Best Dog Food For Havanese

Havanese are small dogs that are excellent for families.  They love companionship.  At 10-15 pounds they are prone to obesity and require a well-balanced diet to keep them healthy.

Top Food Options For Havanese

Nutritional Requirements for Havanese

Overall, the Havanese are a healthy breed of dog.  However, like any dog they can be prone to certain health conditions.

Havanese can be very high energy and require a good, quality source of protein in their diet.  The source of the protein, rather than the crude percent is important.  Real chicken, lamb or other meat is important.Protein is crucial for growth and development. It keeps bones strong and provides energy.  Protein is made up of amino acids. Dogs need 22 amino acids in their diets to stay as healthy as possible.

Havanese as many small dogs are are at risk to develop Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease which can result in increased risk for knee injury or arthritis.  A diet rich in quality proteins will build healthy bones in case issues arise over the years.

Havanese may also develop eye problems, such as Catracts.  For dogs prone to eye issues making sure that Zinc, Bioflavonoids, Pycnogenols, Vitamin A, Vitamin C or Vitamin D are included in their diet is important.

Havanese are also at risk for allergies and obesity like many other dogs.  Limiting ingredients in their good and providing with high quality ingredients can help with allergies.

A well-balanced diet will help with obesity issues, especially in dogs who are not as active.  They should eat food with good protein, rich in vitamins and minerals.  Foods with good sources of fiber will make a dog feel fuller and be less likely to overeat.

With Havanese a truly  balanced diet is the key!

Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food- Small Breed

This is a good choice for the active Havanese with chicken as the first ingredient, a great source of protein for these small dogs. This formula has high quality protein along with 29 percent crude protein content.

Along with the protein, Calcium and Phosporous along with other minerals will help the Havanese develop and maintain strong bones, helping keep them healthy through their adult lives.

Vitamins A and E and Zinc included in this food will help maintain good eye health.  Omega 6 fatty acid will help the Havanese keep a healthy, shiny coat.

This food has a 17 percent crude fat content. For less active dogs, it is more important to watch the daily amount of food intake to protect against obesity.

The balance of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in this formula will provide the Havanese with the energy needed to provide companionship to its family, remaining healthy throughout its lifespan.

Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs (Small Breed)

Specially formulated for small breeds, this food will provide the Havanese with the nutrition needed to maintain optimal health and energy. The small kibbles are easy for the Havanese to eat and help avoid tooth decay.

It has a crude protein percent of 27 percent and the first ingredient is chicken, providing a good quality source of protein.  Crude fat percent is an ideal 16 percent.

The food includes Zinc which will aid in eye health as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to keep their skin and coat healthy.

A great feature of this product is the variety of natural ingredients it includes to provide needed nutrients.  Among others there is pumpkin, blueberries, oranges, quinoa, dried kelp, coconut, spinach, carrots and papaya.

The vitamins and minerals provided by these natural ingredients help maintain the health of many organs and the eyes! The fiber included in this formula will help prevent the Havanese from overeating.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Small & Toy Ground Entrees Wet Dog Food

If you are interested in a wet food for your Havanese this is good option made with good, quality protein as well as vegetables to provide all the necessary nutrients. The key for the active, lovable Havanese is to find the right balance, which this food has!

Protein is provided in the form or real chicken, lamb or salmon.  The protein promotes lean muscle and with the food having low fat content it assists with preventing obesity in the Havanese.  It is also easy to digest.

There is a great blend of Vitamins and Minerals included in this food to promote the best possible eye, skin, coat and overall health.  Included are vitamins E, B12, D3, thiamine and biotin as well as minerals zinc oxide and copper sulfate.

Wet food can be more attractive to dogs and will provide all the necessary nutrients with a taste that the Havanese cannot resist.

Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings Natural Grain Free Wet Raw Dog Food

This food combines the attractiveness of wet food to the Havanese with all the nutrients that they need to stay healthy and active. It has all the nutrients to build and keep strong bones, protect eyes and keep a lustrous coat.

A great, quality protein is provided with real salmon and real cod. This brand uses only whole-prey proteins which are full on natural nutrients.  Combined with this are real vegetables providing a balanced meal with no fillers.

This food is enriched with wonderful superfoods such as beets, blueberries and cranberries. These help the Havanese maintain a healthy weight and keep their immune system strong.  The “superfood nuggets” are packed with antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.

Another potential benefit to this food is that it is grain free.  For Havanese affected by allergies this would be a great choice to provide all needed nutrients with less chance of exposure to common allergens.

Wellness CORE Chunky Centers Natural Grain Free Wet Dog Food, Chicken & Chicken Liver

Another grain free option from the Wellness brand, this is another great choice for the Havanese.  This is for the Havanese with fine tastes! Provides all the needed nutrition for optimal health.

This individual serving wet food comes in several flavors with premium, high quality proteins as the main ingredient.  Available in chicken, lamb, turkey, beef, duck, salmon and tuna flavors to provide a wide variety of tasty and nutritious meals.

This food provides lots of great protein for the Havanese, giving them lots of energy and keeping their bones healthy to fight against problems such as arthritis.  The food contains 80% more meat than traditional dog’s foods.

The high protein level also allows the Havanese to build muscle and burn fat keeping them lean and fighting against obesity.  The carbohydrates are high quality providing an extra energy boost.

The vitamins and minerals in this food come from natural sources and keep help teeth, eyes, skin and coat healthy.

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