The Best Dog Car Seat – Review & Guide

Perhaps like you and your dog, many dog owners wish to travel with their best friends whenever possible. Dog car seats offer a reliable, secure way to transport your dog on road trips or quick drives around town.

There are a variety of dog car seat products available for all types of dog breeds and car styles. Prices can vary, depending on the particular needs of the dog, vehicle, and type of experience desired.

Dog car seats allow drivers to navigate the roads, knowing their dog is protected and guarded from interrupting their focus. Dogs will love watching the landscapes pass by from their relaxing seat. They will definitely appreciate spending extra time with their best friends!

Dog Car Seat Reviews

K&H Pet Products Bucket Booster Pet Seat

The Bucket Booster Pet Seat from K&H Pet Products was created to adapt concisely to the shape of the car seat, so that the dog is positioned in a stable spot while cruising around with their best buddy.

There are two security buckles to keep the dog in place while the vehicle is in motion, protecting them from an uncomfortable driving experience. Further safety is ensured when the buckles are attached to a dog’s leash or harness.

Small and large sizes are offered in tan or gray colors, creating a seamless fit into different vehicle interiors for a variety of dog types. Both sizes include two safety straps that attach to a dog’s harness, offering maximum protection while enjoying the ride.

Cushioned by foam and lined with fleece, dogs are surrounded by warmth and coziness at all times. Dogs will feel more at ease and less anxious in this car seat. It feels just like home while on the road.


  • Offers great views of scenery while giving dogs a safe place to sit
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Provides a tremendous amount of comfort


  • Best if used in combination with a harness
  • Larger size may take up considerable front seat space. Ideal for back seat placement

Snoozer Lookout Car Seat

The Lookout Car Seat by Snoozer provides ample space for medium and small sized dogs to find their comfort zone. Dogs want to feel safe while in the car, and this car seat helps soothe their worries in style.

Two slots in the back of the car seat are designed so the seat belt can hold the seat closely. Attaching the seat belt to the included safety strap prevents the car seat from slipping and sliding. The car seat hugs all the curves of the road, helping dogs feel safe.

The vast car seat is also elevated, which makes for a smooth ride and helps alleviate any stress a dog may have in the car. It’s size also gives dogs access to unobstructed sightlines while looking out the window.

Foam is used to cushion the car seat, adding extra support while the vehicle encounters a variety of road conditions and terrains. Regardless of the weather, dogs will be comfortable with Simulated Lamb’s Wool lining the car seat.


  • Roomy, spacious, yet sturdy construction make it quite comfortable
  • Smart and technology-infused comfort with the Simulated Lamb’s Wool Interior
  • Higher bed means easy to access views for the dog


  • Not ideal for dogs over 25 lbs
  • May not seat multiple dogs comfortably

WOpet Pet Car Seat Carrier

The WOpet Pet Car Seat Carrier is a hybrid car seat and carrier bag for smaller dog breeds, which makes it a versatile option for pups and pup parents. Dogs find comfort and security in familiarity, and a dynamic mode of transportation such as the WOpet Pet Car Seat Carrier can provide just that.

The car seat is tied to the headrest with a strap, and adjusts to provide the most secure fit. Inside the main compartment is a short leash to attach to a dog’s harness, giving extra support for extra excited pups.

Designed to suit both car and carrier needs, the 600 Denier Nylon waterproof materials utilized over the padding are resilient under many weather conditions. Fresh air continuously flows through mesh patches at the top and sides.

Since it does function with carrier needs in mind (including on airplanes, which it is approved for), it is smaller in size to other products on the market. Dogs may not have as easy a time looking out the window in this car seat.


  • Hybrid car seat/carrier design allows for dynamic functionality
  • Made with waterproof materials to withstand various types of weather
  • Approved for airline travel


  • Not suitable for medium to large size dogs
  • Does not provide the best sightlines

Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat for Dogs

The Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat keeps dogs tightly in place to different style car seats. Various straps and buckles offer extensive support and grip for dogs up to 30 lbs.

A metal clasp connected to a strap lets dogs remain firmly in place, supporting their movements as they get comfortable for the ride. The height of this car seat is raised to further enhance their viewing experience.

Putting the car seat together is simple and effective. A metal clasp inside the main compartment attaches to the dogs harness, in addition to the main support offered by buckling straps around the headrest and back of the car seat. These supports ensure dogs stay on track, no matter what the road brings.

Reinforced fabric is used to prevent tearing and rips. Along with the padding, the materials are easy to keep on the cleaner side. Compared to other products on the market, there is visibly less padding on the sides of the main bucket.


  • Extensive support system keeps dogs safe and sound
  • Designed for optimal window viewing, so dogs don’t miss any of the action outside
  • Durable materials for long lasting effectiveness


  • Best when combined with a recommended harness, which is not included
  • Does not include as much padding on the sides

PetSafe Jumbo Standard Pet Safety Seat

The PetSafe Jumbo Standard Pet Safety Seat reinforces tranquility for dogs with a sturdy, durable frame, and uses plastic paneled framework to do so. There are no added headrest straps for reinforcement, but instead is designed to work in unison with the cars seat belt.

Dogs will feel like they’re flying in an airplane as they look out the window, as the 9 inch raised seat bed offers a new perspective. Since the seat bed is raised, padding is used a little less in favor of the plastic panels that protects the pup.

The seat belt holds the car seat in place, creating a seamless support system. To further boost dog comfort and balance, there is a strap that connects to a harness. The recommended Happy Safety Ride Harness is sold separately.

To help make clean-up easier, the cover can be swiftly discarded and thrown in the wash. The fuzzy quality of the lining makes for a comfortable experience for pups up to 30lbs.


  • Plastic panels provide strong, reliable structural support
  • The heightened seat offers clear views
  • Easy materials to maintain


  • Additional recommended features, mainly the harness, not included
  • Some assembly required

Devoted Doggy Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat

The Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat by Devoted Doggy use a customized strap to snuggly nestle the dog car seat in place for total car ride enjoyment. The padded metal frame means dogs stay safely contained as the car moves.

Security is achieved with an adjustable strap, placed around the back of the car seat so as to ride evenly along with the movements of the vehicle. Metal clasps ensure the strap stays attached to the car seat, adding the benefits of a proven security system.

The metal frame can fold to allow easy storage when not in use, and structural material that lasts. The lining is made of soft plush, which dogs find comfortable and reassuring. When needed, just the lining can be given a light wash to keep it fresh.

There is some padding used on the bottom so dogs can see a little bit easier out the window, but the design does not focus on raising the sightlines too much.


  • Reinforced strap is designed for smooth, safe car rides
  • Metal framework is tough and reliable
  • Comfortable lining that is easy to clean


  • Sightlines a little lower compared to other products on the market
  • Not suited for medium sized dogs

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bet

The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed is designed as a multi-purpose pet travel device, serving as a car seat, bed, and carrier. A zipper system encasing a dome top creates different set-ups, depending on need. It can transform quickly from a pet car seat to a bed, which is great for travelers constantly on the go.

Car travel is made secure with the seat belt, allowing it to absorb car movements in a safe and effective manner. The seat belt goes through the handle at the top, meaning the car seat is enclosed when securely fastened. Mesh side panels offer a safe way to see outside.

The materials utilized are cushiony yet protective, and shaped to provide as much sleeping room as possible. Lined with soft polyester, the outer material is designed to withstand the different travel demands.

Best suited for pets of up to 15lbs, dogs will gain familiarity with a reliable piece of travel gear that serves several purposes, all with the safety of home in mind.


  • Designed for multi-purpose pet travel needs
  • Zippers encase the carrier for quick changes
  • Comfortable, cozy, and secure


  • No additional car seat security features beyond seat belt
  • Not designed for medium sized dog breeds

AmazonBasics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat

The AmazonBasics Pet Car Booster Bucket Seat is designed to fit tightly with the shape of the car seat, providing ample space for dogs to sit back and relax. The one-piece design requires no additional assembly, and offers plenty of headspace for dogs to watch in wonder.

It uses the bottom part of the seat belt to hold the car seat in place, designed with open slots at the base to maintain a sturdy foundation. There are clips inside the car seat that can clip to a variety of dog harnesses, which makes for a secure fit.

Small pets will benefit the most from this car seat, with a soft interior that will remind dogs of their beds at home. This interior can be washed separately to keep it maintained.

Since it’s designed for smaller pets, placement in either the front or back seats is possible. The low-cut design lets dogs stay tuned into all the action, while keeping them at ease.


  • Styled to fit in both front and back seats of different cars
  • Lots of open space for dogs to see
  • Comfortable materials for lining


  • Removable cushion can cause a loose fit for straps and harness
  • Only designed for small dog breeds

Jespet Pet Car Booster Seat

For dogs of up to 24lbs, the Jespet Pet Car Booster Seat can raise the view for dogs on their car rides, making for a unique car ride experience. The headrest serves as an anchor for two accommodating straps, which holds the weight of the car seat and can level-up the view as needed.

A car seat belt, which comes with the car seat, can attach to a harness for additional balance. The spacious measurements allow for a smooth ride, while not sacrificing any security features. The wide base means dogs can adjust their positioning easily for the most relaxing ride.

In addition to transporting dogs, a pocket in front can conveniently carry leashes, treats, and other travel necessities. A zipper ensures that nothing gets lost while en route, which helps keep things organized.

There are two available colors to select from – Gray and Gray Stripe – but only comes in one size. Both can be washed separately from the padding while maintaining durability.


  • Roomy car seat that is designed for both comfort and security
  • Straps ensure a tight fit throughout car ride
  • Large zippered pocket for travel necessities such as leashes and treats


  • Sturdy base, but not as padded as other products on the market
  • Not designed for medium sized dog breeds

Cozy Boost by Stella & Bear Co.

The Cozy Boost by Stella & Bear Co. uses a metal structure to support small dogs on their road quests, reinforcing the dogs safety and good time with their companion. Installation requires strapping the car seat in, with the headrest offering support for one strap and the back of the seat supporting the other.

Dogs are provided a cozy cover of fleece to relax in, and the pooch pouch can easily be cleaned and washed for freshness. Pink and blue fleece covers are available, giving owners a couple of options. Small dogs will feel comfortable being right there in the mix.

The car seat is ideal for dogs up to 20lbs, which means the size of it can fit in the front or back seats. With a slightly raised base, there is room for smaller dog breeds to carry along pillows, toys, or other travel needs.

The versatile size and customized metal supports can fold and stow easily, making it conveniently accessible whenever the pup is ready to go for a car ride.


  • Convenient size and foldable structure
  • Secure and simple installation
  • Easily maintainable fleece lining and materials


  • Only available in one size
  • Additional padding may be beneficial


Dog car seats are available in a number of styles, but they all focus on keeping dogs safe while traveling. The best dog car seats meet the specific needs of your dog, and maximizes the experience for you both.

You can be assured there is something to help if your dog isn’t currently getting the most out of their car rides. Traveling together can be a great bonding experience, whether it’s on a long trip or part of the daily routine.

Have you and your dog found success with a car seat? Are there other ideas or thoughts that come to mind that maybe weren’t addressed here? Let us know – we’d love to continue the conversation!

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