Best Dog Food For Pekingese

Because of their lofty upbringing, Pekingese have a standoffish, self-important attitude that would demand respect and only the best care from its owner. With this, he would want only the quality food for its diet.

Top Food Options For Pekingese

Nutritional Requirements For Pekingese

The Calories that a Pekingese needs range from 300 to 600 Cal depending on its daily activities. But Pekingese owners may experiment with food portions to see how many Calories it needs to stay active without making it obese.

With their breed proven to be around since 2,000 years ago, Pekingese are known to be companions of Chinese royalties until the British smuggled their kind as a gift to their own monarchs.

Thus, their food must be close enough to the diet that is commonly found in Chinese cuisine. This means white meat along with some rice, green vegetables, and soy.

Protein is essential especially during the growth and development stage for building lean muscle and repairing tissues. On the other hand, vegetables must be given in limited amounts to lessen bloating and flatulence (excessive gas) incidences.

Their long fur coat must always be in good condition. A diet sufficient of fat is needed to keep it lustrous. But for Pekingese with weight or heart problems, this macronutrient must be kept to a minimum.

Due to their short snout and legs, a Pekingese is prone to diseases related to it. Food items rich in vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids should be given to boost its immune system and to strengthen its bones.

Lastly, vitamins and minerals should be given in chelated form so that these nutrients become readily absorbable upon ingestion. Adding probiotics promotes gut health and better absorption of these nutrients as well.

Annamaet Adult 23 Formula Dry Dog Food

Firstly, the ingredients are close enough to what Pekingese traditionally eat. The chicken serves as their main protein source and is claimed to be antibiotic-free, which means there is less risk for allergic reactions compared to heavily drugged chickens.

While algae are not one of the main ingredients, Annamaet Adult Formula puts it to increase the amount of omega 3-fatty acids. The formula also has L-carnitine which helps in fat metabolism especially for dogs that are overweight or obese.

Chelated minerals are included in the formula. These nutrients are needed for boosting the immune system and improve bodily functions. It is also fortified with vitamins.

A standard measurement for each cup of the product has 3.5 ounces or 99 grams and is equivalent to about 365 Cal per cup. For older dogs, it is recommended to divide a cup into two separate meals.

Purina Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Chicken

Made primarily of chicken, whole grain corn, soybean hulls, barley, and whole grain wheat, a cup of this dog food is equivalent to 310 Cal, which is about 250 grams.

The chickens are raised on a local farm, which is the same way how chickens during imperial China are bred and raised. These and their by-products will be the main source of protein.

Corn, barley, and wheat provide the necessary carbohydrates needed but may be difficult to offer since it is an unfamiliar ingredient to this breed. Introducing such food especially to older Pekingese dogs may take some time.

The fat content is enough to sustain this breed’s macronutrient needs. Vitamins and minerals are also added for boosting immune response and improving overall health.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Looking at the ingredients list of this particular brand, each pack of this food has at least three types of meat as the main ingredient, which makes it a rich source of protein.

Sweet potatoes and potatoes are root crops that contain high amounts of dietary fiber and carbohydrates which are essential for healthy digestion and energy needs. They have beta-carotene which promotes good eyesight not only for humans but also for dogs.

Merrick Dog Food contains salmon oil which is a rich source of omega 3-fatty acids. Minerals and vitamins are combined to help in boosting the immune system and absorbing these fatty acids.

Because of its high protein content, the Calories of each cup of Merrick dog food is 460. Therefore, portion control is essential to avoid weight problems.

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Organic Grain Dog Food

The only wet food in the selection, it uses human grades to rate the quality of their ingredients. All the ingredients are dehydrated so the owner needs to add water before feeding.

The main source of protein would be the chicken, described as free-range. This means that the live chicken is left untreated with chemicals and antibiotics, making them healthier and cleaner than mass produced ones.

Next would be a parade of food items known to have high fiber and carbohydrate content: barley, potatoes, flax, and oats. All are organic, which means that it has not been treated with any chemicals and pesticides.

Aside from fiber, flax contains significant amounts of protein. It also contains omega 3-fatty acids which help in fighting free radicals that harm the body in high amounts.

Chelated minerals are added to the pile along with vitamins. Each cup contains 485 Cal, so older dogs may have to have their food portioned to avoid stomach upsets.

Horizon Amicus Adult Dog Food

With about 440 Cal per cup, Horizon Amicus Adult Dog Food is formulated especially for smaller dog breeds. Their formulas consider the small capacities of their stomach, making each serving bite-sized yet nutrient-dense.

It three protein sources, namely: turkey, chicken, and salmon which make them pass the “white meat” requirement for a Pekingese diet. Salmon can also provide omega 3-fatty acids. Along with flax seeds, both satisfy the overall fat content.

The carbohydrates come from red lentils and peas. Both are also good sources of fiber and proteins as well. Plant-based ingredients like carrots, broccoli, apples, and cabbage are added for the vitamins and minerals they possess.

In feeding a Pekingese, the owner must keep in mind that for them to accept an unfamiliar food item, they must present it like it is their dog’s idea to try such food.

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