Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers are not only loyal family pets but can also be seen as devoted companions to many, traveling with them daily. Yorkies enjoy being comfortable and are typically content to curl up in their owners lap’s as well as snuggle into their fashionable pet carrier as they accompany them on daily errands. Yorkies are part of what is known as a “toy breed”, being a small dog with fragile bones it must be handled with care and caution. Ensuring your Yorkie has proper nutrition can ensure their optimal care and durability from the inside out.

Top Food Options For Yorkies

Nutritional Requirements For Yorkies

Yorkshire terriers are small dogs and typically have a small appetite to suit them. Feeding recommendations vary and should be discussed with your individual veterinarian. Some feed one meal a day while others maintain that the Yorkie should have two small meals a day to divide up their calorie intake so that they do not burn up all of their calories at once.

Identifying a feeding routine that works for both you and your yorkie and sticking to the routine will insure not only optimal health but also optimal temperament. Yorkies can be temperamental and a maintaining a daily routine to include feeding times and similar food content will ensure they are happy dogs. Due to the Yorkies size kibble size also needs to be taken into account as their mouths are small so should their kibble be.

Yorkies tend to be high energy dogs for the duration of their life. This high energy requires high calorie input to compensate. According to the National Research Council active Yorkies require approximately 200 calories daily while inactive Yorkies require 150. Most of the calories offered to your Yorkie should be in the form of lean protein like, chicken, lamb, fish or turkey. Feeding a food high in a lean protein ensures a food low in “indigestible’s” which can upset the stomach of your Yorkie.

One of the trademarks of the Yorkshire terrier is their long and silky coat. In order to maintain a healthy coat the Yorkies diet should include fish to incorporate to incorporate the omega fatty acids vital to optimal skin and coat health. The Omega fatty acids also aid in the body absorbing essential vitamins and nutrients.

In an effort to avoid an upset stomach in your Yorkie, as many are prone to, corn and soy based foods should be avoided as these tend to agitate their digestive system. Additionally hypoglycemia is common in Yorkies which is a drop in blood sugar. Hypoglycemia can be avoided by ensuring you do not over or under feed your Yorkie and discuss portion size with your veterinarian at annual check-ups.

Royal Canin Health Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier Adult Dry Food

This choice is a breed specific option packing nutrients specific to Yorkshire terriers. The primary listed ingredients in this food are brewers’ rice, brown rice, chicken by-product meal, and chicken fat. The rice ensures the caloric and carbohydrate needs of the Yorkie are met.

Chicken by-product and chicken fat as two of the primary ingredients ensure that your small companion is consuming the necessary protein needed to keep up with their active temperament. Dried beet pulp is listed high in the ingredients list ensuring fiber needed to aid in digestion.

It also contains fish oil as needed to promote the Yorkies healthy skin and coat. This food boasts that it has the optimal texture, shape, and kibble size for the Yorkies small mouth; as well as a palatable aroma for the sometimes fussy appetite of Yorkies.

This Yorkie choice, does contain wheat gluten, corn meal and corn and this addition should be considered should your Yorkie be prone to an upset stomach.

Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Canine Formula With Roasted Fowl

Protein and fiber is the primary ingredient in this choice, to include duck, duck meal, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, chicken fat and egg. This formula proves to stand by its label in being a “taste of the wild” containing ingredients sure to be found in the wild.

With primary ingredients based in chicken duck your Yorkie is sure to consume his share of protein for his energetic temperament as well as the fiber for optimal digestion. Sweet potatoes and peas are a significant source and do not only provide fiber but are rich vital minerals and vitamins.

Ocean fish meal is also listed pretty high on the list of ingredients ensuring your yorkie has the necessary omega fatty acids for absorption of vitamins and nutrients as well as a healthy shiny coat.

Tomato pomace and tomatoes are also valuable ingredients in this food packing a cancer fighting agent into every bite. Additionally fiber packed blueberries, raspberries and yucca are a significant source of ingredients providing additional vitamins aiding in overall optimal health.

Fromm Family Gold Adult Dog Food

This Yorkie option is labeled as enhanced with probiotics and salmon oil. These additions ensure a healthy coat and optimal digestion for the Yorkie with a weak stomach. The three primary ingredients of this choice are duck, chicken meal, and chicken. The Yorkie will have his protein needs met with just the first three main ingredients.

Additionally menhaden fishmeal, salmon oil and flaxseed are also key ingredients optimizing the omega content with multiple sources. Dried tomato pomace providing a cancer fighting agent along with alfalfa meal, carrots and celery are all ingredients aiding in fiber content and vitamins and minerals.

In addition to the vitamins and minerals found in the ingredients this food has added vitamins and minerals along with the added probiotic as pronounced on the label. Sorbic acid is the only listed preservative in this food and is one of the least present ingredients.

This choice packs 408 calories per cup, so ensure you discuss caloric needs with the veterinarian as well as feeding routines.

Orijen Regional Red Dog Food

With a label that daunts 18% low-glycemic carbohydrates a yorkie owner would have to take a second look. The label alone would make you considering Yorkshire terriers tendency towards hypoglycemia.

This option lists its primary ingredients as fresh angus beef meat, fresh wild boar meat, and fresh planes bison meat. The protein list extends with primary ingredients of lamb, pork, beef liver, and other lamb and beef by-products.

Fish in the form of whole herring and whole sardine are also a substantial ingredient in this food. The fish content ensures your Yorkshire terrier is obtaining their needed omega fatty acids for optimal skin and coat as well as proper absorption of vitamins and minerals.

To aid in optimal digestion this food also packs whole pumpkin to start off the list of fiber rich ingredients. Fibrous ingredients continue with butternut squash, zucchini, parsnips, carrots, pears, kale, spinach and much more. In addition as if it needed more enticement this food also has added turmeric an anti-inflammatory and cancer fighting spice and milk thistle known to aid in optimal liver function.

 Blue Buffalo Freedom Small Breed Adult Chicken Recipe Grain-free Dry Dog Food

Small bite kibbles make up this Yorkie choice, to ensure it is the right size for a smaller jaw like that of the yorkie. Additionally this food is freed from grains ensuring optimal digestion through minimizing indigestible’s that are hard on a yorkies stomach.

The first two ingredients here are deboned chicken and chicken meal ensuring the protein rich nutrients needed for the energetic yorkie. Flaxseed is also one of the primary ingredients providing the necessary omega fatty acids so vital to the Yorkshier terriers skin, coat and absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Cancer fighting turmeric and tomato pomace are also primary ingredients in this food. Fiber rich nutrients in this food include sweet potatoes, carrots, parsley, kelp, blue berries cranberries and barley grass and these are only a portion of the listed fiber rich fruits and vegetables.

Protein and fiber are packed into an omega rich diet with a guarantee of no added colors, flavors or artificial preservatives with this choice.

Yorkshire Terriers may be one of the smallest family members in our homes requiring extra care and nurturing. Let’s choose carefully how we nurture them starting from within.

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