Best Dog Food For English Bulldogs

English Bull Dog is muscular medium sized dog with a wrinkled face and what looks like a pushed in nose and a pronounced under bite.  They have a patient nature and are good as a family pet because they bonds easy with children.

Top Food Options For English Bulldogs

Nutritional Requirements For English Bulldogs

For any healthy dog a few key ingredients should always be incorporated in the diet.  Look out for these elements and their content ratio when choosing the correct food for your English bulldog: Fats; vitamins and minerals; protein and carbohydrates.

Water is a very important part of your English Bulldogs health.  He/she should always have clean fresh water readily available and you should take note in any change of its water intake, as a drastic change could warrant a visit to the vet.

Energy drinks for your bulldog is a new trend that is the rage, especially after a good workout with you, but I have to mention that this is not necessary, as English bulldogs do not sweat out electrolytes like humans.

Extra water supplement is also available in canned or wet food, while dry food or kibble contains less water.  Every dog has its own preferences, so consider your dog when deciding on how to include more fluid.

Protein content in your English bulldog’s diet is very important, as it supplies amino acids that are necessary to rebuild tissue and for your bulldog’s body to perform all its vital functions.

Proteins can be found in good quality meat.  If your bulldog has a meat allergy fish is good substitute.  An added bonus with fish is the high omega 3&6 content.

Be careful if you decide to add fish in conjunction with the dry food.  Fish must always be cooked, as raw fish contains parasites like salmonella that is very harmful and potentially deadly.

Carbohydrates are an essential part of good quality food as it provides fuel for the bulldog’s body to produce sustainable energy for a day’s activities.

Carbohydrates can be found in grains, fruit, vegetables and milk products.  Be careful as milk products are on the list of foods to avoid for an English bulldog.

Fats and fatty acid should be part of the diet because it is essential for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and it assists in the digestibility of vitamins and minerals in food.

The English bulldog is a small breed that can become overweight very easy, so I would not suggest you introduce extra fat sources outside of a healthy food that already contains the essential fat.

Vitamins and minerals are very important for the healthy function of your bulldog.  The quantity of vitamins that is needed depends on your dog’s stage of life and known allergens.

A good quality dog food will have a reliable amount of vitamins and minerals, but the bulldog is one of the breeds that are recommended to give extra supplements.

Common problems with your English bulldog to look out for are the following: Their short muzzle makes it difficult to breath; hip and joints become a issue in older age; the thick folded skin are more sensitive and they can be a gassy breed.


This food is specially formulated to fulfill all your bulldog’s nutritional needs.  The kibble is small and easy to eat.  It is however not meant for puppies and targeted for dogs older than a year.

If you have a puppy I would suggest you get the Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Bulldog puppy brand.  It is specially formulated for the bulldog puppy.

The breakdown for protein include chicken and meat-by products, egg product and pork meal.  Carbohydrates consist of a rice combination and beetroot pulp.

Fat index shows fish oil and vegetable oil that will ensure a shiny coat and healthy skin.  Vitamins and minerals are added and together combine a healthy balanced food for English Bulldogs.

This dry food is formulated to help with metabolic function, it supports digestive health and actually reduces stool odor.  This makes poop scoop duty less daunting.

Because of the heavy, compact build of the bulldog special care is taken to enrich the food and to help promote a healthy weight together with sustaining bone and joint health.

CANIDAE Life Stages Dry Dog Food for Puppies, Adults & Seniors

What makes this food stand out for me is the fact that all my dogs can enjoy the same food.  Different breeds and different ages are all included.  This does make it less specialized, but definitely more practical.

Protein is derived from chicken, lamb and turkey and this ensures that it is an intense protein compilation.  No meat by products is used and fish meal completes the protein supplements.

No corn, wheat or soy is used to eliminate food allergies as far as possible.  Brown rice provides the carbohydrate alternative and is easy to digest.

Peas and papaya ensures a tasty meal as well as supplementing the vitamin intake.  This still leaves you enough space for extra vitamins that is needed for this specific breed.

No antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, artificial flavor or colors are added.  Vitamins are added after the cooking process to ensure none of the health benefits get lost.

These added vitamins include omega 3 and 6 for good skin condition, probiotics to assist in digestion and antioxidants for a healthy immune and digestive system.

IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Mini Chunks Dry Dog Food

This is a natural balanced food that is good for active dogs that enjoy a jog or a long stroll with their owners.  Real chicken is used as protein combined with eggs.  This combination ensures strong bones and firm muscles for healthy active dogs.

Beet pulp is the main fiber that is used.  This helps maintain intestinal health by aiding in the absorption of nutrients; and natural probiotics further ensure a healthy digestion.

A combination of grains is used, including sorghum to ensure a sustainable carbohydrate source for an active lifestyle in your bulldog.  No soy or wheat is added to eliminate potential allergic reactions.

Fatty acid from fish oil ensures a good source of Omega-6 that will help improve skin condition and a shiny soft coat.

A variety of vitamin, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants are added to support and guarantee a healthy immune system and good functioning heart; but no artificial dyes, flavoring or preservatives are added.

PURINA Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 Formula Dry Dog Food

This food is specially formulated for active dogs that enjoy to exercise and practice with their owners.  Dogs are natural athletes with great endurance, and although your English bulldog might not look the part, they do enjoy a good jog with their master.

The advantage of practicing with your bulldog from an early stage is that their weight will be managed and a regular workout will improve hip and joint function and will slow the decay of these bones.

Your bulldog’s energy comes from fat, not carbohydrates, and this dry food formula is packed with fats and protein to increase your dog’s endurance and metabolism and maintain lean muscle.

Proteins in this formula include chicken and egg.  It is masterfully blended with fats like fish oil and animal fats to complete a ratio that is specially formulated for an active dog.

This food has added amino acids for muscles and glucosamine to support mobility and joint health. The list of added vitamins is very extensive and any owner can rest secure knowing nutrition is sorted. 

WELLNESS CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This grain free dog food is the natural choice if your bulldog is allergic to grain.  No wheat, corn or soy is added to this formula and it is color, flavor and preservative free.

As a protein source turkey and chicken is used with no by products that is added.  Vegetables together with essential vitamins and minerals are included that ensures a healthy balanced diet.

Fiber like potato and sweet potato; combined with prebiotics and probiotics support a healthy digestive system for your gassy friend.

Fat content are made up of chicken fat and salmon oil.  Fish oil is high in omega 3&6 that is good for brain development and healthy cellular activity. It also encourages healthy skin and a shiny coat.

The kibble is also small and easy for your bulldog to get hold of and enjoy.  For added nourishment I would mix some cod liver oil over the dry food.  This has a positive effect on their heart and overall health.

In closing here is a list with some of the food that you should avoid for your English bulldog.  It can be harmful, and potentially poisonous for your pet.

Please avoid avocado, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, garlic, milk based products, mushroom, nutmeg and spices, onions, raisins, tomatoes, xylitol (found in candy) and yeast dough.

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