Best Dog Food For Basset Hounds

Known to the public as the Hush Puppy symbol, basset hounds are bred and trained as hunting dogs since the 1500’s. Because of its short legs, a product of achondroplasia, basset hounds are perfect for people who hunt on foot.

Top Food Options For Basset Hounds

Nutritional Requirements For Basset Hounds

Basset hounds can reach up to 75 pounds heavy and 14 inches tall when fully grown. With this disproportionate structure of a large, muscular frame but small, short legs, one of the things that must be attended to is their bone health.

Thus, a dog food that is high in minerals should be put to mind. Those with glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which are essential to bone health, are better options, too. And to give them a leaner and healthier body frame, they must be given good quality protein.

Because each meat has different essential amino acids, the owner must find a dog food that has at least two different meat sources in the ingredients list to balance his or her dog’s protein needs.

The Caloric requirement of basset hounds is about 1700 Cal per day. This value may vary due to factors like exercise, metabolic rate, and age. Still, it is better for the owner to experiment on his or her own dog’s Caloric needs.

Fat must be the second source of energy, and it must come from healthy fats, specifically omega 3- and omega 6- fatty acids. Both are also important for the immune system organ health.

Fat gives their fur coat that extra lustrous sheen, making it easier to clean. They are, however, prone to obesity and heart diseases especially without exercise, so the owner must make sure to put them to walks every day.

Fromm Large Breed Adult Gold Dry Dog Food

Containing about 378 Cal per cup, this dog food is specifically designed for large breeds of dog. The formula is prepared by a company in Wisconsin that is managed by a family who has been doing it since 1904.

This food is made up of two meat sources: duck and chicken, with the latter being added both in meat and meal form. The meal version of any meat is packed with more concentrated protein. Having both meal and meat forms in one formula increases the overall protein content of the kibble.

Aside from that, oatmeal is an excellent source of B-vitamins which aids in maintaining normal bodily functions and boosting immune response. It also helps give the dog a feeling of satiety so it would avoid overfeeding which could lead to obesity.

And because of the ingredient menhaden fish meal, the formula is fortified with omega 3- fatty acids. Menhaden fish is cleaner than other seafood because its habitat cannot be contaminated with heavy metals like mercury, which can be passed on to the dog when ingested.

Lastly, the formula has probiotics added to it, which improves and regulates the microflora of the dog’s gut. It also promotes good bacteria in the stomach which fights the bad bacteria that are common causes of diseases in dogs.

ACANA Wild Prairie Regional Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

A company based in Canada, ACANA is known to use ingredients that are native to their homeland and can be consumed even by humans. Each cup contains about 462 Cal that can be fed on puppies, adults, and senior dogs.

Their formula is mainly made up of five principal meat sources: chicken, turkey, eggs, walleye, and trout. Aside from the meat, they also added the giblets which greatly adds to the protein content of the dog food.

By adding the cartilage from poultry, this becomes a rich source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which is crucial for their joint and bone health. Both are essential compounds that must be given especially to senior dogs.

Both chicken and turkey are labeled as “free-range,” which means that the meat is cleaner, leaner, and healthier because they were not treated with any chemicals and antibiotics. This decreases any allergic reactions to basset hounds.

Because of all the meat added to it, this dog food has incredibly high amounts of protein and fat which are important in choosing food for a basset hound. It also has chelated minerals that the nutrients are readily absorbable by the body upon consumption.


Built by Paul Iams during the 1940s, the company pioneered the use of animal sources as the main protein source of pet food. They are also the first company that uses animal paw print as a symbol of dog food, which was adopted by other companies of the same product.

Each cup of this formula contains approximately 355.8 Cal. The main protein source is chicken and its by-products which include the liver, heart, kidneys, and cartilage. Adding the latter ingredient would provide glucosamine and chondroitin that are needed for stronger bones.

Sorghum and barley can also be seen in the ingredients list. Both are good sources of carbohydrates and natural fiber. Sorghum specifically regulates the blood sugar levels of basset hounds.

IAMS is also the first company that adopts the addition of beet pulp in their dog food formulas. Beet pulp is rich in fiber and helps in improving and regulating the health of the digestive system.

Finally, it has L-carnitine that serves as an aid in metabolism. This compound is useful for basset hounds who have to shed unwanted weight and those who have messed-up or slow metabolisms.

Victor Yukon River Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

VICTOR is a company that is created and made by the pet food company giant Mid America Pet Food. This company prides in giving dog food formulas that are hypoallergenic and safe for consumption.

This formula contains 398 Cal per cup and is primarily made of salmon and menhaden fish meal. Both are rich sources of omega 3-fatty acids. They, along with canola oil and flax seeds, primarily contribute to the overall fat content of the formula.

It also has sweet potatoes and peas that are excellent carbohydrate and fiber sources. Peas add to the overall protein content. Aside from that, this formula is fortified with vitamins and chelated minerals that are easier absorbed and utilized by the basset hound organ system.

L-carnitine is put to improve the breakdown of excess fat in overweight dogs and improve overall metabolism, especially in older dogs. A unique ingredient, selenium yeast, is presented as a healthier and safer alternative than raw selenium because of its anti-cancer properties.

Taste of the WildHigh Prairie Canine Formula w/ Roasted Veinison & Roasted Bison

Taste of the Wild base their dog formulas primarily on the diet of the dog’s primitive ancestors. Because domesticated pets still share the same DNA as theirs, their nutritional needs and preferences in terms of food remain even though centuries had passed.

This particular dog food formula has buffalo, lamb meal, and chicken meal as the main ingredient, along with roasted bison, venison, and beef. These combinations of meat products give the basset hound a healthy and complete dose of essential amino acids it needs for muscular growth and tissue repair.

Sweet potatoes, peas, and potatoes are the carbohydrate sources of this dog food. Because it is grain-free, basset hounds that have gluten allergies can consume it. Peas are also excellent sources of protein.

Live microorganisms that are put in this formula aid in boosting and maintaining the natural microflora of the gut. By increasing the growth of good bacteria, the dog has improved immune response and better digestion.

Flax seeds have omega 3-fatty acids that further boost the immune system to fight and protect the body against bacteria and free radicals that threaten to harm the organ systems. This fatty acid also helps in improving heart and bone health.Each cup contains 370 Cal, which is considered low for such a high-protein formula.

Basset hounds are rabid eaters, so leaving their food lying around instead of using portion control is not a good idea since they are prone to weight problems. Because of this, owners must check their dog’s weight periodically to ensure that it maintains its healthy and normal weight. But overall, basset hounds are not picky as long as they are able to learn that the food offered to them is good for their taste.

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