Best Dog Food For Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Bernese mountain dog is a multitalented working dog from Switzerland. It is a working dog with a hearty appetite. They tend to put on weight easily, so keep watch on the calories and the fats.

Top Food Options For Bernese Mountain Dogs

Nutritional Requirements For Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Bernese Mountain Dog that we now know originally lived in Swiss farmlands where they were used as a farm help pulling carts and driving cattle.

These dogs enjoy the outdoors a lot, but they are good-mannered, especially when they are at home. They are known as calm but strong dogs.

Take note of the different nutrition requirements at different stages of life. If your dog is still a puppy, make sure that you don’t push hard with nutrition as the breed tends to put on weight during their early years.

Cut down or make sure that you put the appropriate amount in meals. Making diet mistakes this early can put their musculoskeletal system at risk.

Support for strong muscles and minimizing joint stress are necessary from when they are young all the way until they become adults.

Take note of nutritional elements contained in the meal such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. These are good for developing strong cartilages.

Probiotics and beet pulp are premium supplements, as these strengthen the digestive system. Beet pulp contains fibers, which make it effective for cleaning the stomach and the intestines.

When these large-breed dogs become older, make sure that you reduce carbohydrates and fats. Protein content should not be lessened – even at this stage since dogs are natural meat eaters.

Nutro Natural Large Breed Young Adult Dog Food

Targeted nutrition is a key to proper nutrition for Bernese dogs, and that is what Nutro has. Nutro is one of the dog food companies that ever tried coming up with a formula that’s specifically-designed for young-adult dogs.

Caloric content is limited or controlled, as the company is aware of the tendency of owners to feed pets more often than they should. This is a product you can give without gaining weight unnecessarily.

The entire concept behind this product’s unique formulation is to help pet owners go easy with the transition period from puppyhood to adulthood. The ingredients included are perfect for this stage in your dog’s life.

This dog food is made with real chicken. It also contains DHA which is essential to ensure healthy brain. That is also the ingredient in the formula that promotes good nervous system development.

Nutro also contains chondroitin. As said, chondroitin is important for cartilage development.

Addiction Viva La Venison Dry Food Formula

High in protein low in fat and cholesterol, Viva La Venison is a good alternative for the one above. The big difference is the choice of venison meal rather than real chicken. For fat content, chicken fat is used, and for additional protein, it uses dried egg.

This product must be good for the Bernese, because of the high content of vitamins and minerals. If your pets tend to be weighty with their current food, you can try this as an alternative.

The Bernese Mountain sometimes develops mast cell tumors. It is therefore necessary that you provide him immune system protection. This product can give him antioxidants necessary for this function.

The breed is also vulnerable to allergies, so make sure that you check how your pet will respond to the formulation. One thing that can help him avoid develop allergies is to have a variety of food.

Don’t prolong the use of one food only. Change food from time to time or have a variety of products.

Fromm Family Large Breed Adult Gold

When it comes to quality ingredients, try Fromm. The company is so confident about their ingredients that they have formulas for different life stages.

One of the things you’ll notice with this product is that if you use it on your pet, he or she will eat less often. This is because the formulation is packed with real dog food ingredients. That means there are no fillers.

The Bernese has a big appetite. If your dog eats too much or you need to reduce its weight, this product can be your best help.

Do not worry about the infrequent meals or the lesser desire to go to the bowl! Fromm is filled with all the essential nutrients that dogs need.

Plus, if he’s suffering from diarrhea or has an upset stomach every now and then, this product is good at curing those problems. If the dogs have foul-smelling gas, Fromm can help as well.

Canine Caviar Pet Foods Inc. Leaping Spirit Alkaline Grain Free Entrée for All Life Stages

If you’re looking for a product that’s good for allergy prevention, check this formulation from Canine Caviar. It is a specially-created formula for fortifying the immune system.

The product’s packed with Omega-3. The dog’s skin is going to be free from allergies, hotspots and dermatitis, some of the most common skin problems among the Bernese type.

The company’s proud to say their products don’t have the bad ingredients – preservatives and additives. It has only dehydrated meat of meal, which means they are throwing away even the bones. For Omega-3 supplementation, only flaxseed and fishmeal are included.

The description says this product is good for rotation feeding. You can use this as an item for rotation – changing from one meat to another. Some pet owners prefer rotating but they stick only with the Canine Caviar brand.

You can do the same – especially if your dog finds this brand good for his stomach and if skin problems are prevented or stopped. Canine Caviar has formulations for different life stages.

Wellness Complete Health NaturalDry Large Breed DogFood, Chicken & Rice, 30-Lb. Bag

Down to the last, we have this Wellness dog food. It boasts of balanced everyday nutrition. Looking at the label, it seems it has a good combination of ingredients.

Caloric content is regulated, which is good for fast-growing Bernese Mountain dogs. The formulation uses deboned chicken. Glucosamine and chondroitin are also included for healthy joints.

Its all-natural ingredients are one of the highlights of this product. There is no soy or wheat in this formulation, and then there are no preservatives or additives that can harm your pet’s digestives.

This product has 13% more protein compared to other brands – perfect for large dogs such as the Bernese. Aside from deboned chicken, the company added three more sources of animal protein – salmon meal, chicken meal, and deboned whitefish.

Wellness has strict sourcing criteria. Ninety-five percent of the ingredients are sourced from the US and Canada. Australia and New Zealand account for 4%. The rest is sourced from Asia and other European countries.

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