Best Dog Food For Corgis

The A.K.C. classifies the Corgi as a small dog but you can’t tell them that. Having large breed energy and an appetite to go along with it these little dogs will keep you on the go.

Corgis originated as a herding dog for sheep, cattle and horses requiring a solid dog and a solid day’s work which is why the food you choose for your corgi is so important.

Most people today don’t use their corgi for herding but they still need a high-quality food that fits their dietary needs.

Top Food Options For Corgis

Nutritional Requirements For Corgi

As with all dogs it is important to research what and how to feed your Corgi you need to provide your pet with the proper nutrition and the proper number of calories every day to keep them in optimal health.

The proteins needed to keep your Corgi fit and spunky depends on how active your pet is. The average house Corgi would do well on a protein level of 20%- 24% while a very active Corgi might need this level closer to 30% as pet food. chat recommends.

Dogs of all breeds being carnivorous should have a pet food that’s proteins are sourced from real meats as suggested by

Corgis tend to have weight problems if their food is not monitored closely carbohydrates can have the same effect on you pets waist as on yours.

The average pet Corgi that is moderately active requires about 767 calories a day as suggests and about 25% of that should be carbohydrates recommended by

Finding a dog food that has healthy vegetable and fruit based carbohydrates and not fillers is important in maintaining your Corgis weight.

With Corgis tending to be on the active side the food you select should have a good amount of healthy fats to help sustain their energy levels, states that this should be between 15%-18% of their diet.

Keeping your Corgi healthy by feeding them the proper food and amount of food will make you both happier and help to keep your best friend at your side for years to come.

Taste of The Wild Appalachian Valley Dry Dog Food for Small Dogs

Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Dry Dog Food for Small Breeds is packed with plenty of real meats providing a crude protein level of 32% this is on the higher side of the recommended daily amount.

The first ingredient listed is venison accompanied with lamb meal, duck meal and ocean fish meal providing enough real meat taste to satisfy any hungry Corgi.

Having garbanzo beans, peas and lentils as the primary carbohydrates this food is a grain free diet. This may be important if your Corgi has sensitivity to wheat or soy products.

Taste of the Wild uses blueberries, raspberries and tomatoes help to add needed vitamins and antioxidants helping to make this a balanced diet.

Healthy fats are abundant in Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley dog food with a crude fat level of 18% this is also on the high side of the previously mentioned recommended amount. Having the proper amounts of fats in your dog’s diet is essential for maintaining your pets skin and a shiny healthy coat.

Wellness Core Natural Dry Grain Free Small Dog Formula

Wellness Core Natural Dry Grain Free Small Dog Formula has deboned turkey, turkey meal and chicken meal for real meat proteins giving this dog food a 34% crude protein level to help maintain the energy needs of your Corgi.

Potatoes start the list of carbohydrates in Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Formula in addition they add broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale and other healthy vegetables to provide balanced nutrition.Wellness Core Natural also adds Blueberries and apples for vitamins also helping to provide a 4% crude fiber content.

Salmon oil, chicken fat and flaxseeds provide plenty of essential fatty acids to help boost the absorbable energy provided in Wellness Core Natural Dry Grain Free Small Dog Formula. Having a 16% minimum crude fat content this dog food meets the recommendations for keeping your Corgi in good health.

Needing to feed only 1.25-1.75 cups per day of food to meet the recommended calorie intake mentioned above Wellness Core Natural Dry Grain Free Small Dog Formula could possibly be as economical to feed as a less nutritious food.

Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Adult Small Breed Formula

Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Adult Small Breed Formula has no chicken or poultry by-products in this formula. Deboned bison, chicken meal and turkey meal are the source of the 30% crude protein level.

Real meat proteins help to support muscle development and growth keeping your Corgi ready for action.

This is a grain free gluten free diet having no wheat or soy to cause possible digestive issues. Blue Wilderness uses peas and potatoes to supply easily digested carbohydrates with other vegetables added in to boost nutritional needs.

Fruits like blueberries, blackberries, cranberries and pomegranates help to supply immune system health by adding antioxidants and vitamins. Blue Wilderness also adds to the vitamin content of this food with cold formed Life Source Bits that are packed with chelated minerals and vitamins.

Flaxseed and fish meal provide the Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids needed to maintain a healthy happy Corgi. Blue Wilderness has a crude fat content of 15% helping to make this a balanced diet.

Natural Balance Small Breed Bites L.I.D Lamb Meal and Brown Rice

Natural Balance Small Breed Bites L.I.D Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Formula is as the name suggests a dog food that uses limited ingredients in their food blend, this can be an advantage for someone who has a Corgi with food allergies.

Protein is supplied for Natural Balance Small Breed Bites from lamb meal and lamb this does keep their crude protein level at a minimum of 21% slightly lower than the foods mentioned above but still within the suggested needs of your Corgi.

Carbohydrates provided in Natural Balance Small Breed L.I.D come from brown rice, rice bran and brewers rice, having a limited ingredient list providing carbohydrates helps to avoid possible digestion issues.

Natural Balance Small Breed L.I.D uses no preservatives, colors or artificial flavorings this can be helpful to someone who is looking to feed their Corgi a food with alternative ingredients while keeping it wholesome.

Canola oil is used to help provide a 12% minimum crude fat content this may be a little low for an extremely active Corgi based upon the amounts recommended but for the Corgi on the couch this might be just perfect.

Instinct Raw Boost Small Breed Grain Free Duck Meal Formula

Instinct Raw Boost Small Breed Grain Free Duck Meal Formula has freeze dried raw meat pieces mixed in with dry kibble this may be helpful in getting a finicky Corgi to eat a dry food.

Real meat protein is abundant in Instinct Raw Boost Small Breed formula sourced from duck, turkey meal, salmon meal and duck meal the crude protein level is listed at a minimum of 32% in this blend.

Having freeze dried turkey and duck pieces mixed with the dry kibble gives your Corgi a different chew to their food while adding to the available proteins.

Instinct Raw Boost Small Breed uses peas, pumpkinseeds, carrots and apples just to name a few of their carbohydrate ingredients to provide usable energy for your Corgi and a crude fiber content of 4% maximum helps keep digestion running smoothly.

Coconut oil and chicken fat are the healthy fats used to provide a 12% crude fat minimum to help keep your Corgis coat thick and full all year long.

It can take time to find the food that best fits your Corgi but having some knowledge about their dietary needs can assist you in making the right choice for your pet that keeps them healthy and happy.

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