Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? Is It Safe

Loaded with vitamin C and potassium, Kiwi fruit is sweet in taste and provides a ton of benefits for humans. Though the Kiwi fruit is beneficial to humans, and considered by many to be a super food, how safe is it to feed to your dog? Dogs do not particularly have a need for fruit in their diets, as there nutrition is mostly met by their dog food.

Still, every good boy deserves their fare share of treats, so dog owners want to know what they can or can’t feed their dog. As it turns out, yes, dogs can have Kiwi, but there are rules that all dog owners should be following when doing so.

How Should I Feed My Dog Kiwi?

There are many fruits that dogs can eat, for reasons unknown, kiwi is usually left off of the list. It is safe for dogs to eat kiwi as long as you follow a few simple rules and stay cautious while feeding your dog. You may want to consider peeling the skin off of the Kiwi, as it contains high amounts of fiber. A lot of fiber in a dogs diet can lead to an upset stomach, as well as diarrhea.

Due to their smaller stature compared to humans, you should never feed your dog a whole kiwi at once. While this won’t apply to smaller breeds, larger breeds, could swallow a whole kiwi in one bite. The reason to avoid this is because the fruit could get lodged in your dog’s throat and block his airways. To avoid such a situation, cut the kiwi into small pieces and/or slices and feed them to your dog little by little.

Benefits Of Giving My Dog Kiwi

Dogs do not need fruit as their main source of nutrition comes from their regular dog food, stated early. Even though kiwi fruit are high in Vitamin C, the benefits of this for dogs is little to none. There is not much to know about the benefits of kiwi to dogs.

The anti-inflammatory benefits may ease pain and discomfort in dogs. Though dogs don’t have the same benefits eating a kiwi fruit as humans do, this shouldn’t stop you from feeding your dog a tasty treat. The only known benefit of feeding your dog kiwi fruit is that they will enjoy the sweet treat, tail wagging and all.

A Safe To Eat Treat For Dogs

As dogs have changed over time, you should note that dogs have no real need to eat fruit. Dogs seem to enjoy foods and treats that smell and taste most-like meat. Don’t feel bad or guilty if your dog doesn’t eat the fruit. It’s all about what your dog likes.

Some dogs may eat up the treat right away, while others may turn their heads and go the opposite direction. The kiwi is a safe fruit for your dog, as long as you prepare it the right way, and do not over feed it to your dog.

In Conclusion

Kiwi is safe for dogs to eat so long as you prepare the fruit the right way. Yet, there are no health benefits for the dog. Kiwi should not play a part in the dogs regular diet, and you should only give it as a treat for the dog. Remember that when feeding your dog kiwi, you do not want to over feed your dog, it’s a treat! Do not substitute any fruit for your dogs regular diet.

It’s best to consult your veterinarian before giving your dog kiwi, or any new foods for the dog.

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