Best Dog Food For Border Terriers

Border Terriers are originally bred to be hunting dogs. This breed can be overly energetic and aggravating because of its hunter traits. Likewise, Border Terriers are affectionate, highly trainable, obedient, and lovable dogs.

Top Food Options For Border Terriers

Nutritional Requirements for Border Terriers

Borders Terriers are genetically inclined to be overweight. To avoid this, it is very important to keep track of the amount of food that you feed them. Because of their greedy tendency, border terriers will overeat if not properly supervised.

This breed typically needs about half a cup to one cup of food daily. This food measurement should be divided into two portions and fed throughout the day. Make sure that you supervise them when eating.

Border terriers are also more prone to stomach sensitivities and food allergies compared to other breeds. Limiting the ingredients of their food is necessary to keep them healthy.

Sticking to one meat source dog food is also ideal for Border Terriers. A dog food with lots of healthy bacteria to keep the gut healthy should be a main concern when choosing dog foods.

Border terriers may also suffer from hypothyroidism. This may result to thinner coat, dry skin, and obesity. However, with proper food, hypothyroidism can be avoided.

Foods that could easily make them fat should be avoided. Pet owners should refrain from feeding corn or soy to their Border Terriers. Consequently, any dog food which contains corn or soy should not be considered fit for this breed.

Monitoring what you feed this breed is often not enough. Border Terriers also require plenty of exercise. Daily long walks are also necessary to curb their enormous energy.

Generally, a Border terrier is a healthy breed. Occasionally, some border terriers may be afflicted with progressive retinal atrophy or heart defects. The most common heart defect that afflicts a border terrier is pulmonic stenosis.

Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Grain Free Formula Turkey and Potato Recipe

Blue Basics has been popular among dog owners for several years. As the name suggests, this brand uses limited but high-quality ingredients in their dog food.

This flavor is made from deboned turkey meat. It contains no chicken or chicken meal. This is one of the key differences of Blue Basics from other brands. Unbeknownst to some, chicken can cause food allergens to other breeds.

It contains sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oatmeal. These ingredients are easily digestible and good sources of carbohydrates. Other than these, this dog food contains no other grain.

To aid in digestion, Blue Basics dog food contains pumpkin and pea fiber. It also has a wide assortment of minerals and vitamin added specifically to promote proper digestion.

Blue Basics boast of dog food that is 100% grain free. It also contains no corn, eggs, wheat, or dairy. And it is loaded with Glucosamine to promote healthy joints.

Canidae Grain Free Pure Sea

Canidae’s Grain Free wet dog food is also formulated with limited ingredients for sensitive dogs. This wet formula is 100% grain free and uses no artificial preservatives and colorings in their dog food.

The Pure Sea Flavor is made from high quality salmon and mackerel. Canidae choose these high-quality fish and simmered them in a tasteful broth for a delicious dog food formula.

Potatoes provide the necessary carbohydrate requirement in this formula. It also contains peas to provide additional carbohydrates. Ocean fish meal, potato protein and canola oil constitute the first five ingredients of this formula.

Canidae also boasts that their formula is created to aid and improve digestion. It also contains an assortment of key vitamins and minerals to promote overall health.

Specifically formulated for sensitive dogs, this limited ingredient dog food formula will satisfy the taste buds of your Border terrier while providing them with optimum nutritional requirements.

Merrick’s Grain Free Texas Beef and Sweet Potato Recipe

Merrick’s Texas Beef and Sweet Potato recipe uses high quality deboned Texas beef and the freshest sweet potatoes in this recipe. Texas beef, the main protein source, helps provide lean muscles.

Sweet potatoes supply the needed carbohydrates.  This root crop is one of the best sources of good quality carbohydrates and is easily digested even by sensitive stomachs.

This recipe also contains Glucosamine which promotes healthy and strong joints. It also contains chondroitin which is proven not only to promote mobility but also lessens other age-problems.

Merrick’s Grain Free Formulas boasts a percentage of 30% fresh fruits and vegetables and 70% high quality protein sources. Merrick’s also made sure not to include any ingredients from china in their formula.

Their homemade and batch by batch cooked dog food contains all natural and fresh ingredients. Merrick guarantees pet owners that there are no artificial preservatives or colorings in their homemade recipes.

Fromm Family Heartland Gold Grain Free

Fromm Family’s Heartland Gold is made from high quality red meat. This dry food formula is perfect for dogs who are craving for a taste of the wild. It is also suited for active breeds like the Border terrier.

The probiotic ingredient in this dry food formula made it perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Probiotics are known to promote a proper and healthy digestion.

The choicest vegetables complement the red meat protein source in their recipes. The omega 3 fatty acids included in their recipes provide your dogs a shiny coat as well as a healthy heart.

With their holistic take on proper pet nutrition, Fromm Family made specific life stage based formula. They take into consideration the basic nutritional requirements every life stage requires and with this knowledge created a formula that every dog will love.

Fresh ingredients are delivered daily and cooked immediately to avoid contamination. This way, Fromm can guarantee pet owners only the high-quality formula for their beloved dogs.

Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutro Limited Ingredient Dog Food is made from 10 high quality ingredients and packed with natural vitamins and minerals. This formula is suitable for dog breeds with sensitive stomachs like the border terriers.

Lamb is the main protein source of this formula. This protein source provides amino acids necessary for healthy metabolism. It also contains sweet potatoes and peas to provide the necessary carbohydrates.

The other ingredient in this recipe includes potatoes, canola oil, sunflower oil, lentils, and beets. Their small sized dog food kibble is perfect for medium built breeds like border terriers.

Nutro’s Limited ingredient formula is specifically made for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It promotes superior digestive health as well as nourishes dry and sensitive skin and promotes a shiny coat.

This formula is made with no artificial colorings or preservatives. The limited ingredients used in this recipe do not include wheat, soy, gluten, or corn.

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