Best Dog Training Collar – Review & Guide

If you own an unruly dog or are thinking about adopting a dog sometime in the future, you might be interested in a training collar for your furry friend.

Dog owners can easily become overwhelmed when shopping for a training collar because there are different varieties, with different features available. If you end up with a low-quality collar, then the dog training process might frustrate you – that’s why we want to help you make the right decision.

Some of the features that you need to consider are the collar’s size, safety features, range, stimulation modes and levels, and battery power. Before heading out to purchase your new training collar, first familiarize yourself with the different types of collars that are available for you.

Dog Training Collar Reviews

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

This training collar targets your dog’s bad behaviors with different training modes, including beep and vibration. You can customize these modes to your dog’s size and responsiveness to the stimulus. This collar is remote-controlled for easy owner use.

There is also a safety feature designed to keep stimulus from mistreating your dog when you did not mean to press the button. A security keypad lock keeps your dog safe from accidental stimulation.

This design has a high-quality battery. The receiver can last for more than 15 days and the remote has up to 45 days standby time so that your collar is always ready to train. In addition, the collar has an automatic shut-off feature after 8 hours.

The collar also has an impressive 330-yard range and is completely waterproof, so you are safe to train your dog in any weather.


  • The remote and collar have a USB charging port, and most people have a USB charger already for a laptop or phone.
  • The 330-yard range allows for training at home, in the neighborhood, or the park.
  • This is suitable for all dogs 15 lbs. to 100 lbs. and customizable to how much stimulus they need.
  • The remote supports training up to three dogs simultaneously, with purchase of additional collars.


  • You have to remember to bring the remote and collar with you whenever you want to train- no easy app on your phone.
  • This unit does not automatically detect a dog’s bark when your dog is alone- the collar only works when you are controlling the remote.

PetSafe Smart Dog Bluetooth Training Collar

This training collar uses your phone to control stimulation level to train your dog. Using either a tone (beep) or a vibration, an owner can use 15 adjustable levels to teach commands and correct bad behavior.

You can control the collar either with an Android or iPhone via an app. The collar operates via the phone’s Bluetooth. The app is free on the Petsafe website, the App Store, and Google Play, making training your dog as easy as having your phone.

This collar has a range of 75 yards and works best inside or in small, contained outdoor spaces, like a small dog park. The rechargeable waterproof collar can be submerged in water up to 5 feet, meaning your dog has freedom to explore without damaging the collar.

PetSafe US-based customers can call or email a specialist 6 days a week for any pressing questions or problems with the device.


  • The collar operates with an app on your cell phone, so there is no need to remember a remote control.
  • The battery in the collar is rechargeable and has a charge of about 40 hours.
  • This comes with good customer service support for any issues you might encounter with use of the app or collar.


  • This collar requires a Bluetooth 4.0 compatible device with one of the following operating systems, IOS 5 or later or Android 4.3 or later.
  • The 75-yard range is relatively small compared to other brands.

Enrivik Small Remote Dog Training Collar

This training collar is suitable for even the smallest pets. It can fit dogs 5 lbs. and above, meaning small breeds like chihuahuas and bichons can use this collar safely.

The collar comes with a full user manual that guides you step-by-step in the dog training process. In addition, a range of 1,000 feet ensures your dog is never too far to benefit from this training device.

A lightweight, waterproof design helps your dog feel comfortable in any type of weather. In addition, you only need to charge the battery once a week.

The collar comes with 9 levels of correction, including a beep mode and a vibrate mode. Even if the vibrate mode is necessary, bad behavior usually ceases even on the lowest vibration setting.


  • A lightweight, sleek remote and collar design ensure comfort for both you and your dog.
  • Full user manual gives instructions about how to train your dog, including teaching basic commands, and also instructs you how to best use the collar safely.
  • With a 5 lb. limit, this collar fits even the smallest of dog breeds, including chihuahuas, yorkies, and bichons.


  • This system does use a remote, which can be bothersome to take with you on walks and trips to the dog park.
  • There are only 9 adjustable levels, which means this collar might not be as customizable to a dog’s unique training needs.

Herm SPRENGER Ultra-Plus Prong Dog Training Collar

This collar works to train a dog by lightly pinching around their neck when they are behaving badly. The harder they pull, the more the collar pinches, so the dog learns to self-correct to avoid being pinched.

This product comes in 4 sizes: small, medium, heavy, and x-heavy. These collars’ sizes are based on the dimensions of a dog’s neck and are not adjustable. You simply measure your dog’s neck and pick the size that best fits.

In the event you order the collar and need only a few extra links to fit your dog’s neck, you can purchase extra links. You can easily customize this collar.

The prongs on this training collar will not hurt your dog’s neck, as the prongs are smooth and dull. They create an uncomfortable, pinching sensation. With no remote or controls, you let the collar do the work, hassle-free.


  • This is a lightweight and hassle-free method for dog training, in which you do not have to fool around with levels of stimulation, types of stimulation, and monitor your dog constantly.
  • This is a safe and effective way to train a dog to not pull on a leash, as a gentle pinch lets your dog know that their behavior is negative.


  • This collar does not work as well if your dog has bad behaviors like digging holes, rolling in mud, or excessive barking.
  • Only 4 sizes mean that this collar is not as easily adjustable to a dog’s specific neck; if you order the wrong size, you must order extra prongs.

FunniPets Dog Training Collar

This collar comes with a built-in LED light on both the receiver and the remote to ensure your dog is easy to locate even in the dark. This is perfect for you if you walk or train your dog at night.

This dog training collar is suitable for medium and large dogs and you can adjust it from 7 to 25.6 inches.

This collar comes with 4 training modes, including static shock, vibration, tone mode and light mode. You can use these modes to train your dog to walk on a leash, diminish barking, and correct aggressive behaviors.

This collar and remote work at a range up to 2,600 ft. In addition, this collar has silicone rather than metal contact points on your dog’s skin, preventing injury.


  • The built-in LED light and reflective material of the collar make this ideal for night dog walkers.
  • This collar is waterproof, meaning your dog can swim and bathe with it on without interruption to the training system.
  • 4 training modes create more opportunity for customization to your individual dog’s needs.


  • This collar is for only medium or large dogs.
  • You have to be careful about how long the collar is wet, or it might malfunction.

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

This collar has models that are appropriate for different ranges (? mile, ½ mile, ¾ mile) and for either 1 or 2 dogs, small or regular sized. This variety ensures that there is a wide array of choices to meet you and your dogs’ specific needs.

The small size is suitable for dogs 5 lbs. and above. This ensures even the smallest pets, like yorkies and chihuahuas, can benefit from training with this device.

This training system has a 2-hour full charge and lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries with a dual charger. This means you can charge both the remote and collar simultaneously.

This collar also comes with a mini remote control for your use in more discreet situations, such as in public at a dog park. This product also offers 1 to 100 stimulation levels with an additional boost stimulus when necessary.


  • There is an optional training video option that provides guided training for you and your dog.
  • The optional mini remote makes training your dog discreetly when necessary a breeze.
  • 4 training modes create more opportunity for customization to your individual dog’s needs.


  • This collar only has a 2-hour full charge.
  • There is only one mode, which is a tapping sensation similar to vibration.

PATPET Dog Shock Collar with Remote

This collar has a user-friendly design for you to maximize your potential when training your dog. You can customize either shock mode or vibration mode, and the silicone prongs are safe for your dog’s skin.

This collar comes with a remote capable of training 2 dogs simultaneously, as well as a range of 1,000 ft for training anywhere. This means you can train multiple dogs indoors or outdoors.

This product has a long battery life. After charging for 2 hours, the collar can operate for 56 days and the remote can operate for 12 days, ensuring you are always ready to train.

This collar has a safe protection mode, in which the remote will deactivate when the vibration or shock mode works over 10 seconds. This ensures your dog is safe from being wrongfully stimulated.


  • Safe mode helps ensure your dog will not be accidentally shocked.
  • The product comes with dual charging cords so you can charge your collar and remote at the same time.
  • This product has a very long battery life.


  • This collar is not suitable for dogs smaller than 15 lbs.
  • The remote is not waterproof.

TBI Pro Professional K9 Dog Training Collar

This collar has a long-distance range of 2,000 ft, with 3 training modes and 100 adjustable levels which helps customize this product to your specific dog.

This collar has a power-saving mode to elongate the battery’s life when necessary. If you are in the middle of a training session with your dog, you do not have to stop prematurely to charge the battery.

Professional K-9 trainers developed and tested this product on various dog breeds and sizes to ensure reliable, efficient, and high-quality, so you can feel confident using this product with your dog.

This collar is 100% waterproof and has a protective mode to protect your dog from accidental shocks, which gives you peace of mind in whatever training conditions you will face with your dog.


  • Professional K-9 trainers helped develop this product.
  • The product has a very long range of 2,000 ft.
  • This product has a useful power-saving mode to ensure your battery does not die unexpectedly.
  • The remote comes with a useful flashlight.


  • This collar cannot be used for dogs under 6 months of age.
  • Dogs smaller than 10 lbs. cannot use this collar.

Yox Waterproof Dog Training Collar

This collar has an easy, 3 button remote that is user-friendly and clear. You can feel confident and safe using this remote to train your dog with its intuitive design.

This collar has a range of 1,200 ft and is fully waterproof. The remote is water-resistant. This means that you can take your dog out no matter the weather for a training session.

The collar and remote have red and green LED lights so you can easily tell if they are sufficiently charged. In addition, these lights let you know if the remote and collar are ready for training.

This collar has an optional no-shock mode if you feel wary about shocking your dog. In addition, you can tailor this collar to your dog’s needs with 3 modes, including vibration, beeps, or static.


  • The no-shock mode helps train your dog more gently.
  • The red and green lights on the remote are useful to quickly tell the battery’s charge level.
  • You can train 3 dogs simultaneously with this product.


  • The remote is only water-resistant, not water-proof.
  • Dogs smaller than 10 lbs. cannot use this collar.

Garmin BarkLimiter 2

This product consists of a collar that you control with your smartphone with the Garmin CANINE app. This collar works straight out of the box, which leaves you more time to start training.

This product easily snaps onto your dog’s existing collar. It also comes with both long and short contacts to accommodate any length of coat, making set-up simple for you.

The collar uses accelerometer-based bark identification to discriminate between repetitive barking and other sounds, and then automatically corrects bad behavior with on-collar tones or vibrations. You can let the collar do the work.

Autorise technology starts at the lowest stimulation and level and then gradually increased correction level until your dog responds, ensuring you can tailor stimulation perfectly to your dog.


  • The autorise technology and accelerometer-based identification ensure reliable and easy dog training.
  • There is no remote to worry about remembering to bring with you to training sessions.
  • You can turn the collar on and off manually should your smartphone be unavailable.


  • The collar does not give a warning before shocking your dog.
  • This product is vibration-based and cannot detect whining.

Benefits to consider when buying a training collar

When used properly, training collars offer many benefits:

Using a training collar can help train a new, unruly dog: If you have even been afraid to adopt an unruly dog with some bad behaviors, but find yourself wanting to give these dogs a chance, a training collar is good option for you to give these dogs the opportunity to be obedient, loyal dogs.

Using a training collar is a flexible way to train your dog: Relying on professionals for dog training can be difficult with a busy work schedule or taking care of your children. Training collars provide the ability to train your dog on your own time, which adds flexibility to your schedule.

Training collars are effective, reliable, and safe for training a dog: The vast majority of dog owners who have used these collars have reported improvement in their dog’s behavior. In addition, many collars now come with safety settings to ensure dogs do not get accidentally stimulated.

Using a training collar can create a more peaceful household for you and your dog: An aggressive or constantly barking dog is annoying at best and dangerous to you and your family and friends at worst. A training collar provides you with the tools and ability you need to create a safer environment for you, your family, and your community.

Features to consider while choosing a training collar

If you’re in the market for a training collar, you should consider the following features.

Method of control: Some training collars come with a remote for you to control the collar, while you can control other models with just your personal phone. Other collars are even more low-tech and rely on just the collar’s physical pinching when the dog is behaving badly. Your cell phone model and comfort with technology can be factors to consider when contemplating which method of control is best for you and your dog.

Modes and intensity of stimulation: With some training collars, you can choose between various modes to stimulate your dog, such as vibration, shocks, or tones. In addition, collars have either lower or higher levels of intensity. Your personal convictions regarding what is humane treatment of your dog, as well as what specific mode and stimulation your dog might need, are key to choosing the right collar.

Range: If a dog is mostly indoors, someone might choose a collar with a more limited range for training. However, if a person frequently takes their dog on walks or to the dog park, a larger range might be beneficial for training a dog in outdoor environments.

Battery life: If you frequently forget to charge your phone or other personal device, a training collar with a shorter battery life might prove difficult for training, as it can die faster. A constantly dead battery could be an obstacle to consistent dog training when you are on the go.

Water-proof vs. water-resistant: Training a dog outside is contingent upon the weather, so when training a dog in the park or backyard, water-proof remotes and collars are best. In addition, if your dog loves to swim or roll in puddles, water-proof devices are better than water-resistant devices.

How to train a dog using a training collar?

To provide the most consistent and effective training, follow these tips when using a training collar with your dog:

  • These devices work on a principle of operant conditioning. By providing a negative stimulus when a dog is behaving badly, the dog learns to avoid that bad behavior.
  • Be consistent- when your dog is behaving badly, always be sure to create a stimulus to attempt to eradicate the behavior.
  • Be timely- with most collars, you must watch your dog closely and immediately deliver the stimulus after witnessing unwanted behavior, or your dog will not associate the negative stimulus with the bad behavior. Be as prompt as possible when delivering the stimulation.
  • Different stimuli and different intensities work for different dogs- don’t feel bad providing shocks or vibrations to a dog, as every dog has different training needs.
  • Make sure you charge the collar and remote sufficiently before beginning a training session. If one or both dies during your training session, your dog will miss crucial feedback when he or she behaves badly.
  • The collar should be tight enough to where the prongs provide light pressure on your dog’s skin, but be sure the collar is not loose enough to where it slips and slides on your dog’s neck.


How do I ensure I am not hurting my dog when I am using a training collar?

Training collars come with purchase of a training or user manual. However, a good rule of thumb is to start at the lowest stimulation level and work your way up, rather than the other way around. That way, you can find the lowest stimulation to which your dog responds, in order to not cause your dog unnecessary discomfort.

Is a training collar cruel or can it cause lasting physical harm?

Only you can decide whether you ethically believe in training collars. All collars have to be approved and should not cause lasting physical harm to your dog. In addition, a common way to describe these collars as “shock” collars is an outdated term, as these collars now only provide an uncomfortable stimulation rather than painful shock. When used correctly, training collars can build confidence and create more happiness for the owner and their dog.

How do I know if my dog is appropriate for a training collar?

This is usually trial and error with the dog. Some dogs eventually recognize the weight of a training collar, and when the dog detects a missing collar, they can resume bad behavior. In addition, much of what determines appropriateness for a dog is truly the dedication of the owner. An owner who safely and consistently uses the training collar in a timely fashion will likely have positive results with their dog.

I just got a puppy and want to get started on training quickly. Are there any legalities regarding training collars for puppies?

In general, training collars are not recommended for puppies. It is best to attempt training a puppy with positive reinforcement first, and if bad behaviors still develop, you can target these a little later in your dog’s life.

How tight should a training collar be?

The collar’s strap should be tight enough to where the prongs are making light contact with your dog’s skin. However, it should not be loose enough to where the collar slips or slides on your dog’s neck.

As you can see, buying a training collar for your dog requires extensive research into different varieties and features of these products. You and your dog have specific needs, so it is important to consider these differences before buying.

Training an unruly dog or being prepared to train your new dog is important to the peace and happiness of your whole household. Buying the right collar can make a difference in you and your dog’s quality of life, so do your research.

Please feel free to leave comments regarding your own experiences with a training collars or if you need more information that was not addressed in this article.

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