Best Dog Stroller – Review & Guide

If you have a dog who loves the outdoors, but struggles to get outside, then a dog stroller might be the answer to this problem! Dog strollers are a perfect solution for dogs who have limited mobility.

Dog strollers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to pick a high quality stroller so your dog(s) will be protected during walks. You also need to pick a stroller that will be easy for you to use.

When looking for the best dog stroller, there are several factors to Consider. The wheels, ease of access, and carriage size all play a role.  Before rushing to buy your dog stroller, take a moment to analyze where you will be using it and what features your dog needs.

Dog Stroller Reviews

3 Wheeler Elite Jogger

The 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger by Paws & Pals which is ideal for dog owners who prefer to go jogging or find themselves needing to navigate uneven terrain. It provides a safe way for your puppy or small dog to enjoy the outdoors.

This dog stroller has a slick, modern design. It comes in a variety of colors including pink, blue, and beige to match your personal style.

There are many ways to help your dog into the stroller. If your dog is able, the back unzips for easy entry. If your dog needs extra help, there is also a front section which unzips to allow you to place your furry friend inside.

The stroller itself is relatively small. It folds up to store when not in use.


  • The stroller is easy to clean, making it especially ideal for dogs with disabilities that may be prone to accidents.
  • The 3 wheel design is perfect for owners who are more active. The wheels also have locks for when you need a break.
  • The back and front loading options allow you to help your dog enter and exit the stroller with reduced risk.


  • There is some initial assembly required that may be difficult for some owners.
  • The weight limit is 33 lbs so, it is great for smaller dogs but, not a good option for heavy set dogs as the stroller may tip.

No-Zip Lite Pet Stroller

Pet Gear Inc’s No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller is a great fit for dog owners with smaller dogs. This stroller is ideal for those planning to walk on smooth sidewalks or at the mall.

The No-Zip technology is the latch system which solves the difficulty many face when trying to use zippers to keep their pet in the strollers.

This stroller has a canopy that can open up to allow your dog an unimpeded view of the outside world. It also latches to prevent an excited dog from escaping.

This is a 4 wheel stroller which gives it added stability. Even though it is a lightweight stroller, it can hold a dog up to 25 lbs.


  • The doubled front wheels allow for easy navigation in crowded areas.
  • The canopy opens and closes with a latch system.
  • There is an elevated paw rest to help your dog see the world.
  • For quick cleaning, remove the inside liner.


  • The wheels do not work well on rough, uneven terrain.
  • It is not ideal for larger dogs.

4 Wheeler Elite Jogger

The 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller by Paws & Pals is a great jogging stroller for owners with dogs under 20 lbs. It’s lightweight and easily folds up for owners on the go.

This stroller has incredible storage space for all your dogs accessories. It even has two cup holders so that you and your dog can have water handy after the walk.

Unlike most strollers, this jogger comes in a wide variety of colors to match your personal style. All options feature lightweight material so your dog will not overheat.

The four wheel design increases stability. The wheels are plastic so they will not get punctured on a walk. The inside also features two clips to attach to your dog’s harness.


  • This stroller is small and portable.
  • The canopy can open or zip shut, leaving a protective mesh layer.
  • The stroller is a good option for owners who are less mobile.
  • This model features great storage space.


  • The zipper can be difficult to use.
  • The plastic wheels do not absorb shocks from bumpy paths as well as rubber ones would.

No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller

The No-Zip Pet Stroller by Pet Gear Inc is perfect for dog owners in rural areas. It works well on uneven surfaces. This stroller is great for medium sized dogs and multiple smaller dogs.

Pet Gear has created a no-zip latch system which makes it easier for owners to secure their dogs in the stroller. There is a small window on top to allow owners to see their dogs during the walk. The larger window and paw rest allows your dog to see during the walk.

This stroller has storage underneath as well as a tray and cup holder for the dog owners. The stroller’s handle provides comfort to the owner.

The larger wheels on this model help to create a smooth ride over difficult terrain. The stroller features a front wheel which swivels in all directions. The back wheels break for stability when at rest.


  • It safely fits one medium sized dog or many small dogs with a 75lbs limit.
  • It works well on rough terrain.
  • The water resistant material is easily cleaned.
  • The stroller has a panoramic view.


  • You can only load your dog from the front.
  • The stroller itself is heavy.

Pet Rover

The Pet Rover stroller by HPZ is a customizable stroller to accommodate a variety of pet needs. This stroller holds up to 75 lbs in its spacious compartment. It is great for owners with a larger dog or multiple dogs.

Owners have the ability to customize this stroller. The handlebar is reversible. The canopy moves to three different positions.

The wheels’ design creates a sturdier structure while still being easy to move. The front wheels swivel all the way around. The rubber made wheels work best on rough terrain.

This stroller fits well into the trunk of a vehicle. It folds up when not in use and weighs only 23 lbs.


  • The inner compartment can expand to customize the experience to your dog(s).
  • The stroller provides a smooth ride on rough ground.
  • There are several compartments and a bottle holder for accessories while traveling.
  • It includes washable pads so there is no need to buy a seperate pet bed.


  • It requires some initial assembly that can be difficult.
  • Not well suited for those who wish to go jogging with the stroller.

2-1 Pet Stroller

2-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer by Best Choice Products is great for active pet owners with safety concerns. Owners can push this stroller using a handle that adjusts to their height or hitch it to a bicycle.

There are a variety of safety features on this stroller. The safety flag and reflector lights ensure that cars will  see you and your dog. The stroller also has a safety leash inside to secure your dog.

One of the best features of this stroller is the large wheels. They can roll over small obstacles such as pebbles and acorns that may be in your path.

The stroller has a long lasting design. The materials used are durable yet lightweight.


  • Your dog will be safe inside the stroller and visible to those outside.
  • It can hold up to 66 lbs.
  • The different modes match an active owner’s lifestyle.


  • It is not well suited to larger dogs.
  • The stroller is heavy and requires some assembly initially and when changing modes.

No-Zip Excursion Zipperless Entry

The No-Zip Excursion Zipperless Entry Pet Stroller by Pet Gear Inc is a perfect fit for those with larger dogs. This stroller can hold dogs up to 100 pounds. Its roomy compartment can hold many dogs or one large dog with ease.

There are front and back entrances to the stroller. This reduces struggles for less mobile pets.

The handle adjusts to your preferred height. This will reduce strain on you when pushing a heavier dog. When not in use, the stroller folds down to lie flat.

Cleaning this stroller is quite simple. The inside liner comes out for washing and the outside Nylon material can be wiped down.


  • There are many points of access to reduce risk to older and injured dogs.
  • The top window allows your dog to stick her head out and have an unimpeded view.
  • No-Zip latch system keeps your dog securely in the stroller.


  • There is not much storage space for water or accessories.
  • The hard plastic wheels are not ideal for joggers.

Pet Rover XL

The Pet Rover XL Stroller by HPZ-PR America is a stroller whose inner compartment length can expand to accommodate a larger pet. This stroller can dogs up to 75 lbs.

Much like its small version, the handlebar is reversible. The canopy opens a small amount or all the way to allow your dog to see without having to look through mesh.

This stroller features aluminum framing which will resist rusting. The fabric is also water resistant and will help block out the wind.

The foam filled tires typically last longer than air filled. Because of the foam filling, there is no need to fear getting a hole in the tires.


  • The inner compartment expands and has an adjustable canopy.
  • The stroller’s wheels overcome the challenges associated with rubber tires.
  • The canopy is zipperless.
  • This stroller stays sturdy to hold larger dogs.


  • The only point of entry is from the back.
  • The back entrance relies on a zipper.

Hercules Heavy Duty Pet Stroller

The Hercules Heavy Duty Pet Stroller created by ibiyaya is the perfect stroller for large dogs. It can hold up to 110 pounds! It is a great jogging stroller.

It works with a variety of dogs. The front and back of the stroller unzip to allow access from either side. This is ideal for dogs with limited mobility.

The wheels have been especially designed for joggers. The wheels are quick release and made of rubber to absorb the bumps in the road.

This stroller also has added safety features. There are reflectors on the wheels to help you stay visible during late night walks.


  • The handle adjusts to your height and the stroller has compartments for your belongings.
  • When not in use, the stroller can be quickly folded up.
  • The wheels work well for jogging.
  • Both the front and back entry have windows for your dog to see outside.


  • The zipper on the entrance may be difficult to use.
  • The rear tires are air filled and may be at risk of puncture during a walk.

Prime Pet Travel Stroller

The Pet Rover Prime Pet Travel Carrier Stroller System by HPZ is a great stroller for owners traveling. When necessary, the stroller converts into a car seat or carrier. This stroller is lightweight and holds dogs up to 50 lbs.

This stroller is designed for stability. The 4 wheels contain rubber to absorb shock on rough terrain. They are automotive grade quality.

The inner compartment is easy to clean. The materials are water resistant. To clean the inside pad, simply remove it to wash.

No matter what mode this stroller is in, safety is always built in. Your dog buckles into the carriage. Walking at night will not be an issue because of the reflective strips on the outside.


  • It has three different modes to adjust to your life.
  • This stroller can stand up to weather challenges with its water resistant fabric and rust free framing.
  • The handlebar is adjustable and reversible to accommodate the owner’s needs.
  • The lightweight stroller folds up to save space when traveling.


  • Can only fit small to medium sized dogs.
  • The process of folding up the stroller can be difficult.

Benefits of using a Dog Stroller

Allows dogs who struggle to walk to go outside. Dogs that have difficulty walking will be able to enjoy the outdoors with the stroller. A stroller allows dogs to have fun outside while keeping them safe.

Dogs can go outside in less than ideal weather conditions. When the weather gets too hot, the sidewalk burns your dog’s sensitive paws. Winter weather puts your dog at risk of slipping. Most road salt burns paws. Using a stroller takes away the challenges your dog faces on walks.

Strollers help owners who are less mobile enjoy walking their dog. Walking even the smallest dog poses challenges. Your dog can get distracted which leads to an unexpected tug that throws the owner off balance. Having a stroller helps owners regain that control while still enjoying daily walks. You can even walk indoors without worry.

Strollers help dogs overcoming trauma to go outside again. Rescue dogs often come from an unknown background. Otherwise ordinary situations may trigger your dog. Strollers provide a sense of safety for your dog while she’s learning to trust the world around her again.

How to Select the Best Dog Stroller for You?

Determine the weight limit that best suits you. Some dog strollers fit only the tiniest of dogs while others can hold 100 lbs. Overestimate how much weight you need in case your dog grows later on. If you are close to the largest weight limit, it is best to look for a bigger stroller to avoid tipping

Choose a stroller that works for all your dogs. Even though the stroller may be able to hold the weight of many dogs, it may not have the space for them. If you plan to add in a blanket, toys, or other accessories check that all the dogs will still have space to lie down. Strollers for larger dogs will allow all your little dogs to feel comfortable in their new space.

Pick a stroller best suited to the terrain. If your path is indoors or smooth, paved walkways, then small plastic wheels will be enough. Rural areas with bumpy paths need large tires. Rubber tires absorb the shock from bumpy roads but, some need maintenance. If you plan to go jogging with your dog, rubber tires provide the best ride for your dog.

Look for strollers that match your lifestyle. Travelers need more durable strollers. Some owners like to use strollers as a kennel. Look for strollers with safety locks if this is the case.

How to Maintain Your Pet Stroller?

Cleaning the outside of the stroller. The majority of pet strollers feature a combination of lightweight material and mesh. They are often spot clean only. Look for cleaners that are pet friendly. Allow time to pass before having your dog ride in the stroller again. For the best cleaning, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cleaning the inside carriage. If your dog is prone to accidents, look for strollers with a removable  pad. Other strollers will have space for blankets inside of them for your dog too. On a weekly basis or after an accident, remove the pad/blanket and wash it.

Consider a rain cover. If you plan on walking during rain or snow, a rain cover is a great tool. It protects your dog from the elements while making cleaning a breeze. They help protect from the wear and tear that comes from long-term exposure to the outdoors.

Take care of the wheels. Plastic and rubber wheels alike will wear down over time. To keep the wearing to a minimum, make sure your wheel is appropriate to the walking surface from the start. If you have air filled tires, make sure they are appropriately inflated before each walk. Repair or replace punctured wheels when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it matter if there is one or two entrances to the stroller?

If your dog is too heavy for you to lift into the stroller, the back entrance will allow her to climb up into the stroller. The front entrance will allow her to walk out afterwards. In the smaller space, it can be difficult for dogs to turn around. Multiple points of entry help to prevent further injury or pain when getting in and out of the stroller.

Why does it matter if there is a zipper or latch system?

Zippers work well with smaller, well-behaved dogs. A more rambunctious dog is likely to break the zipper and escape. For owners that have limited mobility, grasping and pulling on the zipper each time may be difficult. The latch system is more user friendly.

Do I need to worry about storage space in the stroller?

Most strollers will have a cup holder for you to put your dogs water bottle. Owners with dogs who are prone to accidents will benefit from having some paper towels handy.

Is it safe to have a canopy that opens all the way up?

Most strollers will have a safety strap inside to hook to your dog’s harness to prevent her from jumping out. Having the canopy closed will help keep out bugs, leaves, and anything else that might blow in on a windy day.

I have other animals. Can they ride in the dog stroller too?

Yes! Consider options that are less likely to provide an escape route or harness all pets inside. You may wish to Consider a stroller without a zipper as they are more difficult to escape from.

To learn how to provide extra safety during walks, please visit this video.

There are a wide range of dog strollers available to match your lifestyle. Whether you travel the world with your dog or walk around the mall, there is a great dog stroller waiting for you!

Which stroller do you think your dog will like? Where have you taken your dog on rides? Please tell us in the comments or ask questions. Are you ready to help your dog go on outdoor adventures again?

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