Best Dog Food For Maltese

Maltese dogs love pampering. However, aside from the hugs and the kisses, make sure you give it the nutrition that’s right for this particular breed. Maltese are playful and lively, so always keep watch of their caloric needs. Even when they grow old, the level of energy does not change.

Top Food Options For Maltese

Nutritional Requirements For Maltese Dogs

If you are about to do a food switch, changing one brand to another, make sure that you do the change gradually as it can affect your pet significantly.

Ask the breeder about the type of food that your dog was eating before you bought it. An amount that will cover two weeks of consumption will be enough to use for the transition. Mix the old food with the new one gradually.

Older Maltese dogs need about 165 calories in one day. For typical adults, about 200 calories should be given. For highly active Maltese dogs, an additional of 100 calories is needed.

Protein is a very important part of a Maltese’s proper diet. If the dog is not very active, control its carbohydrate consumption. This particular breed is prone to gaining weight.

For healthy and shiny hair, give the dog formulas that contain fish and flax. Just make sure they are getting ample omega fatty acids or good fats.

Be wary of formulas with complex and starchy carbs. Instead, look for slow-burning carbs, like the ones you can source from potatoes, brown rice, barley and oats.

Halo Spot Stew Natural Dry Wholesome Chicken for Small Breed Dogs

What makes it one of the best?

  1. The digestibility level of this food. It’s got ingredients that make it easy to digest, even if your pet has a sensitive stomach. Compared to 13 other brands, it came out on top when it came to this.
  2. The product’s use of real meat. There are no parts that you will never consider to be meat.

Aside from real meat, Halo also contains real whole egg and farm-raised vegetables and fruits. These are ingredients that can protect your Maltese from developing stomach issues and skin allergies.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food Chicken and Oatmeal

Another dog food that’s free from rendered meat and meat by-products is this formula from Wellness.

Protein sources for this dog food are deboned chicken and whitefish. Other nutrients include essential vitamins and minerals, which are important to keep your pet’s immune system healthy.

This recipe provides a balanced diet. It has fresh meats, whole grains and fruits. There is also a great mix of protein, carbohydrates and fat sources.

Additionally, it is fortified with omega 3 and 6, probiotics and antioxidants. Probiotics are good for the stomach and joint support.

Since this is a dry food formulation, Wellness reminds users to always make a bowl of fresh water available. Combining it with a wet food formula can also maximize water content.

Ninety-five percent of the ingredients are sourced from Canada and the US.

Merrick Grain Free Healthy Weight Recipe

If your dog needs to lose weight, your vet will recommend protein-rich foods and Merrick is a good option for this purpose.

Grain-free diets are recommended by those who subscribe to a meat-only diet for their dogs and believe that plant-based food isn’t good for their health.

Keep in mind that dogs react to different formulations, so check how your dog responds to this grain-free formulation.

For carb sources, this product uses: potatoes, peas and sweet potatoes. It is high in protein, so control the amount of servings especially if your pet isn’t very active. Portion control is key, but if you’re unsure, talk to the vet about it.

Again, dogs need water, and especially if they have high-protein diets, water consumption must be increased.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

Looking for complete nutrition? This recipe might be what your pet needs. It contains whole grains, vegetables and fruits, along with the main protein ingredient which is real chicken.

Here, you also have a good supplement of vitamins and minerals that have been sourced from natural sources. These were carefully chosen by the company’s nutritional experts to meet your pet’s needs.

This product also contains antioxidants from ingredients such as wholesome grains and healthy garden veggies.

The company claims that they have a formulation that has a good oxidative balance in this product and that it contains the key nutrients necessary at any life stage.

Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food

Last but not the least is Nutro Ultra. It has easy-to-chew kibbles that are especially prepared for small dogs. Maltese have smaller mouths, so this is easier for them to eat and digest as well.

For protein content, Nutro uses salmon, lamb and chicken. There is no by-product meat used. There is no corn or wheat soy. Above all, there are no preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors that can harm our Maltese’s easy-to-be-upset stomach.

The formulation is crafted in the company’s kitchens. This means there’s no risk of any cross-contamination between formulas. The company wants to make sure everything in the formulation is safe and natural.

This product uses 12 potent super foods and other nutrients. Kale, chia and coconut are some of those ingredients. Coconut tastes delicious to dogs and a good source of healthy fats for them.

Chia seeds are a good source of fatty acids. Kale has calcium oxalate which is not good for those with kidney and bladder issue. Talk with your vet first.

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