Best Dog Food For Bichon Frises

The Bichon Frise is a small dog with big character. These dogs are great companions and rely on their owners for lots of love and attention.  They also rely on their owners to provide them with a good diet to maintain their optimal health.

Top Food Options For Bichon Frises

Nutritional Requirements For Bichon Frises

Overall the Bichon is a healthy breed, however like any dog there are some diseases that they are more prone to which providing a healthy diet can help with.

The main health issue that the Bichon Frise may encounter is bladder issues.  Bladder infections can be common.  They may be caused by several diet causes such as excessive protein, magnesium, and phosphorous.

To avoid bladder issues as much as possible, Bichon Frise’s require a diet that causes minimal protein and mineral waste for the dogs urinary tract to excrete. If the level of minerals is too high to be excreted, painful urinary stones may develop.

Depending on the type of urinary storm Bichon Frises will require a food with the right nutritional components to help dissolve the certain type of stone.

Bichon Frise owners may also encounter allergy problems with their canine companions.  There are several common food allergies that may affect this breed.

It is important to provide a food with minimal additives and fillers. Providing an all-natural, nutrient rich and grain free diet is also a good option for this breeds health.

Like many other small dog breeds, Bichon Frises may be prone to Patellar Luxation and Hip Dysplasia.  Both of these disorders affect joints and may lead to arthritis later in the dogs’ life.

To aid in joint health, Omega 3 fatty acids are an important nutritional component for the Bichon Frise.  Reducing grains and choosing a food with natural, high quality ingredients is helpful as well.

Blue Natural Veterinary Diet WU Weight Management + Urinary Care

This food has the ideal formula of nutritional content for the Bichon Frise.  It requires a prescription from your Veterinarian. Getting this food will be well worth the trip to the vets.

This food has the best levels of protein, fat, fiber and minerals to not only maintain a healthy weight but to also keep optimal urinary tract health.  The combination of fat and fiber levels gives adequate calories while controlling hunger and preventing overeating.

The controlled mineral levels are the key to optimal urinary health.  The Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous levels help prevent urinary stones from developing.  The controlled levels are able to be excreted safely reducing the risk of urinary infections.

In addition to all of the above listed benefits, this food is grain free.  It will avoid any problems caused by common food allergies.  Along with the Omega fatty acids it will keep the skin and coat looking its best.

Royal Canin Urinary SO Moderate Calorie Dry Dog Food 

Addressing of the most common issues in the Bichon Frise, urinary infections and urinary stones, this food is a great choice. It provides balanced nutiriton with the right amount of magnesium, phosphorous and protein to keep the urinary tract healthy.

This food includes the “SO Index” which helps to prevent two types of urinary stones from developing (Struvite and Calcium Oxalate).  The nutrient balance in this food can also assist with dissolving existing Struvite stones.  Ingredients are also included that help to acidify the urine preventing stone buildup.

Omega 3 fatty acids including in this food are important for the Bichon Frise, not only helping to prevent urinary tract infections but also helping to keep joints healthy and reducing inflammation

In addition to the nutritional value provided in this food it is also formulated to help maintain a healthy weight. Obesity can become an issue in this small dog, which can lead to further health problems including further urinary issues.

Purina Canine UR Urinary Ox/St Dog Food

This food from Purina is a wonderful option to keep the Bichon s’ urinary tract healthy while providing them with balanced nutrition.  It provides all the vitamins and minerals necessary for dogs throughout their lifespan.

This food provides the right amount of calcium, phosphorous and magnesium to reduce the risk of developing urinary stones (Struvite and Calcium Oxalate stones). It provides enough of these minerals for general health without too much for this breed to be able to handle.

This formula is designed specifically to help the dog excrete minerals reducing the chance of buildup.  Its ingredients help to maintain the optimal acidity level in the urine.

The nutrient balance is great for this breed, high protein (crude percent 21), moderate fat (crude percent 9) and low carbohydrate promoting positive urinary health and a healthy weight.

Although this food may be purchased from many suppliers, it does require a prescription from your veterinarian.

Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d Canine Urinary Tract Health

This formula from Hill’s is an option that does require a prescription from your Veterinarian so be sure to speak with them first.  It comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee so there is no need to worry about giving it a try.

The nutrients in this formula are controlled in order to provide above standard nutritional value while protecting the Bichon Frise from the urinary issues that can be so painful and uncomfortable for them. It is high in digestible protein.

Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous are included at optimal levels for urinary health.  This formula helps to reduce the risk of urinary stone developing while supporting the dogs’ kidney function and overall immune system.

Flaxseed and fish oil in this food are great sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that will help maintain the joint health of the Bichon Frise and also help keep their skin and coat healthy and ready for show!

Royal Canin Bichon Frise Adult Dog Food

The name says it all; this food is made for the Bichon Frise.  It comes in a puppy and an adult formula in order to provide adequate nutrition throughout the lifespan. For this purpose we will be discussing the adult formula specifically.  It targets the issues that Bichon Frises may have: urinary issues, weight and healthy skin/coat.

The food is specifically formulated with the right mineral content to help prevent and dissolve urinary stones that may occur and become painful for the Bichon Frise.

This food helps to maintain the ideal weight for the Bichon Frise helping to avoid health issues that are associated with canine obesity. It is also formulated to clean teeth and promote mouth health while eating.

The kibbles are made for the small jaw of the Bichon Frise and are made with Calcium formulated to prevent plaque buildup.

This formula includes the Omega fatty acids and Vitamin A to specifically target keeping a healthy skin and coat. Overall, this is a great choice to address the health needs of the Bichon Frise.

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