Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

Pitbulls are known for being active dogs, having been bred in the past for hunting. They require a proper diet and proper daily nutritional intake in order to maintain their strong and healthy bodies.

Top Food Options For Pitbulls

Nutritional Requirements For Pitbulls

Pitbulls are practically canine athletes. Their active bodies mean that they need more nutritional intake than most other dog breeds. Knowing your dog’s dietary needs is an essential step in making sure they remain energetic and in good shape.

A pitbull puppy needs to be fed four times a day until twelve weeks. At three to twelve months, a pitbull must be fed three times daily. At full adulthood, your dog will need only two meals a day.

Calorie intake is an important factor to moderate in your pitbull’s diet. As with humans, caloric intake should vary depending on how active your pitbull is. A daily intake of 875 calories is safe for the average adult pitbull.

Protein is the basic element to consider for any highly active lifestyles. Proteins are essential for building muscles and for overall optimal body development. Throughout their lifespans, pitbulls need as much as 20-40% protein in their diets.

Dogs that eat too fast or become active quickly after eating may be at risk for digestive problems, like diarrhea and stomach bloating. Feeding your pitbull low-grain foods together with a protein-rich diet can help keep its digestive system healthy.

Fat is essential for pitbulls to maintain high energy levels throughout the day. A well-balanced diet would contain 15-25% fat. Fat also helps regulate a pitbull’s body temperature and maintain a healthy outer coat.

Carbohydrates are additional energy sources and also help facilitate proper digestion. Optimum carbohydrate intake is at 25-30% for young to mature pitbulls. Carbohydrates need to be balanced out with fat and protein in order to ensure proper nutrient intake.

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

Bully Max High Performance Dog Food is an all-natural meat-based dog food formula suitable for pitbulls of all ages. It is loaded with various ingredients, assuring that pitbulls will be consuming the right amount of calories each meal time.

Bully Max Dog Food contains more than enough nutrients to help keep your dog’s energy levels high. It contains chicken meal, menhaden fish meal, flaxseed, egg, and fish oil to provide a protein content of 30%.

This product also has carbohydrates and fiber to supply energy and facilitate digestion. Brown rice is naturally high in energy, while beet pulp and barley provide an essential fiber boost. It also contains yeast, which is rich in various minerals.

In addition to protein and carbohydrates, Bully Max Dog Food also has a variety of important vitamins. It contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 supplements, folic acid, Vitamin A, and ascorbic acid for Vitamin C.

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Grain-Free Dog Food is a pellet-based dog food that boasts all natural ingredients, high protein content, and no grains. It is ideal for adult, non-nursing pitbulls and can aid in maintaining normal digestive functions.

Wellness Core Dog Food contains an estimated protein content of 34%, owing to its high meat content. The bulk of its protein is contained in pure chicken. Other protein-rich ingredients include chicken meal, chicken fat, turkey meal, and peas.

Its carbohydrate content is at 37%. Along with meat, Wellness Dog Food is rich in several vegetables and fruits, including spinach, carrots, parsley, apples, blueberries, and kale. The bulk of its natural carb content comes from potatoes.

This product also contains flaxseed, which is a natural source for fatty acids. Chicory root is another ingredient which helps in maintaining your dog’s healthy digestive processes. Additional nutrient content includes Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, zinc, copper, and calcium.

Taste of the Wild Southwest Canyon Canine Formula

Taste of the Wild is a dog food brand featuring nine natural dry food formulas, including Southwest Canyon. Their dog food has a calorie content of 3,600 kilocalories per kilogram, giving it very high energy content suitable for pitbulls.

Taste of the Wild derives its nutritional value from the natural food sources of wild animals. Its primary ingredient is beef, while additional meat ingredients include lamb meal, ocean fish meal, wild boar, and garbanzos, making for 28% protein content.

Raspberries, blueberries, peas, garbanzos, and chicory root are all natural ingredients high in fiber. Chicory root is also an excellent natural source for carbohydrates. Flaxseed and canola oil contribute fatty acids, adding to the total fat content of the product.

Southwest Canyon also contains chelated minerals that aid in the absorption of proteins. Additional minerals present in the formula include Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, folic acid, and riboflavin. It also has fermentation products that preserve freshness and prevent malnutrition.

Nature’s Variety Prairie Dry Dog Food

Nature’s Variety Prairie Dog Food is made from completely natural ingredients and suitable for dogs of all ages. The formula is geared toward producing high energy levels in your pitbull, all the while helping to maintain coat hygiene.

Nature’s Variety gets its protein content from lean meats, containing salmon and salmon meal, which contains more protein than salmon itself. It also has natural chicken flavor, menhaden fish meal, and freeze dried turkey that are all high in protein.

Several ingredients contribute fiber to the product, making it an ideal aide in digestion. Oatmeal, peas, brown rice, barley, and alfalfa meal are all rich in dietary fiber and are natural sources for carbohydrates.

The fatty content of Nature’s Variety Dog Food is derived from fish oils, which is healthier for dogs than plant oils. It also contains several vitamins, fermentation products, and yeast cultures that help contribute to its nutritional content.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Dry Dog Food Salmon Recipe

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is a dog food brand that has 17 kinds of dry dog foods, all inspired by the natural diets of wolves. Their salmon recipe features nearly equal portions of protein, fat, and carbs.

This recipe derives its protein from lean meats and meals. It contains salmon, chicken fat, chicken meal, menhaden fish meal, and dried egg. Pea protein was also added to the recipe, which was taken from the starchy bulk of peas.

Pea fiber, chicory root, and alfalfa meal are all have enough fiber to both promote healthy digestive functions and cleanse your pitbull’s tract. Potatoes, carrots, and tapioca starch are natural sources rich in carbohydrates.

The menhaden fish meal and flaxseed are sources of omega fatty acids. The high vegetable and fruit content of the Salmon Recipe make it rich in nutrients, containing cranberries, blueberries, apples, pomegranate, blackberries, pumpkin, kelp, turmeric, spinach, and many more.

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