Best Dog Food For Rat Terriers

Rat terriers grow to be between 13 and 16 inches in height. Your Rat Terrier’s weight depends on its activity level and lifestyle. If you want a healthy, happy, and energetic rat terrier, you may want to try one of these top dog foods.

Top Food Options For Rat Terriers

Nutritional Requirements For Rat Terriers

Just like any other dog breed, Rat Terriers are prone to allergies. Some health complications your Rat Terrier may experience are hip dysplasia, incorrect bites, Patellar Luxation, Demodectic Mange. This list does not exclude other health complications.

Even though Rat Terriers are a smaller breed, they still require lots of nutrients to keep them energetic and happy. As mentioned above, metabolic needs of your dog depend on its activity level and lifestyle. read more

Best Dog Food For Beagles

Beagles are curious, friendly, and lovable scent hounds bred for hunting rabbits and other small game. While Beagles generally lack many inherited health problems that plague other small dogs, improper nutrition can lead to some unpleasant symptoms—upset stomachs, vomiting, diarrhea, and lack of energy sometimes accompanied by dry, itchy patches of skin. To prevent these ailments, selecting the right dog food for your Beagle is essential to keep it happy and healthy.

Top Food Options For Beagles

Nutritional Requirements for Beagles

Beagles are extremely energetic with an appetite to match. If not monitored, Beagles can gain weight quickly and their health and quality of life can deteriorate. Beagles generally weigh between 20-30 pounds and need roughly 500-900 calories a day. read more

Best Dog Food For Whippets

The affectionate and fun loving Whippet can make a wonderful pet. When considering what to feed your Whippet you need to take into account that these dogs were created to be lightning fast and agile. The food you select for them should be nutritious enough to keep them running and playing all day.

When I consider what I would feed a Whippet only a few dog foods make my top five list they are as follows starting with my first choice.

Top Food Options For Whippets

Nutritional Requirements for Whippets

With your average Whippet needing around 850 calories per day and a very active dog requiring upwards of 1300 calories a day per suggests that feeding a quality food will reduce the amount of food you need to provide in one feeding. read more

Best Dog Food For Labradors

The Labrador retriever is an energetic bundle of fun that needs a dog food That can provide adequate fuel for their stout muscular bodies.

Not all dog foods can provide the proper nutrients for the active life style of the Labrador retriever however here are a few that can provide enough of a balanced diet to keep them healthy and active for a lifetime.

Top Food Options For Labradors

Nutritional Requirements for Labradors

Labrador retrievers are athletes in fur coats requiring a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and fat just like their human counterparts. You can’t compete in a marathon if your diet is poor and neither can they read more

Best Dog Food For Boxers

Known as both a loyal and intelligent breed of dog, the boxer is a popular choice for those looking for companionship that is abundant with fun and exercise. Due to the playful and energetic nature of boxers, it’s vital that owners are fully aware of a boxer’s dietary requirements.

Top Food Options For Boxers

Nutritional Requirements for Boxers

The boxer breed is a strong and resilient one, but if it isn’t getting the nutrients and vitamins it needs, then there can be complications in relation to its health and performance.  Ensuring a boxer remains fit is simply a case of keeping its diet in check. While you may be tempted to opt for a supermarket brand, some of these brands can cause health issues, simply because they do not have the benefits a boxer needs for a fruitful life., read more

Best Dog Food For Wheaten Terriers

Wheaten Terriers are soft-coated, hypoallergenic dogs.  They are medium size with medium energy level.  Although they are generally a healthy breed of dog, they are known for some health problems, specifically protein losing diseases and allergies making food choice important.

Top Food Options For Wheaten Terriers

Nutritional Requirements for Wheaten Terriers

Wheaten Terriers need a diet tailored to their most common health problems.  They require a good balance between fat and protein content.  Attention to the quality of the ingredients is important due to health issues and sensitive stomachs. read more

Best Dog Food for Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers are a very popular breed of small dog.  They are known for having a good temperament while still being able to be a guard dog.  Thoughtful food choice is important as this breed is prone to health problems, mostly linked to obesity.  Like other small dogs, skin problems are common.

Top Food Options for Miniature Schnauzers

Nutritional Requirements for Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature Schnauzers need a low to non-fat, high protein diet.   A normal dog diet should consist of about 10 to 15 percent fat.  Being so small and prone to obesity, this breed may need a lower fat content that most.  Fats are important as they provide dogs with energy, much like humans. read more