Best Dog Food For Coonhounds

Coonhounds require lots of protein (for building muscles and bones) and fats (for energy production). These dogs are natural hunters, making it important that they be fed energy-rich food. Using vitamins can help fortify their immune system.

Top Food Options For Coonhounds

Nutritional Requirements For Coonhounds

Coonhounds are hard working dogs. Being that, they need lots of energy for sustenance. Caloric requirements depend on the weight, age and lifestyle.

On average, coonhounds weigh between 55 to 80 pounds. If yours weighs 65 pounds, feed him 390 kcal per day. As he grows older, reduce consumption but it should not go lower than 1100 kcal. If the dog moves a lot, give at least 2200 kcal per day.

Protein-rich foods are essential. Your dog needs them for building muscles and bones. Feed him animal protein, which you can source from lean meats.

When scanning dog food labels, note ingredients listed at the top. If entries are mostly grains, drop the brand. It should be grain-free as much as possible, as dogs are meat eaters.

Look for fat content too, because dogs need fat to maintain healthy, shiny hair. Fats also support digestive and liver functions. Fish oils are good examples of healthy fats.

The key is right combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It is true that dog food companies try to come up with the best formulations they can come up with, but at the end of the day, you are the one to decide which one is the best for your dog.

Some dog foods can be dangerous because of their wrong content, and some brands tell lies about their content. Be well-informed. Keep researching. Read reviews.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food

Rachel Ray zero-grain dry dog food is highly rated by buyers. Beef comes from farms in the US. The salmon ingredient is sourced from the wilds of Alaska and from farms in Chile.

The product is packed with protein contents. Aside from beef and bison, the manufacturer included amino-based proteinates, such as zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, and manganese proteinate. This ensures build-up of lean muscles.

This no-grain product is also free from fillers and gluten. This guarantees your pets meals that will not harm their digestive system. Rather, because of the probiotics that it contains, it supports healthy digestive functioning.

Healthy veggies are included, like potatoes and peas. These plant ingredients are easily digestible and gentle to the stomach of your dogs.

Rachel Ray also contains beet pulp, which is good for cleaning your dog’s digestives. The fiber content of the beef pulp is the one that’s going to maintain a healthy and toxin-free digestive system of your dog.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

Blue Buffalo is a formulation made out of love. That “BLUE” part in the name is an adoption from a real dog the Bishop family, owners of the business, came to love and considered a part of their family.

Meat content is sourced from debone lambs. This is because the family thought that all dogs love lamb meat. The product has more breed sizes which means you can get what is appropriate for your dog.

You will notice this product to contain a lot of natural vitamins and antioxidants. Raw ingredients are carefully frozen to produce the most potent ingredients to support immune functions.

For the energy needs of your pet, oats, barley and brown rice are included. These are hearty whole grains, so there’s no need to worry about fake ingredients.

Vitamins and antioxidants are supplied by healthy garden veggies such as garlic, sweet potatoes, and whole carrots. Only downside for this product is the possibility you might need more meat. In that case, you need other supplemental protein products.

Purina Pro Plan Sport All Life Stages Performance 30/20 Formula Dog Food

For very active coonhounds, we have this Purina dog food. It is a 30/20 dog food, which means meat content is 30% and fat content is 20%.

For your dogs and all dogs out there, be reminded that it is important that they get fat more than carbohydrates for endurance. This is why this product is for the “natural athletes” and the hunting type.

Purina is a trusted company in terms of their formulations. True, their formulation was found to have meat and fat contents as they have reported. Analyses also reveal that the product is 3% fiber and 12% moisture.

According to scientists who did the research for coming up with this product, there should be a transition phase for users. Otherwise, the product can cause your pet’s stomach to be upset.

Include Purina to your dog’s current meal in small portions. Gradually increase amount until your pet can be fed with Purina exclusively. Purina’s main meat ingredient is chicken.

Holistic Select Adult Health Dry Dog Food

Holistic Select is one of the safest formulations out there. The company is very strict with their quality standards. This is a US product made specifically in Massachusetts.

The main ingredients are anchovy, salmon and sardines. Additional protein content comes from chicken meal, dried egg, and pork meal.

Make sure that you give your dog the proper amount. If you give big amounts, your dog will experience rapid growth. For the active type, like coonhounds, this might result to something that’s detrimental to their health.

The “holistic” part in the name does not suggest use of GMOs or organics. It simply implies that it can benefit the whole of the user’s system (mind, body, social, strength, endurance, etc.).

Being holistic, this canine preparation has full of vitamins, among which are the very essential ones like B 12, A, E, D and beta-carotene.

Mineral supplementation is also superb. Your dog can have disease-busting minerals such as niacin, zinc, iron, manganese and copper from this product.

Canidae Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Wrapping up, we also recommend you take a lot at Canidae. For coonhounds with sensitive stomach, the carefully-concocted formulation of this food is a solution.

The manufacturer made sure that the product contains only simple and limited ingredients. Lamb meal, fresh bison, sweet potatoes, chick peas and peas, plus vitamins and minerals are key ingredients.

It also contains probiotics for healthy digestion and antioxidants for immune system support. Fatty acids are also included for healthy skin and coat.

Coonhounds sometimes suffer from digestive problems. These diseases are categorized under alimentary tract diseases, a group of illnesses that involve the mouth, esophagus, small and large intestines, stomach, liver and pancreas.

If there are digestion issues with your pet, try Canidae. This could help her be more active and look forward to her meals.

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