Best Dog Food For Weimaraners

Weimaraners are described as friendly, alert, obedient, and, above all, they are a fearless breed. They are medium-sized dogs with a high level of energy. If their coat is looking good, the eyes are clear and the pads are not dry or cracked, you must be feeding your beloved pet the right stuff.

Top Food Options For Weimaraners

Nutritional Requirements For Weimaraners

Weims like to run. In the 19th century, these dogs were used by the German royalty in hunting games. They can run miles and miles of distance at a time.

With an average weight of 70 pounds, weims can easily pass as a larger breed. That – and the fact that they use lots of energy – makes them fast calorie burners.

A typical adult needs to burn 1675 calories, while older dogs need to have their calorie intake lowered by 500. If the dog is active, calorie consumption should not be lower than 2300 calories.

Protein and fat requirements are the same with other dog breeds. Find a dog food that has a quarter of it derived from meat would be best.

Some owners like to feed their weims more protein. It is typical for them to look for brands with 50% protein content. It depends on how your own dog responds to a formulation.

Changing a weim’s diet should be done with care. Gradually switching is recommended. Using pumpkin when switching can help them avoid suffering from stress diarrhea.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Merrick grain-free is filled with meat. Seventy-percent of the ingredients account for meat content. The rest consists of fresh produce.

This is a grain-free formulation. Some people believe that dogs are carnivores and shouldn’t be fed carbohydrates.

About the meat content, that 70% figure might be too much for your dog or for any dog. It is certainly not good for dogs with kidney problems.

However, if your dog has weight problems, this dog food can be your temporary solution until they shed the excess weight.

For dogs with hip dysplasia or any other bone problem, keeping their body slim is paramount. For that purpose, you can also use this formulation.

It might be best to mix this dog food with high-calorie formulations. Keep the dog active while you increase calories. Feed him small amounts several time a day.

Acana Duck and Bartlett Pear Dog Food Trial

For all breeds (not just for Weims) and life stages, we also recommend the Acana brand dog food. The main ingredient is duck meat. About 50% of this formulation is protein.

This may be a good alternative for the Merrick product. The disadvantage with having too much protein, however, is that it can cause the liver and the kidney to work harder than usual.

Another advantage for this duck-based formulation is that it uses an unusual meat source. Experts believe that beef and chicken are the most common causes of food sensitivities among dogs.

This dog food uses potatoes and tapioca. These are not grains, so no need for dog owners to worry about grain allergies. The grain content of this dog food is hypoallergenic and hypoglycemic.

Duck dog foods are offered as an alternative to the common meat dog foods. If you’re trying to avoid a specific meat ingredient for the moment, discuss about using Acana with your vet.

AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu Adult Dog Food

It isn’t easy to switch to another brand, but this dog food is formulated to help dog owners who need to make the change for the short term.

AvoDerm is another duck dog food product, but with this one, we have a formulation that is also meant to support healthy skin and coat. This is because of the avocado content.

It is a grain-free, gluten-free product for those who want to maximize protein consumption for their Weimaraners while changing brands. The ingredients are kept within the proper amount so it can be used by those trying to minimize food sensitivities.

AvoDerm made avocado as one of its major ingredients for this food. If your dog has no access to real-fruit avocados, this dog food is a good source of nutrients from this fruit.

Avocados are not poisonous to dogs or to cats. The fruit is rich in potassium, fiber and good fats. The “persin” chemical that it contains will not harm your dog.

Victor Dog Food Super Premium Grain Free Ultra Pro Formula

This brand’s got the “omegas”, good fats that benefits your pet’s overall health, as well as ample amounts of vitamin E which you can’t find in other brands

This formulation is also grain-free and gluten-free. There is no soy, wheat or corn. The company also does not use GMOs for this product. You can check other Victor flavors for comparison.

Some people check the calcium content of dog foods. Calcium is necessary for skeletal development, but if given in excess amounts, the dog can also develop problems like osteochondrosis.

For this brand of dog food, the calcium content is 1.7%. Talk with your vet if the calcium content fits your weim. It depends on the age, weight and level of activity.

Fromm Family Foods Gold Nutritionals Dog Food

Last, but definitely not the least on our list, is this large-breed dog food from Fromm, a maker of nutritious formulations with ingredients only sourced from the US.

Fromm boasts products free from grains and meat by-products. This dog food is prepared especially for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds.

For protein sources, it uses chicken, lamb, fish and whole eggs. For carbs, the company included potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal. The source for fat is salmon oil.

The formula has ingredients to support healthy digestive system. For this, they have included probiotics and prebiotics. Salmon oil is added to make the coat of your weim healthy and shiny.

Fromm products help protect our dogs’ digestive systems. They do not use any preservative or additives that can harm the intestines and stomach of your pets. All ingredients have been approved by the USDA.

If your pet has been having troubles some digestive problems like excessive gas formations or reflux, try using this dog food.

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