Can Dogs Eat Nectarines? Is It Safe?

Nectarines? Peaches? They are almost the same thing, with just a few subtle gene differences. Either way, both are safe for your dog! This is great news, considering the health benefits that nectarines have to offer.

With loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, nectarines can prove to be a great nutritional supplement to add to your dogs diet, given that they react to it well and experience no side effects, as some human foods tend to induce.

Health Benefits Of Nectarines

Created from the Nectarine tree, nectarines are a very tasty and juicy snack that your dog will likely love to eat. The ingredients contained in such a small fruit packs a big bite of healthy substances.

In just 100 grams worth of a nectarine, you will find over ten grams of carbohydrates, over a gram of protein, no sodium at all, and almost two grams of dietary fiber. In addition, there lies an abundance of minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Manganese, as well as electrolytes like Potassium.

Included in that 100 grams you will also find Vitamins A, C, E and K, all working together to improve the livelihood of your dog.

Vitamins A and E will work as antioxidants, helping to keep your dogs skin and coat healthy, protecting their heart and lungs, as well as helping to ward off cancerous growth within their cells.

Veterinarians recommend a healthy dosage of Vitamin C for your dog daily, the amount depending on their size. Vitamin C has multiple benefits for your dog, such as boosting their immune system, assisting in keeping their coat and skin healthy, and also helping their bone and joint health. They should receive more Vitamin C from foods other than nectarines to help reach their daily recommended amount, as well, in order to keep their diet well-rounded.

The dietary fiber could assist their digestive process and help create healthier bowel movements. An increase in fiber can also help combat obesity, helping your dog feel more full.

There is little amount of fat in nectarines, around .3 grams in a full one, so this should not be served alone too often in substitute for your dogs other means of consuming fats for energy, such as from their commercial or home-cooked daily / nightly meals.

Minerals including Calcium, Iron and Potassium will help strengthen your dogs bones. These minerals are beneficial for dogs at any stage of life, helping to maintain their skeletal structure and reduce the likelihood of injury. Calcium intake will also help deter annoyances such as stiffness and muscle twitches.

Proper Nectarine Preparation And Cautions

As with all human foods fed to dogs, nectarines should be fed to your furry companion in carefully supervised moderation. As for a few main principles; never let your dog eat the whole nectarine at once; always cut the nectarine into small pieces; be sure to remove the pit, only feed a small handful of chopped up pieces at once, or perhaps mixed in with their meal.

Letting your dog eat the whole nectarine is not necessary, as it simply would be too much for them, no matter their size. Chopping into small pieces reduces the choking hazard, and allows them to be digested easier.

The pit should always be removed and be sure to be taken out of reach from the dog, as it contains cyanide within and can cause harm to your dog if swallowed. If your dog swallows a pit, check for signs of cyanide poisoning, and call your veterinarian or closest animal hospital immediately.

These should be served as an occasional snack, or mixed in with their meals. Over feeding them nectarines is not recommended. They should be receiving the rest of their daily intake of the included vitamins and minerals from other foods in their diet.

Nectarines = Good To Go!

As always, be sure to feed your dog nectarines in careful moderation. A well-balanced diet will help ensure that they are as healthy as possible. With care, your dog’s nectarine consumption can prove to be beneficial in many ways. Try it out! If they like it, great! If they don’t, no problem! There’s plenty of healthy alternatives out there for your dog.


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