Best Dog Grooming Clippers – Review & Guide

If you want to keep your dog looking neat, or you’re looking to save some money, it’s time to buy some grooming clippers.

To keep your dog cool in the heat or simply looking neat, grooming clippers are the perfect solution. Many breeds can’t go without grooming and need to be shaved every so often.

Choosing the right clippers is important. The options can change depending on your dog. Some can find the noise scary, while others love grooming and find it relaxing no matter how loud it is.

We’ll talk about all the best options to find the perfect match for your dog. We’ll also go over the most important factors like a dog’s type of fur and reaction to noise.

Dog Grooming Clipper Reviews

Andis Proclip

Andis Proclip is a professional clipper and features a ceramic blade. It keeps the blades cool, so it takes a long time to get hot and lasts for longer sessions before having to cool down.

This design includes a detachable blade for easy cleaning and changing. It also gives you different ways to use it by providing more separate blade clipper options.

The Proclip also has single-speed, 2-speed, and 5-speed options. They are all quiet and can get through any type of dog coat from short to matted. These speed options will help go through a thick coat quickly and smoothly.

It also gives you the choice to use it with a cord or as a wireless device depending on how you want to use it. The cord is 14 feet and allows for a wide range of use.


  • The ceramic blade keeps it cool.
  • Several speed options make it easy to use on different types of coats.
  • Long cord or wireless option gives more choices when charging.
  • It runs quietly.


  • The clippers are heavier than average.
  • It has no attachments or extra blades.

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro

These clippers have a lithium-ion battery. A single charge lasts up to two hours, which is above average. They also have a quick charge time of 15 minutes.

The heavy-duty electric power means it can cut through thick coats well. The strong output leads to a straight cut without snags.

This model includes blades that are self-sharpening, meaning you can buy fewer replacements. It’s made so even after using it for more time it won’t snag while cutting, keeping the process smooth.

The guards that come with the clippers make it easy to use on looser skin and come in several lengths. This gives more options when choosing what length to cut the coat.


  • It has a strong output for heavy-duty shaving.
  • It comes with a grooming kit.
  • Self-sharpening blades work for longer use.


  • Longer battery life leads to a long full charge time.
  • The motor makes a lot of noise.
  • Best for trimming and touch-ups, not a full shave.


ENJOY PET uses a Li-battery that gives a very long charge compared to other products. You get seven hours of work. This battery also includes a fast charging speed for more time using the clippers.

The motor is strong at 15W and goes through mats and thick fur without problems. This power helps the blades go through any clogs, so it doesn’t stop while shaving and is easy to clean.

There are 33 teeth on the blade, more than average, which is better for going through long or thick hair. Because they are more of them, they’re also thinner and leave less room to accidentally nick any skin on your pet.

These clippers use noise absorption on the friction of the blades for a quiet shave. This way it’s less likely to scare or startle your pet.


  • The motor is quiet.
  • Uses a safe blade to stop accidental nicks.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • Includes a grooming kit.


  • The guards are harder to cut with.
  • The cord is short, so the clippers are hard to use while charging.

Ceenwes Dog Clippers

The clippers have titanium and ceramic blades that keep it cool, so it doesn’t burn your dog. It also comes with the sharp metal to cut through easily.

This blade is also movable, within 2mm there’s no need for a guard to change the length. This way you can be more specific with the hair length using the fine-tuning knob.

Aside from being adjustable, it comes with four attachments for more length choice. These are plastic and safe to use on the skin for shaving or thinning out the coat.

The clippers weigh a little over a pound and are light compared to similar models. It puts less strain on your arm and makes it easier to shave for longer or through thick hair.


  • The clippers are lightweight to use more easily.
  • It comes with an adjustable ceramic blade.
  • Long-lasting and durable.


  • The battery needs a long time to charge.
  • The charging cord is too short to use while shaving or trimming.

Oneisall Dog Shaver

The blades are detachable and adjustable for easy cleaning and specific fur length. You can buy separate blades to match your preferences without worrying about length.

The sound of these clippers gets to about 50db and it has a low vibration. This will help make sure that your dog is comfortable throughout the shaving process.

Oneisall uses a wireless and rechargeable design with a built-in battery. You can use it either cordless or while charging so you don’t have to stop in the middle of trimming your dog.

The stainless-steel blade is sharp for a quick shave good for thin hair. It’s easy to clean, especially with household items and doesn’t need a specific tool.


  • It’s easy to get your desired coat length.
  • It has a low vibration and quiet sound.
  • The blade is sharp and is easy to clean.
  • The clippers include a grooming kit.


  • The blade has some plastic and becomes dull faster.
  • Long and thick hair can cause the clippers to jam and it’s recommended that you cut it shorter first.

Hansprou Dog Shaver

These clippers use a strong 12-volt high-speed motor for it to cut any type of coat smoothly. The fast motor helps keep fur from locking up inside the clippers.

Hansprou especially includes a blade with a 35 rounded teeth design. Its cut the coat of long-haired pets efficiently with all the power needed for coarse or thick fur.

The handle has an anti-skid pattern so it’s comfortable and easy to use. The handle is also made of an aluminum alloy to be more durable.

Hansprou uses an 8 ft cord for a consistent power output so you can just plug it in and start using it. There’s no need to charge it or worry about the battery life.


  • You don’t have to charge the clippers.
  • The handle is anti-skid and easier to hold.
  • The clippers are especially good at cutting thick hair.
  • One of the lightest options available yet feels sturdy.


  • No wireless option, you have to plug it in for it to work.
  • Hansprou doesn’t sell replacement blades.

Keepwe Dog Clippers

These clippers use a smaller blade for small dogs. It’s good for more detailed work on any dog like around the paws, ears, face, and eyes. This also works well with occasionally trimming your dog.

As a smaller clipper, it’s quieter than the large models. It uses a compact motor to limit the vibration and make it easier for your pet to adapt.

The size also makes it easier to charge, it uses a USB cord so it can plug into your computer or even a power adaptor. It’s easy to use anywhere as long as it gets charged.

These clippers are also waterproof. It can’t get soaked, but you can rinse them for cleaning instead of having to brush the hair out. The clippers need to dry off after cleaning.


  • You can use water to clean it.
  • It’s easy to charge anywhere.
  • The clippers are small and portable.
  • It’s good to use both large and small dogs.


  • It runs for less time.
  • You need to cut long hair short before clipping.

Scaredy Cut Silent Grooming Kit

These scissors with grooming combs give you the most freedom with the details of how you want to cut fur. Because it doesn’t use a motor, it’s the only completely silent option without vibration.

The kit includes seven combs for length from a ½ inch to 1 inch to keep a shorter coat. The combs are plastic and are very safe to use on dogs.

The scissors have a removable soft gel insert, so you can decide if you want the fit to be snug and firm or loose. It also includes a medium-thin insert to make it easier to find the best fit for you.

Scaredy Cut includes a guidebook to show how to make your pet comfortable while shaving. It demonstrates using quiet and gentle methods to make adapting as easy as possible for dogs.


  • The process is completely silent
  • The scissors work well on the body and small detail areas like the face and paws.
  • Customizable inserts for the scissors.


  • It takes more time to cut large areas.
  • The scissors can make your hand sore.

PetExpert Dog Clippers

PetExpert has a turbo button to control the speed for more efficient trimming. You don’t have to change the blade and can choose the speed quickly while clipping your dog.

The handle shows the percentage of how much power the clippers have, instead of the usual red or green light. This way it won’t surprise you when the battery runs out.

These clippers use a ceramic top blade and stainless-steel bottom blade. The combination is good for keeping the blade cool and staying sharp longer.

The battery has three and a half hours of runtime, one of the longest among current competitors. The clippers use a 360° charging base without having to plug it into a cord.


  • The full battery percentage is clearly visible.
  • You can change the speed with the push of a button.
  • Includes a grooming kit.


  • The battery has a long charging time.
  • You can’t use these clippers while charging.

Crenova Pet Clipper

The Crenova clippers have three speed options for different dogs or certain areas. A faster speed can get through thick or heavy fur.

On the handle is an LED light showing the battery percentage by lighting up 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. The battery charges for three hours and lasts for four-six hours.

The blade is detachable, and you can clean it with water. The edge is also rounded and makes it safer to use, without having to worry as much about nicking your dog.

This design includes a non-slip handle that’s finished with a metal polish for a firm grip. A better grip means a safer shave for your dog and an easier shave for you.


  • You can roughly see the battery percentage.
  • A charge lasts a long time.
  • The clippers have several speed options.
  • It includes a grooming kit.


  • They are heavier than similar models.
  • The guards can make it harder to cut with and cause more snags.

How to Pick the Best Clippers for You?

One of the most important factors that goes into picking clippers is the thickness of your dog’s coat. The thicker the coat, the more power a clipper needs to get through it.

For a thin coat or one that doesn’t need much grooming, an electric one is better because they’re low maintenance. The blades for thicker coats need oil and more upkeep to keep them going.

It’s also important to think about whether you want a clipper that comes with a grooming kit or not. The grooming kits have guards to cut fur at different lengths, scissors, and oil with a brush for cleaning.

If the kit is not included, you’ll have to buy the parts needed to take care of the blades or cut fur at a different length.

Another aspect to consider is wireless clippers. Not having a cord makes it easier to move around while shaving. But, with a larger dog, it’s likely that it will run out of battery before you can finish.

With a cord you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. Even so, more energetic dogs that move a lot can get tangled up in the cord while you try to work.

Keep in mind how often you’ll need to use the clippers and whether you want to style or simply trim. If you’re doing the occasional cut, then you don’t need the powerful clippers full of bells and whistles.

How to Use Clippers?

Before starting anything, it’s better to wash your dog and brush through their fur. Dirt can get stuck in the clippers and any tangles make it much harder to cut through, especially for a beginner.

Brushing also gets rid of any fur that has already shed off, so you’re cutting less hair, and it’s cleaner to go through. Shaving tangles without brushing can also feel less comfortable or painful for dogs.

It’s best to have all the required tools ready. This includes the oiled clippers, guards for any hair length, and a comb to go through while clipping.

When you’re ready to start, it’s important to remember not to pull at the hair to try and make it easier to cut. It’s much more likely to pull up the skin with it and accidently cut your dog.

If you feel the need to pull the blades might not be sharp or strong enough for your dog. You may need a different clipper or a replacement blade.

Start out slow when shaving to avoid leaving lines in your pet’s fluffy coat. Once you’ve used the clippers for a bit, make sure to check how hot it’s getting.

Many of them warm up and can eventually burn your dog. If it does heat up turn it off for a bit and use a spray coolant especially for keeping clippers from becoming too hot.

For the best look, go with your dog’s coat and not against it. This will make it look more natural. Also, shave from the neck to the back of their leg to keep track of what you have and have not shaved yet.

How to Maintain Clippers?

You need to clean the blade of any dirt and hair. Depending on the clippers you can use a brush to clean it or rinse using water and leave it to dry to use on the same day.

To keep the blade in the best condition, and clear out dirt, it’s important to use a blade wash solution on your clippers. Warm water and soap won’t keep the blade from rusting, but the solution will keep it minimal.

The clippers need to stay oiled and the dog hair you cut will take off the oil when you use it. This means it needs oiling every couple of times it gets used.

You apply the oil by putting a few drops, about three, into the blades while they’re running. It’s better to plan ahead for this because it needs time to dry, which can take longer because it’s oil instead of water.

If you don’t apply oil the clippers can start to make noise that can scare your dog and will get caught in fur more often.

The blades will eventually get dull and either need replacements or to get sharpened. To sharpen them you can take them to an authorized service provider. The manufacturer and local groomers will know where to find them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use human clippers on my dog?

No, human clippers are likely to injure your dog, lead to infections, and trigger allergies. Dog skin is sensitive, and you normally need to shave all over their body.

How do I make my pet more comfortable if they get anxious while during grooming?

You first need to find out if they are uncomfortable with contact to a specific area. Once you do, you can touch it from time to time without grooming to get them accustomed to the feeling. They can have a treat when you’ve finished gently patting the area to give it a positive association. Make sure to use quiet clippers if the noise is what scares them. Otherwise, tire them out by playing with them before grooming so they’re relaxed by the time their fur gets cut.

Why do dogs need to get clipped?

Many breeds don’t shed as much and have a coat that will continue to grow. Brushing and clipping hair keeps it from matting, and removes things stuck in their coat. Leaving the hair without washing it is also bad for the skin of any dog. Even an easy brushing will take out the already shed hair and keep it from falling on your couch instead.

How do I know what to make the cut look like?

It’s good to look at pictures of the breed, or your best guess of the breed. You can see the standards of how long their coat should be and what areas especially need trimming. You can also ask a local groomer for tips.

What size blade should I use?

A size 40 or 50 will give you the closest shave, while the most commonly used ones are sizes 4, 5, 7, and 10. Longer or curlier hair does better with a 7 or 10 while finer body fur is most commonly a 4, 5, or sometimes a 7.

Using Clippers to Groom a Shaggy Dog


Now you can pick out the clippers based on your dog’s coat, reaction to noise, energy, and the attachments. After that, it’s time to get started!

Buy your own clippers to save money and get the exact cut you want for your dog. This makes sure your pet is comfortable and enjoys the process.

Write in the comments about your experiences with dog clippers! Where there any other questions you had? Let me know!

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