Best Dog Food For Papillons

An elegant, small, and friendly toy dog, the Papillon has a fine bone structure. He is dainty, light, and very active. His butterfly-like ears make him standout from other breeds.

Top Food Options For Papillons

Nutritional Requirements For Papillons

As an owner of a lovable Papillon, feeding and nutrition is one of your primary concerns, especially if your toy dog is still a young puppy.

When you first bring your puppy home, his diet should not be changed immediately since he can be sensitive to drastic food changes. It should be done gradually.

Thus, it is important that you know your puppy’s current diet before taking him home. Whether you want to later shift to home-cooked or commercially-available dog food is your prerogative.

When shifting to a new diet, it should be done in four weekly stages. Use the ratio 75% (old diet) 25% (new diet) for the first week, then 50%-50% for the second week.

For the third week, use the 25%-75% mix before finally allowing your Papillon puppy to shift to the diet of your choice on the fourth week.

When mixing the food, make sure you blend them well. Gradual introduction of the new food is important so as not to shock your puppy’s digestive system.

Otherwise, your pet may suffer from diarrhea, upset stomach, and aversion to the new formula. The gradual change will make him get used to new flavors and textures.

Your Papillon has a faster metabolism than bigger pups of the same age. Thus, he should be fed more frequently, but because of his small tummy, he should only be allowed to eat small amounts of food.

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The grain-free formula from Wellness provides a balanced and complete diet that meets your Papillon’s daily nutritional needs. Small breeds have needs that are different from bigger breeds.

The protein rich and grain free recipe, made with high quality chicken and turkey, and prepared at the right calorie levels provide for the higher energy requirements of toy dogs.

Only natural, premium ingredients are used. No corn, wheat, soy, and meat meals are used. Likewise, the formula contains no artificial flavouring, colors, and preservatives.

The product is manufactured entirely in the USA. It has the seal of approval and backing of Wellness Guarantee that assures the premium quality of the product.

CORE believes in the raw feeding philosophy of providing high amounts of protein meet. The recipe contains 80% more meat compared to other brands that contain grains.

NUTRO ULTRA Adult Dry Dog Food

Prepared right in Nutro Ultra’s very own kitchen, the adult dry dog food recipe contains a blend of 12 nutritious superfoods and various healthy nutrients that now include chia, coconut, and kale.

The product is made only with protein-rich real lamb, chicken and salmon. It contains no rendered meat or chicken meal, wheat soy, corn, and artificial ingredients.

Tailored specifically to address the dietary needs of small breeds like your Papillon, the kibbles are made smaller. Thus, the smaller mouths would be able to handle them without difficulty.

The Nutro Ultra dog food formula promotes healthier skin and coat, as well as healthier teeth; not to mention, your dog will surely enjoy the taste.

For dogs, nothing beats great tasting and healthy food. The premium dog food blend is guaranteed to keep your dog satisfied and happy at all times.


The Wholesome Essentials recipe from Nutro is specifically formulated for the unique nutrition needs of small dogs, providing them with the energy to keep them active all day.

The primary ingredient is real farm-raised chicken that guarantees great taste, and promotes muscle strength. The product also contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin, and shiny, soft coat.

Nutro does not use any GMO ingredient. The company uses only natural, fresh, and clean ingredients to prepare the recipe right in their own kitchen.

To achieve optimum health, your Papillon relies on the food you feed him with. Thus, you have to make sure that you provide him with the right diet.

You can trust the Wholesome Essentials from Nutro to help you nourish your dog. What you feed your dog is guaranteed to be fresh, clean, and healthy.

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain-Free Recipe for Dog

A recipe tailored for the special diet needs of small breeds, Blue Freedom contains increased levels of carbohydrates and proteins for your Papillon’s high energy requirements.

Your beloved pet is like a family member to you, and you want to feed him like a member of your family. Provide him with food fit for humans but specifically made for dogs.

The product is proudly made in the USA. It contains small bite-sized and appropriately shaped kibbles that your Papillon’s small mouth can easily manage and chew.

Aside from the rich protein and carb content, the formula also includes fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 that helps maintain your pet’s healthy skin and shiny fur.

The grain-free Blue Buffalo Freedom dog food recipe is prepared using high grade natural ingredients that were carefully selected by the company’s experienced animal nutritionists.

Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food

The dry dog food formula is prepared with premium quality protein, using real chicken as the primary ingredient. Protein to fat ratio is at optimum levels, to help ensure ideal physical condition.

It contains Vitamin A, as well as linoleic acid, a kind of omega 6 fatty acid to make sure that your dog maintains shiny coat and healthy skin.

The Purina Pro dry dog food recipe also contains natural prebiotic fiber from wheat bran sources that promotes metabolism and overall digestive health.

With real meat as the primary ingredient, energy-giving protein is assured. You can rest easy that the recipe does not contain unhealthy ingredients like meat by-products and preservatives.

Each ingredient is carefully selected, and included for a specific purpose. With this formula, Purina intends to provide a complete and balanced diet for your Papillon.

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