Best Dog Food For Jack Russells

A breed designed to hunt, Jack Russells may be small and cute but their desire for action stands out. It’s a breed with a naturally active lifestyle, so a diet that sufficiently meets the breed’s energy requirements is necessary for healthy growth and development.

Top Food Options For Jack Russells

Nutritional Requirements for Jack Russell

A Jack Rusell has an energetic, intelligent, stubborn, and independent temperament. This breed usually weight 14 to 18 pounds with a height ranging from 13 to 14 inches at the shoulder.

Depending on the age and activity level, a Jack Russell has a certain amount of caloric requirement to keep it well-conditioned. For an average dog of this type, around 450 to 650 calories per day is enough. Except if the dog is 7 years or older, giving it a higher amount of food will compensate for its energy requirements.

Furthermore, feeding it at least 75% dry kibble will help to reduce plaque and tartar build up, which is a common dental issue for small breed dogs. Depending on the brand or type of dog food, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on the amount of food to allocate per day.

It is also good to divide daily rations into 2 or 3 meals per day. For a small dog like a Jack Russell, a tiny stomach isn’t just capable of holding excessive amount of food at once. By distributing each meal at different times of the day, the dog can properly digest the food.

For a high-quality commercial diet, a combination of meat based protein rich foods is recommended. To name a few, look for products with ingredients like poultries, fishes, and beefs. Be sure that meats like this are in the first five in the list of the product’s ingredient description.

Jack Russells were specially bred for fox-hunting, digging and other strenuous work. If this amount of activity level is not maintained properly, a smart and independent dog will make its own exercise routine – running around, digging anywhere, and usually just wreaking havoc to the house.

To avoid this overactive behavior, a 30 to 45 minutes of daily exercise would be sufficient. Whether walking or playing fetch, it is important to allow it to at least run around without a leash. Consider to fence the backyard or play with it in a spacious room inside the house.

Keeping a pet healthy and well, is important to allow them to live long enough and give you a joyful company. Thus, knowing them better and providing proper health nutrition and care is a responsibility of the owner. Although it is quite a handful, at the end, it is rewarding. 

NutriSource Chicken & Pea Formula Grain Free Dog Food

This is a good choice for owners who have dogs that suffer in allergies. With its grain free mix recipe along with its natural ingredients, it helps to reduce allergens in the food that might harm the dog.

With chicken and peas as its main ingredient, it helps dogs to deliver firm stool and makes it easier for owners to pick up. Additionally, its protein and nutrient content helps dogs to increase energy and improve healthy coat or skin.

This could also help dogs that have sensitive digestive system for it contains probiotics that aids metabolism. Since dogs are a natural carnivores, feeding them different foods with ingredients that aren’t meat or meat derivatives contributes to their picky behavior. It would be best to choose grain free dog foods for a picky pet.

NUtriSource also offers dog foods with ingredients other than chicken, like beef, seafood, lamb and many other varieties. For Jack Russells, protein rich foods are good aid for them to maintain muscle strength and energy throughout the day. This can be obtained from meat sources like chicken, beef or lamb.

Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dry Dog Food

Jack Russells are smart, playful and energetic breeds. Feeding them with a balance diet that supplements their development is an essential factor in keeping them well maintained.

For owners that want a balance and healthy food for their dogs, this could be a good choice. If you want a good neural development, good digestion, improve immune functions, muscle development, and many other benefits, you can try this product.

It can help dogs who suffer from itching or hair loss issues. The product provides a variety of nutrients which is designed for all breed of dogs. It could be a good choice to try and observed the difference it could make.

This product can be a good aid for new owners who are just starting to familiarize the habits and diet routine of their pet. It also can be a quick choice for those who do not know what to feed their dogs.

Wagg Complete Worker Dry Mix Dog Food Chicken & Vegetables

A product of Waggfoods ltd, Wagg Complete Worker Dry Mix Dog Food Chicken & Vegetables contains meat and animal derivatives along with other macro and micronutrients. It boasts no sugar and color additives mixed in the food and available in 12 and 17 kilograms pack.

It’s a dry mix but depending on the dog’s requirements and taste, water, milk, or gravy can also be mixed, especially in hotter seasons. It has low meat content but offers a safe and palatable taste. It may not be perfect for dogs that can’t tolerate high cereal diet and can increase the dog’s vowel movement in a day.

It has also a different variety of flavor for owners who want to try a change of pace. They offer beef with vegetable mix and lamb with rice dry mix.

The delivery is quick if you are in United Kingdom, though depending on where you buy or order it, they might offer free shipping or delivery.

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult with Farm-Raised Beef Dry Dog Food

This product is a good help for dogs that suffer severe skin issues. But also, before using the product consult and ask for opinions of your veterinarians. It’s easy for them to pick and chew with its small and dry kibble. This allows dogs with small stomachs to digest properly.

The product promotes the development of strong and firm muscles with its protein source ingredients, essentially chicken and beef. Thus for an active Jack Russell this might be a good food option.

IAMS is formulated with l – carnitine which could aid metabolism. However, this might not be a good choice for dogs with a sensitive stomach. It also contains some corn cereals, ground whole grain, and animal by-product. Some dogs can tolerate this ingredients while others can’t, so be familiar with your dog first.

Try this product if the dog is picky which can provide nutrients and proteins for an active and healthy lifestyle that it needs. The bag is delivered fresh and available in 12.5 pounds and 30 pounds bag.

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

For dogs that experience sensitive stomach problems or skin allergies, especially for small dogs like Jack Russell, this product can help with its unique digestive health support system. This includes active probiotics, fiber, and digestive enzymes combined with other natural ingredients. It is available in 6, 15, and 30 pound bags.

When fed, dogs release firm stools which are easy to pick up. They also offer anchovy, sardine, and salmon flavor. This offers a variety of choices for owners with allergic prone or digestive sensitive dogs.

To avoid problems, when changing from other food products to Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food, maintain a slow and gradual transition. This will allow the dog’s body to adjust properly for new nutrient levels. To do this, mix it with the old product for 5 to 6 days, while slowly decreasing the amount of the old dog food until you attain 100 % at the 7th day.

It is also poultry and grain free which is good for dogs with high nutrient requirements, but has a lot of skin and digestive issues.

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