Can Dogs Eat Fish? Is It Safe?

Many of us have furry, barking, four-legged friends whom we have so much love and affection for. You want to keep your dog healthy so they can live their best life while you live yours.

A common inquiry among many dog owners is whether or not fish is a good addition to their diet. After much research, it has been determined that it is a great addition to their diet.

Fish For Dog: What are my options?

When it comes to deciding when and how to feed your dog fish, there are generally two great options. First, it can be added as a treat. Treats should typically make up about a tenth of your fur baby’s diet, so it might be an acceptable option to rotate it with their other treats.

Second, including fish in your dog’s regular diet. This is also a great option and there are even some dog food choices that include fish, too. Containing a multitude of Omega-3 amino fatty acids, providing fish regularly in your dog’s diet promotes healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

How should I prepare the fish for my Dog?

Preparing store-bought fish is a perfectly fine choice once you have decided to include this protein option in what your dog gets to eat. Be sure to thoroughly cook the fish. Grilling, baking, or steaming are all great ways to make certain the fish is thoroughly cooked. No need to include any seasonings. Raw fish may contain bacteria that can be unhealthy for dogs.

There happen to be a number of available choices that are healthy for dogs if you are deciding what species of fish to feed them. Some of the better choices are; salmon, tuna, cod, hank, and whitefish. As long as the fish gets cooked and those bones come out, it is great for your dog.

What kind of nutrients does fish contain?

So, along with the fact that fish has tons of protein and healthy amino acids, it can also decrease inflammation as an added bonus, courtesy of these healthy nutrients. Many of the nutrients that humans find great benefit in will have a lot of those same benefits for dogs.

It’s important to make sure, along with making changes to your dog’s diet, that those changes won’t cause any other nutrients to be lacking. A well-balanced diet is key for dogs just as well as humans, so just be sure they are getting everything they need to be a healthy pup for years to come.

Also, it’s important to start your dog off with just a little bit of fish at first. Some dogs can have gastrointestinal issues with something new added to their diet like fish. So, just use a little caution when integrating it into their food. Again, just to play things safe.

In Conclusion

One last, important point to reiterate is in choosing types of fish for your dog. Typically, it is best to choose fish with a shorter life like the ones listed above. Fish with longer lifespans such as swordfish and tuna tend to have a higher mercury content, fish with shorter life expectancies do not. It is always best to play it safe because, like humans, the less mercury from fish your dog ingests, the better.

All in all, fish is an excellent option for your dog’s diet. The protein, the omega-3’s, the lean quality of fish filets. All good things when it comes to picking out fish for your lovable, furry friend. They will love you for it.

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