Best Dog Food For Loose Stools

Loose stools can be a sign of something wrong with your dog’s digestive system. Getting the right dog food can help in resolving this problem

Top food options for dogs with loose stools

Nutritional requirements for dogs with loose stools

The general nutritional requirements for dogs with loose stools depend on the breed of the dog. However, if you suspect that there’s something wrong with your pet, you should check for signs of malnutrition secondary to indigestion.

In terms of the nutritional needs of a dog with loose stools compare to one that doesn’t, not much changes are needed except for making up for potentially lost body mass.

One important factor to consider when looking for food for dogs suffering from loose stools is identifying which ingredient may be causing their digestive issues.

Going for food with hypoallergenic ingredients is a good start. You must select a dog food that doesn’t have allergic or irritating ingredients such as grain and filler.

It is also recommended that you go for dog food with as few ingredients as possible. The lesser the ingredients, the easier it is for your dog to digest.

Also, going for dog food with carbohydrate sources better digested by your dog is a better idea. Some carb sources are notoriously difficult to digest, leading to loose stools.

It might take some time to figure out which dog food is best for a dog suffering from loose stools, but it’s an adjustment worth taking.

A prior consultation with your veterinarian may help resolve your dog’s digestive issues. They can identify potential food allergies or other problems such as infections or irritable bowel disease.

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Dog Food

Taste of the Wild has made its name as a dog food designed to replicate the diets of their wild counterparts. This product is great for improving your dog’s digestive state.

The main ingredient for this dog food is smoked salmon. Aside from providing a unique taste, it is also an incredibly healthy source of protein.

As an alternative to grains that contribute to loose stools, the main carbohydrate source for this product is sweet potato, a highly digestible yet dense source of carbohydrates.

Fromm Gold Holistic Dry Dog Food

This product is a popular choice for dog lovers who believe in holistic care. This dog food is prepared with improving your dog’s overall health in mind.

This dog food is made with only a limited number of ingredients. The main sources of protein in this product include duck, chicken, lamb, whole eggs, and cheese.

To further improve your dog’s digestive function, this product also does not contain any form of grain or filler, which are 2 of the most common culprits of loose stools.

Lastly, this dog food contains probiotics that promote good digestive function and helps in preventing stomach infections. It also contains salmon oil for improved coat health.

Designed to meet the nutritional requirements set by AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles, Fromm Gold Holistic Dry Dog Food is still designed to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

Natural Balance L.I.D. Dry Dog Food

Just in case that you are wondering, the L.I.D. here stands for Limited Ingredient Diets. This product line is designed for dogs with health problems such as loose stools.

This product is highly recommended by vets and dog lovers who have pets with loose stools. There is a formula of this for adults as well as for puppies.

Aside from containing limited ingredients, this dog food does not contain any grain, which is one of the most common culprits of canine digestive issues.

The main protein source for this product from Natural Balance is bison. This exotic meat is known as a highly nutritious protein source rich with amino acids.

Even with limited ingredients, this product is formulated with your dog’s optimal nutrition in mind. This formula contains all the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals your dogs need.

Acana Singles Formula Lamb and Apple Dog Food

Featuring single-source protein and grain-free formula, this product from Acana is designed for dogs with digestive issues. It is also formulated to be all-natural and delicious.

The Acana Singles Formula is designed to replicate the food dogs eat in the wild. To do this, all ingredients are delivered in whole prey ratio for optimal nutrition.

This product features only a single-source protein. In this formulation, they used a combination of lamb meat, organs, and cartilage to create a high-quality source of protein, vitamins, and other nutrients.

The main source of carbohydrate in this product is apple. While not exactly the most popular dog food ingredient, it is a high-quality source of healthy carbohydrate, fiber, and vitamins.

Combining knowledge from the disciplines of science, evolution, and veterinary medicine, Acana Singles Formula Lamb and Apple Dog Food is a great product for dogs with sensitive guts.

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Turkey and Potato Dog Food

Limited ingredient dog foods are recommended for dogs with digestive problems. This product from Wellness Natural Pet Food provides the limited ingredient formula needed for such dogs.

The main protein source for this dog food is real turkey. A high-quality protein source, it is easily digested by your dog plus it provides all the essential amino acids.

Providing the carbohydrate needs of your dog is natural potato. It is an easily digestible form of carbohydrate that provides the calorie needs of even the most active of pets.

This product is also made to not contain the extras that cause loose stools and other health problems. There are no meat by-products, dairy, grain, artificial colors and flavors, and preservatives.

For dogs with food allergies and sensitivities, the Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Turkey and Potato Dog Food is one of the most ideal options available for you.

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