Best Electronic Dog Door – Review & Guide

Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities, and a huge part of that is letting your dog out. Dog doors make this much easier and more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

A dog door is something that is used very often, and it needs to be very durable. It should also seal securely. Being sealed ensures energy efficiency, along with the security of your house while you’re not home.

When looking for a dog door, you need to consider the size of your dog. The bigger the dog, the bigger and more durable the door you are going to need.

Product Reviews

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

This automatic dog door features a SmartKey. This has three to four different types of lock controls, depending on size, including entry and exit options, as well as being fully locked or unlocked.

With this door, up to five different SmartKeys can be connected. With this, up to five different dogs will be able to use the door.

This comes in either a small or large size. The small door is designed for dogs up to 15 pounds, and the large door is for dogs up to 100 pounds.

The door can be programmed in minutes after installation. Both the large and the small models of the door run on four D-cell batteries.


  • One SmartKey comes included with the door.
  • Wall installation option is available for purchase.
  • Can be used with cats as well as dogs.
  • Motors easy to order and replace.


  • Does not include D-cell batteries.
  • Battery has to be screwed on tight, otherwise it may fall off.

High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

This motor driven door comes in a medium and large size. The door slides vertically, and it activated by an MS-4 ultrasonic collar you dog wears.

The medium size is 8.25 by 10 inches, and for dogs up to 30 pounds. The large door is 12.25 by 16 inches, and for dogs up to 100 pounds.

There are three different power modes this door operates on. There’s the standard 110-volt AC wall outlet, an optional battery backup, or a full battery operation with an optional charger kit.

This door also comes with a four-way access control system. It can be set to In Only setting, Out Only setting, Full Access, or Closed & Locked.


  • Very energy efficient.
  • Opening sensors reach as far as 10 feet.
  • 110-volt AC wall outlet is included.
  • Door panel is translucent and made of super-strength, bulletproof resin.


  • Doesn’t function the best in extreme cold weather.
  • The only way to ensure it doesn’t automatically open in windy conditions is to disable the safety retract.

Extreme Performance Locking Rugged Aluminum Dog Door

This dog door comes in four different sizes, each offering a dual flap or single flap model. With an aluminum alloy frame, this door is durable and long-lasting.

From small to extra-large, the size of the door has a very wide range. The small is 9.9 inches by 13.5 inches, and the extra-large is 14.5 inches by 24.6 inches.

The magnetic flap that closes the door is very weatherproof. It also seals securely, which ensures that it is energy efficient, and no heating or cooling will escape your home.

This door is safe and secure. The security panels, which is included, locks in place. It locks from the inside in two different spots, to ensure safety.


  • Heavy duty door and strong magnets.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Perfect for any sized dog.
  • Clear window allows dogs to see what is on the other side.


  • The single flap model does not seal as well as the double flap model.
  • If it weren’t for the magnetic strip on the bottom of the door, it wouldn’t stay closed.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

This dog door features a curfew mode. In this mode, the door can be programmed to lock and unlock at specific times you need it to.

The dimensions of this door are 10.3 inches by 11.0 inches. This is made for smaller dogs and can be mounted into either a door or a wall.

It is compatible with all microchip formats worldwide and works with your pet’s current microchip. This door also works with the SureFlap RFID collar tag.

This door runs on four C-cell batteries, which can last up to a year with regular use. When the battery is running low, a light will flash to indicate low battery.


  • It can store up to 32 different pet tags in its memory.
  • Tested on raccoons in a zoo environment, and raccoons were not able to get in.
  • Very easy to set up your pet’s microchip.
  • Various accessories are available for wall and glass installations.


  • Batteries are not included.
  • The microchip reader is deep inside the door, so sometimes it is more difficult to sense the dog.

Freedom Pet Pass Insulated Dog Door

This dog door comes in three different sizes, small, medium, and large. It also features DoubleMag technology. This keeps the seal completely airtight and weatherproof.

Compared to competing brands, this door is the most draft-free. It is lab-certified to seal 15 times better than requirements for Energy Star human doors.

With the insulated flap system, this door is proven to work in temperatures ranging -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This is for installation in an exterior door.

This door also comes with a locking clear acrylic security panel. It’s very durable, and it is made out of materials like marine-grade canvas, cellular PVC, industrial TPO, and commercial-grade SBR.


  • Made of high grade materials and meant to last for a long time.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Customer service is easy and quick to reach, and very friendly.
  • Exceptional build quality.


  • Replacement parts don’t always last very long.
  • In strong winds, the door may blow open.

Ideal Pet Products E-Z Pass Electronic Pet Door

This electronic dog door is made for smaller dogs, up to 25 pounds. It is seven inches by nine inches, and has a transparent, unbreakable Lexan flap.

RFID (Radio Frequency ID) Sensor FOB allows only your pet to activate the door. The sensor attaches to your dog’s collar for easy, controllable access.

This door comes with a power cord, allowing for wall outlet charging. The door can be used while plugged into the wall outlet, ensuring it doesn’t run out of charge while in use.

More than just one pet can have access to the door. Additional collars for other pets are sold separately. This door can also be both locked and unlocked manually.


  • Sensor sensitivity has different settings, from minimum to maximum sensitivity.
  • Easy installation and easy setup.
  • Optional rechargeable battery can be purchased separately.
  • Can be installed in a wall with a frame.


  • Sometimes the locking mechanism sticks.
  • Customer service is not great and difficult to get in touch with. 

Solo Pet Doors Automatic Electronic Dog Door

This electronic dog door is the most versatile in comparison to competing brands. It features ten different sizes, as well as wall or door installation options.

Whenever in the closed position, this door locks. This adds safety and security to your home, along with the comfort of knowing no other animals will be able to get in.

This door comes with pet tag for your dog’s collar. This tag is magnetic and waterproof, ensuring durability. Buying an additional tag is recommended, in case it is lost.

The door closes slowly, using only gravity, for the safety of your dog. There is also a 30 day full-refund guarantee included with the purchase.


  • One year warranty to have no manufacturer defects.
  • Hard-wired electrical connection available for installations.
  • Magnetic collar takes worry out of it failing.
  • Outside can be framed for stylish appearance.


  • Installation not super easy – professional installation recommended.
  • Customer service is not very quick or easy to get ahold of.

Plexidoor Weatherproof Dog Doors

This electronic dog door comes in four sizes, from small to extra-large. This allows for use for all sized dogs, all the way up to 220 pounds.

For all four sizes, there are no replacement flags required for the door. This is because all the flaps are guaranteed durable, long-lasting and chew-proof.

This door opens from left to right. It opens with precision and smoothness, which provides safety for your pet. No matter what the size of your dog is, the door is very easy to open.

The hardened aluminum frames come in either white, silver or bronze. Each door comes with a cylinder lock, a key, and a steel security plate.


  • The door can be locked every night.
  • Includes a 5 year limited residential warranty.
  • A steel security plate can be attached to the door if you’re away from home for an extended period of time.
  • Installation of this door can ultimately save you money on your energy bill.


  • The weather strip is not easily replaceable.
  • Customer service is a bit difficult to get a hold of.

Endura Flap Pet Door Double Flap Door Mount

This dog door features award-winning energy efficiency in the double flap. It comes in four different sizes, from small to extra-large, ensuring you will be able to find the right size for your dog.

The small is 6 inches by 10 inches, and the medium is 8 inches by 14 inches. The large size is 10 inches by 18 inches, and the extra-large is 12 inches by 22 inches.

This is for doors that are 1.75 to 2.25 inches thick. The frame of this dog door is made out of aluminum and is very strong and durable.

This door also comes with a strong security cover. This includes a sturdy locking cover, so that when you’re away from home, your house is guaranteed safety and security.


  • Unbeatable thermal durability and quality.
  • This installs into both exterior and interior doors.
  • Proven to withstand winds up to 50 mph and temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit with UV retardant polyolefin polymer flaps.
  • Comes in either a white, tan black color.


  • Installation process is complicated and difficult.
  • Door is loud when dog runs through it.


This dog door comes in either a large or an extra-large size, but it can be used for all sized dogs. It features a prime aluminum frame, with a yellowing-resistant flap to guarantee security.

Saving energy is easy with this door. The flap has magnetic closure and is UV resistant, making it weatherproof and durable, which ensures it is long-lasting.

Installation is very easy. First, you measure the height from the floor to your dog’s underside. Then you cut out the size above that marked height, and then assembling is easy.

The aluminum frame with the polyurethane flap is easy to maintain and clean, and they’re dustproof and waterproof. It also comes with a closing panel, ensuring energy efficiency and home security.


  • Online customer services are available 24/7.
  • The assembling parts are high quality and included with the door.
  • The aluminum frame is very sturdy and works much better than comparing PVC designs.
  • The flap is transparent, allowing your dog to see through it.


  • Replacement parts aren’t as high quality.
  • Once installed, if your dog is rough, the door may not last very long.

How to Select an Electronic Dog Door?

Selecting the perfect dog door for your pet takes a lot of things into consideration. The size of your dog, their energy level, and how often you are home should all affect your decision.

If you have a larger dog, you should look into the larger models. Some doors offer larger sizes, however some are made for only specifically smaller breeds. Making sure the door is big enough for your dog to fit through is the most important.

If your dog is high-energy, finding a durable, quick door is important. More energetic dogs may try and chew on the door, so being made of durable material is important.

If you’re away from home often, you may want a door that offers high security and locking modes. Some doors have custom lock settings, which is useful when you aren’t home. If you are often home, a manual-locking door would work appropriately.

How many pets you’re planning on using the door should also be considered. If you have just one pet, any door is suitable for you. However, if you have multiple pets, extra parts will likely need to be purchased. You should also ensure that your model has the ability to connect with more than one pet key or collar.

If you’re nervous about the door not lasting as long as it says, some doors come with warranties. By choosing a door with a warranty, you won’t have to worry about uncared for malfunctions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electronic Dog Doors

There are a lot of different aspects about electronic dog doors to consider.

Can this be mounted on a wall instead of a door? Lots of dog doors can be mounted on walls as well as doors. However, many of these require a type of “Wall Entry Kit,” or something to help the installation process in a wall. Typically, wall installations are more difficult, and may need professional help.

Is the collar sensor waterproof? This depends on the brand of the dog door. Most of the sensors will be at least water resistant, however waterproofness should be checked, based on the model.

What is involved in the installation of this door? First, cutting a hole in either the wall or the door is required. After that, depending on the brand, the process can be straight-forward, or a bit more complicated. In a simple, self-installing model, two halves need to be secured within that installation hole that was cut. All doors come with installation directions, as well as the option to have a professional install it for you.

Can you activate the door with a cell phone? Depending on the model, yes. Some doors have a security feature that can be linked up with your cell phone. However, not all doors offer this.

Is a curfew mode offered? Most brands offer a variety of different models. For example, a “standard” versus a “plus” model. In some cases, a standard model would not offer a curfew mode, but a plus model was. Look into the brand, and feel free to contact customer service for help; many brands offer 24/7 online customer service!

Advantages of Having an Electronic Dog Door

There are many reasons why an electronic dog door makes both yours and your dog’s lives easier.

It gives your dog control: With an electronic dog door, your dog no longer has to wait for you to let them out. Whether they need to go to the bathroom, or just want to run around outside, your pet will have the ability to let themselves in and out as they please.

Much easier for you: You are no longer at the beck and call of your dog. You no longer will need to drop a task you’re in the middle of to simply open a door. You can continue on with a more un-interrupted life.

Locking functions: If you’re not home, these doors have the ability to be locked, offering full safety and security for your home. Even if you are home, you can lock the door, if you don’t want your dog going out at a certain time. This ensures that you still have some control, and you’ll always have the option to ensure your dog stays inside, or outside.

Your dog can go out anytime: Even if you’re not home, your dog can let themselves out. You no longer will have to rush home to let the dog out, or pay somebody to stop by in the middle of the day to open a door for your pet.

Perfect for multiple pets: Multiple pets only means opening more doors, but with this, you don’t have to. Multiple pets can be programmed into an electronic dog door, giving them the option to go out alone or together.

How Electronic Dog Doors Work?

How an electronic dog door works depends on the brand, but ultimately, they all follow the same mechanisms.

Frame and panel: All doors are composed of a frame and a panel. In some cases, the frames are made of aluminum, which are more durable than PVC. For the panel, these can come in various different materials, as well as a double or a single flap. Your dog may try to chew, so choose a door with a durable door.

Dog collar: All doors include at least one key for your dog’s collar. This can be sensed from various distances, depending on the model. In some cases, the key and the door are magnetic, which ensures that it will always be able to open for your dog.

Installation: The typical spot for your dog door is on a human door. However, there are options to have it installed into a wall. Most brands can be installed in a wall, however some need assistance through the purchase of extra materials. Some brands have easy installation, whereas some brands require professional installation.

Timer function: Most doors come with a timing system, where you can set when your dog door locks. For example, you can have it set to lock every night at 7pm or open every morning at 6am. This ensures that you always know where you dog is.

An electronic dog door makes life easier for both you and your dog. Both of you will have more freedom with the installation of one!

These doors give your pet control, as well as ensuring that you can still maintain some control. Features such as locking and the timing system help with this.

Have you ever owned an electronic pet door? Please leave comments about how it worked, how your dog liked it, and your experiences together!

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