Best Dog Food For Shar Pei

Because their immense popularity in the 1980s, many Shar-Peis were bred in unreliable kennels. This gave rise to some hereditary complication. Their allergies can be activated by food ingredients; hence, extra care should be undertaken when feeding your pet Shar-Pei.

Top Food Options For Shar-Pei

Nutritional Requirements For Shar-Pei

Originating from the southern provinces of China, The Chinese Shar-Pei were regarded as valued hunters, guardians, and fighting dogs. When they were nearly wiped out in China, a few survived in Hong Kong and Taiwan, then brought to the US, where they became very popular.

Historically known to be active guards, hunters, or fighting dogs, the Chinese Shar-Pei requires a substantial amount of nutrition in its diet. Also, because of its size, protein has to always be present in the breed’s food.

Dogs are mostly carnivorous, but they’ve adjusted to eating fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet allows the Shar-Pei to maintain a healthy figure and good-looking fur.

Through the years, Shar-Pei diet has progressed to hypoallergenic kibble, because of the many complications the breed has acquired form generations of inconsiderate breeding. Puppies, however, are recommended to be fed whole, or with home-cooked food.

Adults are best with premium adult kibble that has little to no grain. Probiotics, like yogurt, kefir, or goat’s milk, are healthy regular additions to their diet. Occasional table scraps of plain meat contribute to the protein needs of a Shar-Pei’s diet.

One good thing about dry food is that dogs can leave it for hours, without the food spoiling or losing nutrition. Not only that, but it can also be left out if you need to go out for long hours.

There are Peis that come from reputable breeders. They’re the ones who aren’t as sickly or temperamental as the poorly bred ones. These Shar-Peis are best with human-grade meat, or just plain cooked meat.

Merrick Backcountry

One of the strongest in the dog food market is the Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused series. This kibble mix comes in different recipes, or flavors, available for puppies and adults.

The protein-rich kibble is made mostly of deboned meat and fish. The raw meat is freeze-dried, locking in its fresh flavors, giving the kibble a more authentic taste of real meat.

Any bag from the Merrick Backcountry series will provide your Shar-Pei the protein-based, grain-free diet that it needs. This comes in easily digestible ingredients, involving a mixture of exotic proteins like, rabbit, venison, and salmon.

Merrick Backcountry’s phrase pegs it as the “Ultimate Ancestral Canine Diet”, carrying nutrition in its every bag, based on the primal needs of a canine.

Merrick Backcountry has kibble formula available for all life stages of your pet dog. There are many testimonies of pet dogs of any breed coming out allergy-free after switching to Merrick Backcountry.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Dog Food

If your pet Pei can handle small amounts of grains, Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food may be the best choice. It has a great blend of dry meat and grains, for a highly digestible and healthy dry kibble mix.

Blue Buffalo is the only brand to have LifeSource Bits. These are dry foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Blue Buffalo’s patented Life Protection Formula contains a mixture of meat for your Pei’s protein needs. Combined with grains, fruits, and vegetables, it packs the right nutritional value you’d look for in dry dog food.

If your pet Shar-Pei really can’t handle grains, Blue Buffalo Freedom is the company’s grain-free. Freedom is also available for all life stages and also contains LifeScource Bits.

Blue Buffalo’s Dry Dog Food is a two-part feeding system composed of dry, high-quality kibble, and the LifeSource Bits. The LifeSource Bits are formulated for all life-stages, adjusting to the specific nutritional needs of your dog.

Nature’s Variety Dry Dog Food: Prairie/Instinct

Nature’s Variety Prairie Dry Dog Food allows you to serve your pet with healthy, wholesome whole grains, and freeze-dried raw meat.

Some ingredients in Nature’s Variety dry dog food go through a process called dry fermentation for dehydration. This allows development of enzymes that make the kibble, all in all, easier to digest.

The whole grains provide dogs the nutrition that complements dry kibble perfectly. Unfortunately, some Peis are allergic to grains. For them, you may opt for Nature’s Variety Instinct, instead.

Nature’s Variety Instinct has everything that Prairie has. Both variants are dry food, and are available for all life stages.

Nature’s Variety Dry Dog Food is a holistic kibble follows the optimal nutritional requirement guided by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). It has an excellent fat-to-protein ratio.

Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula

Taste of the Wild gives your pet Shar-Pei a “taste of the wild”, but still ensures that your pet still gets the nutrients it needs.

Taste of the Wild takes pride in delivering that “ancestral canine diet” from the wilds by using real roasted meat as its main source of animal protein. A hearty formula option, this kibble mix contains fruits and vegetables, and no grains or grain-based ingredients.

Interestingly, Taste of the Wild formula substitutes the easily digestible energy of grains with dried sweet potatoes and peas. Present protein-source ingredients include beef, lamb, egg product, boar, and fish, among others.

Taste of the Wild compensates for dryness with ingredients that provide substantial amounts of soluble and dietary fiber. All in all, Taste of the Wild provides the need amount of protein, complemented by fibers and minerals for all-around nutrition.

Taste of the Wild formula has variants specifically formulated for all life stages. They even have a variant recommended for nursing or pregnant dogs.

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dry Dog Food (Grain-Free)

The Honest Kitchen makes its place on the list for their notable human grade ingredients. This means everything used is “people food”, or fit for human consumption. You can trust that your Pei isn’t eating factory scraps or fake food.

This kibble was not subjected to intense processing. This makes it perfect for your pet dog because it’s a healthy alternative for your Shar-Pei.

Ingredients used are all natural. If the box says the recipe has cabbages, you will see the dried cabbages on your Pei’s bowl.

This is available for all life stages. The Honest Kitchen has recipes even for less active seniors and adults. The Force recipe, their best-seller, boasts to have 40lbs of fresh food compressed into every 10lbs bag.

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