Can Dogs Eat Pinto Beans? Is It Safe?

Pinto beans, for such a small food, come surprisingly filled with loads of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Proven to be healthy for humans, we can’t help but wonder if our beloved furry companions could benefit from them too.

Well, the good news is, they can! Fed in moderation, pinto beans and various other forms can prove to be a great nutritional supplement to your dog’s diet through the fibers, proteins, minerals and vitamins pinto beans contain!

What’s In Beans, And Why They’re Good For Your Dog

In order to convince yourself that beans are abundant with health benefits, take into consideration the fact that one cups worth of pinto beans contains around forty-five grams of carbs, around fifteen grams of fiber, around fifteen grams of protein, only one gram of fat, with minerals such as Potassium, Copper, Magnesium and Phosphorus. This is all in addition to the healthy A,B,C and K Vitamins contained, as well.

Minerals are a very important factor in your dog’s diet. They assist in the proper functioning of various bodily processes.

The included Potassium is an important electrolyte that will help you dog convert and store energy, while assisting in bone and muscle health, growth and structure.

Copper and Iron in pinto beans will work together to promote bone and joint health, while allowing for easier oxygen flow in the blood, and red cell formation. Iron relies on copper to properly do its job, and luckily pinto beans contain both.

When it comes to your dog’s muscle health, Magnesium is a very important mineral for them to be consuming. As it is tough to find many healthy dog foods with Magnesium in them other than supplements, pinto beans offer a healthy amount that could be added to their diet to reach their recommended daily value. Magnesium is important in muscle health as well as digestive and liver health, teeth health and bone structure.

Even a small amount of beans have loads of fiber included. Fiber is a very important nutrient that assists greatly in proper bowel movements and digestive processes. The included fiber is also a reason to feed in small moderation, though, because an abundance can lead to excess gas and an upset stomach. A reasonable amount of fiber is very healthy for them, but an over-abundance may lead to smelly issues. The fibers can also help your dog feel more full, helping them to eat less and lose weight, should you feel that they may be a little overweight.

Cancer reducing substances such as Copper and Manganese will work as antioxidants, helping to eliminate the free radicals formed in the mitochondria.

With the included proteins, pinto beans can be a great nutritional supplement to help your dog reach their daily recommended value of protein consumption.

Proper Bean Feeding And Preparation

As a principle, never feed your dog raw, uncooked pinto beans, or any raw beans for that matter. Uncooked beans will not digest properly, and they will not be able to absorb the healthy substances that pinto beans contain. Raw beans also pose a potential choking hazard.

As another principle, never feed them beans that were prepared with a meal that you yourself would make, as it may contain added spices and ingredients such as garlic, salt and tomatoes. Any additional spice or ingredient is not necessary for your dog, and would do more harm than good. Be sure to feed only pinto beans, cooked and prepared alone, with no additional ingredients.

The best way to prepare pinto beans would be through soaking them first, perhaps the night before, followed by cooking them. This could also be followed by mashing them. The softer beans will digest much better, allowing them to realize the health benefits without causing any gastrointestinal distress.

Properly prepared soft or mashed beans could be served as a small snack on occasion, or as a slight addition to their commercial or home-cooked nightly meals.

As with all human foods, always feed pinto beans in small moderation, pertaining to your dog’s size. If your dog is trying out this food for the first time, be sure to supervise their reaction while eating, immediately after, and check their following bowel movements for any signs of distress.

Feed Moderately, See Benefits!

As exemplified, pinto beans can offer both humans and dogs an abundance of health benefits, through the contained minerals, vitamins, proteins, fibers and other nutrients! As with any human food, feed your dog pinto beans sparingly, prepare properly, and begin to realize the benefits!


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