Best Dog Food For Italian Greyhounds

While exercise is a must for every dog, their rich diet plays a bigger part with regards to their health and wellness. For Italian Greyhounds, their athletic build and active personalities require nothing less of high-quality and balanced dog food.

Top Food Options For Italian Greyhounds

Nutritional Requirements For Italian Greyhounds

The first, most important thing to remember when it comes to the health and nutrition of greyhounds, is to provide access to water all day, considering its freshness and the cleanliness of the bowl at all times.

When it comes to food, greyhounds don’t usually require a certain diet but it’s best to shift to raw, fresh, or home-cooked if possible. This is the healthiest option as your greyhound gets the most natural and least processed nutrients from their food.

Several benefits had been attributed to feeding them raw food, especially with greyhounds. On top of having a fast metabolism, this breed of dogs burns a lot of energy. With this, they do best with a high protein diet.

For such an active breed, the quality of food is more important. Several dog food in the market, especially those that come in cans, contain too much fillers and artificial preservatives that are indigestible, sometimes even harmful for dogs.

It may be the smartest decision to opt for home-cooked food recipes that are approved by veterinarians. However, there is just as much selection of dog food brands that conveniently offer balanced and “complete” food with raw, natural nutrients.

Knowing what to look for in packaged dog food that are perfect for specific breeds is key. For greyhounds, they are especially sensitive to grains, specifically those that have health conditions.

Grain-free kibble is preferable as it is the most convenient and most nutritionally beneficial to greyhounds.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food

With no grains, additives, and preservatives, the Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain presents a natural dog food option that is suitable for greyhounds. It has three selections of flavor: Turkey and Potato, Beef, Potato and Bison, and Salmon and Sweet Potato.

The three kinds of meat serve an average amount of animal protein which greyhounds are in need of. These are mixed with ingredients and supplements that provide other nutrients.

Dried peas, dried potato, beet pulp, and poultry fat are some of the ingredients found in the mix. These provide carbohydrates and fiber.

While these may be deemed as controversial ingredients that are added into dog food as additives or fillers, these are added into the product because of the health benefits that they have when served in the right amount.

This plant-based dry dog food possesses the moderate amount of protein for greyhounds naturally.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Market Meal Blends Grain Free Recipe Natural Dog Food

Being freeze dried, this dog food allows real and raw food to be preserved without dehydrating the ingredients or reducing its nutrients by cooking. Instead, it locks in the natural taste of the food.

The nature of this dog food also allows the owner to just mix it with water and serve it directly. This allows for pure raw food to be served to dogs.

Greyhounds are especially beneficial of the protein content in this dog food. Raw beef, lamb, and chicken flavors provide moderate amount of animal protein.

These meat content is combined with ingredients such as flaxseed, which enhances the effect of protein, pumpkin seeds, carrots, squash, and apple, which all give different kinds of fiber.

It is a grain-free and gluten-free food with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Though it contains much fat as protein, greyhounds will benefit from both with their skinny build and high protein needs.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

With rabbit, salmon, beef, chicken, and duck meals as its five flavors, the Instinct Original Grain Free Natural Dry Dog Food have a wider selection of meat that greyhounds can get their animal protein from.

All the meat meals offer a high protein meal concentrate which suits greyhounds to match their athletic nature.

This contains tomato pomace which is considered a controversial ingredient which can also be attributed to containing high fiber. However, this product does not have excessive amount of said ingredient to be dangerous for dogs.

This dog food boasts of a gluten-free and grain-free product with no corn, soy, and other fillers, artificial coloring and preservatives.

With natural ingredients and supplements that are freeze dried raw, this dog food serves as a healthy option fit for greyhounds’ nutritional needs.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This meat-based dry dog food combines the dog food qualities fit for greyhounds with its above-average protein and grain-free texture.

It contains a moderate amount of meat with named meats such as the turkey meals and salmon meals as its provider of animal protein, apart from protein meat concentrate found in other ingredients.

The Merrick Grain Free line has 11 dog food flavors. It has 9 selections of meat flavors. The other two options are a puppy recipe and healthy weight recipe.

Mixed with sweet potato or chick peas, both serve as sources of carbohydrates and different kinds of fiber.

With meat proteins and fresh produce making up majority of the mix, this dry dog food is a healthy option for greyhounds with its selection of natural ingredients and nutrients.

Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ground Wet Dog Food

As a wet dog food, the Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ground Wet Dog Food provides an alternative to greyhounds who might prefer it than the dry options.

This fits greyhounds particularly as it has 38% protein content followed by 35% of fat, and 27% of carbohydrates, which the sighthound dog breed benefit from.

The Purina Beyond Natural line has 6 selections of dog food flavors, all with meat content mixed with brown rice or gravy.

It’s a natural, meat-based wet dog food with no fillers, grains, or gluten. It has vitamins and minerals coming from ingredients such as green beans.

It is deemed an above-average wet product with its mixture of a moderate amount of meat.

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