Best Dog Food For Border Collies

Border Collies are famous for being one of the most active dog breeds out there. It is natural for Border Collies to run around and use as much energy as possible. It is only natural that a proper diet is maintained for the Border Collie’s active nature.

Top Food Options For Border Collies

Nutritional Requirements For Border Collies

Border Collies are active dogs. These dogs are no stranger to exercise. To be fully ready for strenuous activities, you might as well look for dog food that are high in protein and fats.

Diets for Border Collies depend on the age. For puppies, they also need a certain amount of protein to support their growth. You don’t need to feed them with large amounts of food, but instead follow the suggested serving on the dog food package.

As they grow into adults or senior dogs, they’ll be needing more protein than usual because in this stage they’ll be doing more work. Protein-wise, it’s great to look out for whole meat ingredients like beef, meat, fish, and the likes.

Fats are also essential because this also helps with the Border Collie’s overall grooming. It helps keep its fur healthy. Omega-3 equipped ingredients like fish oil would most likely give your Border Collie the most benefit.

Feeding a Border Collie comes with discipline. It is not just feeding him or her whenever he is whining. This is usually a misinterpreted signal that the dog is hungry. It’s recommended to stick to a specific diet plan.

Border Collies should also be given the exercise they need. Not only will this help them in terms of behavior, but it will burn off the protein they take in for each meal. A good run around the yard should suffice.

It’s important to serve these dogs the right amount of protein and fat, but these aren’t the only elements to look out for in their food. Carb alternatives and calcium are also relevant things to note for a good Border Collie diet.

ACANA Grasslands Regional Formula Dry Dog Food

If you’re looking for dog food that is all natural and high in protein at the same time, this product might be the one for you.

The main ingredient for this dog food would be lamb, which is a type of red meat. It also contains fats for energy. Lamb is also a good divide between beef and chicken.

Fish is also present in ACANA. It is in fish wherein we can find the 0.6% of Omega-3 fats. The breakdown for Omega-6, on the other hand, would be equivalent to 2.0%.

ACANA also contains fruits and vegetables. Some of the fruits and vegetables you can find in this dog food are carrots, pumpkins, spinach, and squash.

ACANA would be a preferable dog food for Border Collies because of its protein. Carrots is a vegetable known to be good for Border Collies, so the addition of it in ACANA mean greater benefits for your dog.

Beyond Purina Simply 9

The name contains the word “simply” for a reason. The ingredients of Beyond Purina are not too extravagant but not too minimal, still providing the best that your dog can get. It has just the right amount of protein, alongside other essential ingredients.

Beyond Purina’s tagline would boast about its meat, poultry, and fish. For this specific brand of Beyond Purina, poultry would be the main ingredient. Beyond Purina has its natural white meat.

Other ingredients that make up Beyond Purina would be whole barley and carrots. Another prevalent feature is that it has no corn, wheat, or soy. Beyond Purina, in its entire history, assures consumers of its all natural ingredients.

Some Border Collie owners or dog owners in general seek a lighter take when it comes to dog food and Beyond Purina may be a product to consider. Its real chicken will give your Border Collie the protein it needs.

CANIDAE Life Stages Dry Dog Food

Canidae’s Life Stages can be thought of as a universal kind of dog food; applicable for all breeds and sizes. Canidae’s main ingredients would be chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish. Its ingredients also include Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Canidae has different kinds of protein that can benefit your dog. It can also benefit the owner because its universality may mean one bag will do the job.

Canidae’s ingredients are not only focused on the protein granting side, it also focuses on the dog’s overall digestion of the product. Canidae makes sure that its ingredients will not only taste good for the dog, but be digested smoothly as well.

Canidae is the best food for your Border Collie’s protein seeking energy. Canidae also has Omega-3 and Omega-6 that will help with maintaining your Border Collie’s thick fur and its skin.

Pure Vita Grain Free Turkey Dry Dog Food

This dog food is not all turkey, it is paired alongside turkey meal, sweet potatoes, and peas. Peas and potatoes are fiber-rich ingredients which is sure to help with your dog’s digestion.

Pure Vita Grain Free is also rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The division of such fatty acids is also on an even scale. Dog hair and skin are sure to gain the vitamins and minerals from Omega-3 and Omega-6 to stay groomed and well-maintained.

This product is also a universal type of dog food, but will serve greater effects to bigger dogs. Given its dry nature, however, your dog will have the tendency to increase his or her water intake.

The combination of single source protein and the Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids are considerable elements that Border Collies can commend. Border Collies will be able to acquire a certain amount of energy, while keeping healthy fur.

Purina Pro Plan Select

The three main ingredients for Purina Pro Plan Select are salmon, brewers rice, and canola meal. This specific kind of Purina Pro Plan, however, is targeted for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This mix is also gentle and very dog-friendly.

The inclusion of brewer rice in Purina Pro Select provide the needed calories that the dog food ought to offer. Other things that brewers rice can offer is fiber, which is essential in your dog’s digestion.

Canola meal is another form of protein. It is not as high as salmon and other kinds of meat, but it still provides a humble amount good for dogs. It also in canola meal where Omega-3 can be found.

Salmon is the primary source of protein for Purina Pro Select. The amount of protein that this offers will most likely do your Border Collie the most good.

Also, Purina Pro Select is healthy enough for Border Collies to consume thanks to the fibers in brewer rice. Purina Pro Select is one to check out if you’re looking for dog food that will suit your dog’s tastes but also keep them healthy.

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