Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels? Is It Safe?

Banana peels are actually not toxic for dogs and possess many vitamins and nutrients. In fact, banana peels are eaten in many parts of the world, just not so much in the west. However, just because they are not toxic for dogs, the peel of a banana is not something that your dog should eat.

Benefits From Dogs Eating Bananas

Dogs do like bananas for the most part, and they can be good for them! Bananas are filled with B6 and C vitamins, electrolytes, potassium, fiber, amino acids and manganese. All things we know to be good! Always in moderation though.

The fiber and B6 vitamins in bananas can aid against diabetes and promote weight loss. B6 vitamins will help produce red blood cells and keep a healthy nervous system. The fiber will help with blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and assist with bowel movements by softening stool. Bananas also have a resistant starch in them that has been known to help with gut health.

We are all aware of the benefits of vitamin C, it’s great for the health of skin, coat, bones and the brain. It also helps protect against cell and tissue damage. Dogs don’t need to have a lot of vitamin C on a daily basis because they produce it on their own, but as they age it’s not a bad idea to give around 1000mg a day for large dogs and 500mg for small dogs.

If your dog is active, the natural sugars in bananas will metabolize quickly and give him an added and sustained energy boost for a longer hike or game of fetch! Although, if your dog isn’t very active, those sugars will just lead to weight gain over time.

How To Serve Bananas To Dogs?

Puppies and smaller dogs shouldn’t have more than a couple small pieces over the course of a few days. Larger dogs could have more, but don’t go overboard as dogs can have the same side effects from too much fruit has humans.

If your dog is active, you could rip off a piece no bigger than a quarter of the banana every other day for a nice treat.

If your dog isn’t active or is overweight already, there is no reason to give him bananas. That excess sugar will result in weight gain or other not good outcomes down the road.

Also remember that foods other than their normal daily diet should only account for 10 percent of their calorie intake. So make changes to your dog’s diet to align with the extra calories from bananas.

Can My Dog Eat The Banana Peel As Well?

Even though the peels have lots of vitamins and nutrients in them, it is not recommended to serve them to dogs. Banana peels are not toxic, but your dog may have a problem digesting the excess fiber.

A few hours after consumption your dog may begin to vomit, there is no reason to fear, it will pass and he will be fine, unless he ate a lot of peels. In that case you will want to reach out to a vet.


Although bananas are okay to feed your dog, the peels are not and should be avoided. If your dog gets into a hand of bananas, they should be fine after some digestional issues. If problems persist or an excessive amount of banana peels consumed, contact your vet for assistance.

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