Best Dog Food For Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs generally perform at high energy levels, so they must also be given those high performance and high quality dog food. Feeding them with the right kinds of foods will help eliminate the risks of injury and poor health.

Top Food Options For Hunting Dogs

Nutritional Requirements For Hunting Dogs

Looking at the athletic analogy of hunting dogs, it’s obvious that these breeds of dogs require a special diet in order to keep up with the rigorous activities of hunting. They need the proper nutrition for both the on and off seasons of hunting.

Nutrient-wise, there are three most important components of a hunting dog’s diet. These are fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in that particular order.

These nutrients along with other vitamins and minerals are what hunting dogs need. If humans need a diet low in fats, dogs are the exact opposite.

They basically derive their primary energy from fats and not from carbohydrates as humans do. Proteins provide the much needed strength and muscle build-up for optimum hunting performance.

By doing selective breeding, humans have managed to produce a number of various retrievers, pointers, and other breeds of those lean and mean hunters. They require proper nutrition all year round.

These hunting machines are more than just the average dogs. Hunting dogs are just like athletes that require a special diet as compared to an average dog.

They also undergo special trainings in order to keep up with the demands of their hunting activities. That’s why proper diet and specialized nutrition is required, according to studies.

The top picks for the best foods for hunting dogs mostly comprise around 20% fats, 30% proteins, and 50% of carbohydrates plus vitamins and minerals.

Victor Dog Food GMO-Free Performance Beef Meal for Dogs with Glucosamine

This product made from USA is derived from beef, chicken, and pork meals. It contains 26/18 formulation. That’s 26% protein, 18% fat, and carbohydrates plus vitamins and minerals. All ingredients are natural and no extenders were added.

This food is naturally formulated to meet the nutritional and energy needs of active and sporting dogs. Its high protein content helps to ensure muscle strength, performance, development, maintenance, and health.

It contains guaranteed levels of lactobacillus, vitamin E, selenium, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These components promote healthy digestion, balanced immune system, strong heart, and healthy skin and coat.

It has chondroitin and glucosamine contents. This formulation helps and supports the maintenance and protection of joint and muscle health. Thus, it helps to support optimum performance.

It has no grains such as corn, wheat, soy, and any other grains containing GMO and gluten. It’s GMO-free and gluten-free formula makes it the food for sensitive dogs because it does not trigger allergies.

Wilderness Blue Buffalo High Protein Dry Adult Dog Food

This dog food is containing real chicken and consisting of grain-free and high-protein composition. It has a 36/13 formulation, thus 36% protein, 13% fat content and balanced carbohydrates.

This is specially formulated to meet every dog’s nutritional and energy needs. It is protein-rich for lean muscle development, maintenance, and strength. It’s all natural with no extenders added.

It has no additional poultry or chicken by-product meals and has no wheat, soy or corn content. This grain-free and gluten-free formulation makes the product good for dogs that are sensitive to allergens.

It is also containing the exclusive LifeSource Bits, a trademark of BLUE, which is a precise blend of antioxidants, essential vitamins, and minerals including calcium and phosphorous. This blend promotes a healthy immune system, strong bones, and strong teeth.

It also has glucosamine, EPA, chondroitin, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, lactobacillus, and taurine. These components are responsible for healthy joints, healthy skin and coat, healthy stomach, and healthy heart.

Redpaw Dog Food PowerEdge Dog Food for Performance Dogs

This product is specifically formulated for dogs requiring more physical activities such as in competition and hunting seasons, and in vigorous trainings of at least three to four times weekly. It has a 32/20 formulation of protein-fat ratio.

It’s composition of 32% protein, 20% fat, and carbohydrates plus vitamins and minerals, is guaranteed all-natural. It has no fillers, sweeteners, and artificial flavors or colors.

It contains a well-balanced and complete variety of fatty acids and amino acids that provide an optimum level of nutrition for intensely active dogs. It is also recommended for pregnant and/or breeding dogs.

It also contains various probiotics that help in promoting healthy digestion and strengthened immune defenses. It is ideal for sporting and working dogs under elevated stress and exercise levels.

This dog food’s recipe and formulation is of a higher level of nutrition that is above the ordinary dog foods. Increased muscle mass, endurance, and energy can be seen in dogs using this product.

EUKANUBA Premium Active Adult Dry Dog Food

This product is specifically designed for working and sporting dogs. It has a 30/20 (30% protein and 20% fat) formulation of protein-fat ratio. It’s guaranteed all-natural and has no fillers.

Its premium blend of carbs and the high protein and fat composition, provide complete and well-balanced nutrition for sporting and working dogs. The high levels of fat and protein promote sustained energy and lean muscles for peak performance and high endurance.

Its calcium content helps make the bones and teeth strong for top performance. It also has the 3D DENTADEFENSE System, a trademark of EUKANUBA that has been proven to help in reducing tartar build-up within 28 days.

This dog food’s vitamins and minerals content make it ideal also for pregnant and lactating dogs. It has L-carnitine, DHA, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and vitamin E for healthy heart, skin, and coat; as well as strong digestive and immune systems.

It also contains glucosamine and chondroitin. These help support the health of joints needed for the active lifestyle and vigorous activities of sporting and working dogs.

Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 Formula Dry Dog Food

This dog food is a 30/20 formula that features real chicken as its main ingredient. It contains protein at 30%, fat at 20%, and carbohydrates plus vitamins and minerals at the remaining 50%.

Its fat and protein content helps in fuelling metabolic needs and maintaining lean muscles of active and competitive canine athletes, hunting dogs, cattle dogs, working dogs, and sporting dogs. It has antioxidants for increased immune defenses.

Its recipe and formulation help in optimizing oxygen metabolism to increase endurance. It also contains amino acids that aids in nourishing the muscles, particularly right after vigorous activities.

It has glucosamine, DHA, and EPA that help in supporting mobility and joint health. Its vitamins and minerals aid in proper nutrition of the skin and coat, bones and teeth, and help nourish and strengthen the digestive and immune systems.

This product’s complete, balanced, and fine-tuned nutritional composition provides optimum nutrition for an active dog’s lifestyle. This dog food can help promote total health and increase canine performance.

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