Best Dog Food For Whippets

The affectionate and fun loving Whippet can make a wonderful pet. When considering what to feed your Whippet you need to take into account that these dogs were created to be lightning fast and agile. The food you select for them should be nutritious enough to keep them running and playing all day.

When I consider what I would feed a Whippet only a few dog foods make my top five list they are as follows starting with my first choice.

Top Food Options For Whippets

Nutritional Requirements for Whippets

With your average Whippet needing around 850 calories per day and a very active dog requiring upwards of 1300 calories a day per suggests that feeding a quality food will reduce the amount of food you need to provide in one feeding.

When you think about the fact that the Whippet can reach a top speed of around 35mph as suggested by the protein quality and percentage in the food you select should be a major factor in your decision making. Recommended from the average protein amount suitable to maintain your Whippets sleek muscular body is between 26-32% and you should adjust this based upon the activity level of your individual dog.

Whippets are sight hounds with acute eyesight that needs support, they also have a short thin coat that requires essential fatty acids. recommends a dog food with 10-15% fat content to maintain a healthy dog and added vitamins and minerals are a must to ensure good health.

Carbohydrates are a major component in selecting a suitable food for your Whippet. suggests between 30-70% of your dog’s daily diet come from carbohydrates, so selecting a dog food with quality ingredients that also supply plenty of fiber will benefit both you and your pet.

Taste of The Wild Pacific Stream Canine Formula

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Canine formula is my top pick for feeding your Whippet. The recommendation of of 26-32% protein and that it should come from real meats makes Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream an excellent choice. Using salmon and ocean fish meal as the first two ingredients and then following those up with smoked salmon, salmon meal and garbanzo beans gives this food ample protein.

With most of the protein being from fish this is a natural way for Taste of the Wild to ensure that this blend has plenty of healthy fatty acids with a crude fat content of 15% to help give your Whippet a shiny healthy coat.

A grain free dog food formula Taste of the Wild uses sweet potatoes, peas with plenty of fresh fruits and berries to provide all the carbohydrates your active Whippet needs to sustain them through any amount of exercise you can provide.

Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe

Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe has no chicken or poultry by-product meals in this formula they do use chicken meal and turkey meal to boost the protein levels but no by-products. Deboned bison is the primary source of protein in this blend with fish meal and added plant proteins from peas giving Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe a 30% crude protein level easily making the previously mentioned guidelines.

Potatoes, peas and tomatoes provide plenty of healthy carbohydrates with a crude fiber content of 6.5% max. to help keep your Whippet full between meals while providing plenty of sustainable energy so they can run and play all day.

Flaxseed and fish meal provide a 15% crude fat content helping ensure your pets skin health and helping round out a balanced diet.

Blue Wilderness also adds Life Source Bits that provide chelated minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to all their dog food formulas this is an exclusive Blue Buffalo additive available only in their dog food’s.

Wellness Core Grain Free Original Turkey and Chicken

Wellness Core Grain Free Original Turkey and Chicken is a high protein choice dog food containing 34% high quality protein. Sourced from deboned turkey, turkey meal and chicken meal with no meat by-products makes Wellness Core a suitable choice for your Whippet.

Wellness Core Original is a gluten free choice for your pet as it contains no wheat, corn or soy instead using potatoes and dried ground potatoes as the primary carbohydrates and then adding a mix of broccoli, kale, spinach and carrots with other berries and vegetables to create a nutritious balance for your pet’s digestive needs.

Balanced out with chicken fat, ground flaxseed and salmon oil to give this food a crude fat level of 16% fitting into the guidelines for a healthy diet makes feeding Wellness Core Original a solid choice to feed your hungry Whippet.

With only needing to feed 2-3 cups daily based upon a normal weight Whippet this could also be a more economical choice vs using a lesser quality food requiring more food per feeding and using Wellness Core could help your pet absorb more nutrients from their food possibly assisting in any bathroom issues that your pet may be experiencing.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Potato and Duck Formula

Natural Balance L.I.D Potato and Duck Formula is an insightful choice for those seeking a food that uses a different source for protein. Duck meal and duck are the meat sources for this formula providing a nutritious alternative for pet owners that have a dog with sensitivity to other types of meat based proteins. Only using this one source for its meat protein does lower the total crude protein level to 21% minimum witch does fall a little lower than the recommended amount for your Whippet but if your pet has sensitivity issues this could be an acceptable trade off.

The first listed ingredient is potatoes this would be the limited source for their carbohydrates in this formula making this a grain and gluten free dog food but supplying ample energy and fiber.

Natural Balance L.I.D.s choice in using such limited ingredients does factor into their blend having a lower fat content of 10% minimum but as I stated before if your pet has digestive issues this is still a healthy choice and the limited ingredients could be the answer for your Whippets digestive woes.

Wellness Complete Health Chicken and Oatmeal

Wellness Complete Health Chicken and Oatmeal blend has meat proteins provided from deboned chicken and chicken meal giving this formula a crude protein level of 24% minimum.

Oatmeal, ground barley and ground brown rice supply plenty of carbohydrates and fiber to keep your Whippet feeling full and energized all day. Wellness Complete also blends in carrots, apples, blueberries, tomatoes and sweet potatoes to provide natural vitamins and minerals to provide a complete balanced diet.

Wellness Complete Health has a crude fat content of not less than 12% this is a little lower than some foods but still in the recommended range for your Whippets health. Flaxseed and chicken fat are what provide these fats and both these ingredients have the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids that will help keep your Whippets skin and coat in tip top condition.

Probiotics and additional vitamins and minerals are added to make certain this formula provides a balanced daily diet for your furry family member.

All dog foods like breeds are not the same learning about the nutritional needs of your chosen pet can make for a happier home for you both.

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