on their activity.

Water resistance: As mentioned before, not every collar is made equally and not every dog has the same needs. Some collars may be water resistant and others may not. This is definitely something to look into prior to purchasing a collar to also have in mind during your walks.

How to Maintain your LED Collar?

There are several things to keep in mind when maintaining your LED collars. Although they are not much different than normal collars they do have electricity running through them. So, it is good to periodically check that the collar is in good condition and that the battery compartments are not damaged so that your dog can’t get at the batteries.

Speaking of batteries, depending on your collar you may need to periodically change the batteries or recharge them. This is very important, like with every other electronic device, because you don’t want to find yourself outside in the dark with the lights suddenly going out. Take good care of both the battery compartments and the chargers as they are integral to the functionality of the collar.

Last, but not least, how to clean your collar? Most collars are not waterproof, so it is important to not just throw them in the washing machine where they would be submerged in water as this would surely cause the collar to malfunction. Simply take the collar off your dog and clean with a damp towel. In most cases this is more than enough to keep the collar clean and sanitary for your dog.


Are LED dog collars safe?

Completely! LED dog collars are of no hazard to your dog at all. LED lights are quite safe as they don’t heat up like other lights may. They won’t burn your dog’s fur or skin and they won’t burn your skin either. They are completely safe on a collar and long lasting.

Is it better to use solid or flashing LED lights?

This really depends on your preference and the conditions. Solid LED lights tend to use up the battery a little quicker than flashing in most collars and can be a little friendlier to the eye. In worse weather conditions flashing LED lights may be the way to go. By worse conditions I mean during days that are particularly foggy or rainy, as it makes it easier to spot.

Can LED collars be used on puppies?

The short answer to this is yes. As mentioned previously LED collars are completely safe and most are easily adjustable. Meaning as your puppy grows you can adjust the size of the collar to better fit them so the collar isn’t too tight or too loose at any point in time.

Are LED collars a hassle?

Not at all. They are usually no different than a normal collar, but have the added benefit of keeping your dog safe. You just need to keep in mind whether the collar is waterproof or not, which is usually always mentioned when purchasing the collar.

To wrap up our thoughts, a nice LED dog collar can be found to meet any of your needs. It is definitely important to think of your dog’s safety and comfort and there is no better way to keep your dog safe than to have them visible at all time.

There is a large variety of collars out there and it can get confusing to pick out just the right one. Hopefully some of the points in this article will help you make the right choice to keep you and your furry friend happy and safe.

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