Can Dogs Eat Mustard? Is It Safe?

Good grief! You were careful with that hotdog. You knew your pup was eyeballing it, so you ate it all before you put the plate down. Then you only looked away for a second. You didn’t give a thought to the big blob of condiment still on your plate. Now you have a serious question.

Can Dogs Eat Mustard?

No, not ever.

Dogs should not eat mustard. It is very toxic, even in small amounts.

Veterinarians, breeders, and trainers all say that it is dangerous to feed your dog mustard.

  • The mustard you put on your sandwich starts off as a seed ground into a powder. The toxins in the seeds are very strong and will poison your dog.
  • Read the label of your yellow mustard sauce. You’ll probably see some form of garlic or mustard which are as toxic as the seeds.
  • One weird internet rumor says that the soothing qualities of honey make honey mustard safe for dogs. This is false. Honey mustard contains mustard seed, added salt and other dangerous ingredients honey can’t fix.

It’s best to avoid feeding mustard to your dogs altogether.

Is Mustard Safe For Dogs?

Mustard is never safe for dogs. Mustard seeds have toxins called glucosinolates. They can cause serious inflammation of the digestive tract. We can’t emphasize this enough. Your dog should never eat mustard.

Keep every little bit of sauce away from your dog. You won’t know how your dog will react until it’s too late, and by then your pup could be in a lot of pain.

Some say that leafy mustard greens are healthy for your dog. It’s a green veggie with a spicy, bitter taste that is full of vitamins. Mustard greens come from the same food group as broccoli or cabbage. These foods could damage your dog’s thyroid.

And please, ignore other articles that say to use mustard as a way to make dogs vomit. Your veterinarian will tell you that is a dangerous idea. The amount of mustard to needed to cause vomiting could damage your dog’s stomach and intestines.

Will Mustard Make My Dog Sick?

Let’s go back to that hotdog. If your dog licks a little mustard off a plate, it’s probably fine. It usually takes a larger amount to make a dog seriously ill. Every dog is different, though, and any food that isn’t part of a dog’s normal diet can cause illness or discomfort.

It can happen and it is common.

The illness caused by mustard is gastroenteritis. The symptoms are a lot like stomach flu. Dogs’ stomachs and intestines become inflamed and try to clear themselves out, one way or the other.

Will Mustard Kill My Dog?

It might be deadly if a dog ingests mustard, shows the signs of gastroenteritis, and isn’t treated. A dog might get dehydrated, or inflammation could lead to infection. This is the same way that a person might die of the flu.

Your dog relies on you to pay attention to signs of illness or discomfort.

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Mustard?

  • If you see your dog eat mustard, take it away. You might want to get your dog to an area where it is safe for them to be sick. Being outdoors or on vinyl flooring makes clean-up easier for you.
  • Again, if your dog ate a small amount of mustard, there’s not much danger, but you should watch your dog, just in case.
  • If you think your dog has eaten a large amount, call your vet and watch for flu-like symptoms.
  • With flu-like symptoms, your dog’s body will try to get the cause out of its system. That means vomiting, sudden diarrhea, or suffering pain. Dogs will usually pace back and forth or in a circle. They might start drooling, or hanging their head while standing up. If your dog shows any of these behaviors in a way you aren’t used to, call your vet right away.
  • Your vet will be able to give your pup extra hydration and the right medicine to heal your dog. Your vet will also give you advice on how to care for your pup while recuperating.

It would be scary to find out your dog has eaten a toxic amount of mustard. Because you pay attention, your pup will get the care they need. You’ll both be back at the barbeque soon enough !

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